Oct 3 2011 12:30pm

Steampunk ebooks on Sale for $2.99!

The new Barnes & Noble Bookseller’s Picks are here and’s Steampunk Week has begun. To help you gather a foothold on this sub-genre, Tor Books is offering the following ebook titles for only $2.99 (U.S. only):

  • Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
  • The Affinity Bridge by George Mann
  • Mainspring by Jay Lake

Visit your favorite ebook retailer and start downloading today on your ereader. 

Matthew B
1. MatthewB
Links to purchase the books? If you actually want to sell some books you should try to make it as easy as possible for people to buy them.
4. BubbaCoop
Well, I TRIED to post the links, but they didn't like it, I guess.
Kelly Ward
6. KellyWard
agree, I would like to buy one or two but do not see how
Kelly Ward
7. KellyWard
never mind! as simple as going to amazon...
8. Iron X
The kindle store has the correct prices, so I'd assume the stores for other e-readers are correct to.
Irene Gallo
9. Irene
These book sare on sale through all ebook retailers -- just visit your favorite ebook seller and you should be able to buy them. (Within the territories we have the rights for.)
10. MisterG
When are we going to get Boneshaker and the rest of the Clockwork Century books on the UK Kindle store :(
11. Patrick M.
This title is not available for customers from your location in:Europe
12. Joe G Kushner
Thanks for the low prices on these. $2.99 is around my sweet spot and is almost a sure buy from me in such cases.
13. Stuart Whelan
No boneshaker ebook available for people in New Zealand.

Amazon does not allow the ebook version for NZ people, and BN does not sell nook titles to NZ.

Would be keen to hear from anyone that finds where to purchase an ebook version from NZ.
14. Ian Mond
While I know that has every right to advertise these deals to it's readers, and while I also know they can't do anything about territorial rites, I always get upset when I see these great deals and know that I can't take advantage of them because of where I happen to live.

More and more publishers are coming to the party by providing their e-books to all regions. Is there a reason why Tor, or more specifically its parent company Macmillan, won't come to the party on territorial rites?
David Spiller
15. scifidavid
Excellent deal! I just ordered Mainspring and Boneshaker for my Nook. (I already have The Affinity Bridge as a trade paperback although I haven't read it yet. I need to get cracking with that.)
16. LarryMarshall
I really get tired of finding, EVERY TIME, that Tor special pricing only applies to US customers. Explain why it should cost Canadians $4.37 for these sale books (on Amazon). Are you trying to make us unhappy? Inquiring minds and all that.
bob hope
17. dperson
I don't buy DRM. If you won't sell a book, only a "licence", I don't care if it's a penny. No sale is no sale.
18. Tom J
I subscribed to these emails because I thought you'd offer ebooks, like Baen does. Hope you catch up soon.

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