Oct 25 2011 3:30pm

Steampunk Ebooks for $2.99

Just a reminder: Steampunk Week may be over but there is still time to purchase these ebooks for $2.99. Tor Books is offering the following ebook titles for only $2.99 (U.S. only) until the end of October:

Visit your favorite ebook retailer and start downloading today on your ereader. 

Laura Stephen
1. Laura Stephen
Hi, Unfortunately having already read Boneshaker and the Affinity Bridge I would of loved to try Mainspring but its not available as an e-book in the UK and having acquired a kindle I am trying my hardest not to buy dead tree books

Laura Stephen
2. Fred Gibson
When are Stephen Hunt's Jackelian series going to be available as ebooks in the USA? I have been waiting years for these?
Adam Shaeffer
4. ashaef
Any idea why are they showing at $4.64 for Kindle?
Adam Shaeffer
5. ashaef
Nevermind. They're back to $2.99 and are now on my Kindle waiting for me :-)
Laura Stephen
6. Disappointed
Not at the Apple iBooks store. I guess we don't count. Kind of a pity, since I wanted to try the Mann & Lake books.

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