Oct 19 2011 6:15pm

The Sweded Avengers Trailer: Better than the Real Trailer?

Excited about The Avengers? So are these people. If you don’t remember what “Sweding” is, it’s an amatuer film-making techinique inspired by Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind in which a movie is re-made using the smallest budget possible. Here’s a sweded version of The Avengers trailer.


Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby would like to make a general request to all sweders out there: insert Stubby the Rocket into your sweded film and Stubby will give you a cookie.

John Massey
1. subwoofer
Is that woman wearing a red doily on her head. And yes, it's not so much Iron Man 3, but Robert Downey Jr. 3. The guy has played the same character for a few roles now. It works for him as there seem to be many roles that mimic his personality but geeze already.

2. Minaeve
Hahahahaaa! These guys are great.
Thomas Jeffries
3. thomstel
Entertaining. Especially the sound effect of the words "Car Explosion!" They should backfill that into the real trailer.
5. Limasbravo
I now am a huge fan of sweding.

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