Oct 10 2011 5:25pm

Trailer for The Raven!

Edgar Allen Poe is turned into a detective in this forthcoming thriller starring John Cusack. The Pit and the Pendulum part looks pretty spooky! What do you think?

1. politeruin

At the end of that trailer i was expecting to see "3D". I'd much rather Michael Sheen playing him...
2. zenspinner
One would think that even if they didn't want to go to the trouble of researching historical regional dialect, they'd at least have done enough research to determine that Poe spoke with a Southern accent...sigh. He would not have sounded like a modern American at all. Nor would the detective, of course, but with Poe it matters.
3. JAlexK
I liked this movie better the first time. When it was the pilot episode of Castle.
4. LauraNo
It looks terrific to me! I couldn't care less about accents. I love historical settings, the old clothes and lanterns and such. I can't wait.
5. Ceridwen
It looks well done and interesting. I like it that they took details of so many of Poe's stories for the plot. I hope the movie will spark the interest of people to read his works.

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