Oct 11 2011 4:26pm

We’ll All Go Together When We Go: The Divide Trailer

In today’s most anticipated and exciting trailer news — I know not what this Avengers is of which you speak — is this howlingly insane-looking apocalyptic one-set horror chamber drama, The Divide. It has everything one could ask for from cinema: Kyle Reese, that one guy from Heroes, and a January release date. Oh, and lots and lots and lots and lots of violence, apparently.

All kidding aside, this sort of does look good. I mean, sure, extremely violent and disturbing and not for the kids or the squeamish. But the premise is the kind of thing that could work as a play and could lead to some meaty, scenery-chewing acting, and it does raise an issue that not a lot of apocalyptic SF movies address: you have to think it’s not all Mel Gibson (or Viggo Mortenson, for you younguns) walking around in need of a shave and either brooding decoratively or eating dog food, there has to be a bit more flipping out, going bestial, and killing everyone than one normally sees.

So... what do you think? Do I need to lay off the coffee or does this look kind of awesome?

Danny Bowes is a playwright, filmmaker and blogger. He is also a contributor to nytheatre.com and Premiere.com.

Thomas Jeffries
1. thomstel
My brain cannot extrapolate the scenarios and violence presented in the trailer into anything resembling a coherent narrative. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
2. Kadere
Two words: Michael Biehn. That's all I need. I'm there.
Amber Poore
3. Razorgirl
Holy Crap. It hurts just to watch the trailer, but yes it does look kind of awesome, and yes Michael Biehn is a very, very good reason to see it.
Joe Vondracek
4. joev
It's Henley! Gosh, Lauren German's been showing up a lot in the last year or so.

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