Oct 18 2011 6:30pm

New York Comic Con Does Cosplay Right

As a geek and all around nerd-girl, there is nothing that has surprised and refreshed me more than the way the world has embraced cosplay over the last few years. Fans from all over get a chance to show off their creative chops by bringing their favorite fiction to life in their fashion. Then, they get together and share some serious bonding time at events just like New York Comic Con.

I’ve been photographing awesome costumes for some time now but never have I seen such a display as this year’s Comic Con. It is nearly impossible to describe the color and pageantry rolling through the convention floor, with everything from Adult Swim costumes to every kind of super hero and anime character. There were even animals in costume, like River the service dog who rocked a serious Green Lantern costume that got her recognized at the DC Green Lantern panel. But don’t take my word for it on all the creative nerd glory — here are some of my favorite shots for the weekend!

Say it with me now. “In brightest day, in darkest night, no biscuit shall escape my sight!”


By far the most intricate costume I saw the entire convention, this Bumblebee is killer!


Marvel fan-favorite Nova has been done in cosplay before, but I have never seen one so well executed. The lights attracted me from two aisles over to snap this shot in the middle of the crowded show floor. Well done!


There was a serious representation of Mortal Kombat characters this weekend. This was my favorite of the Scorpions that I saw.


I happen to know Taran Lopez and she’s a fantastic cosplayer who did multiple costumes this weekend, including Spider-Girl. This one however is from DC and she’s going to kill me for forgetting the character’s name! (Update: It’s Grace from the Outsiders. I can’t believe I forgot that!)


Fatality! I told you Mortal Kombat was everywhere!


Think sparkly vampires can survive Blade? Yeeeah, there was a meme about that. Best Blade costume I’ve seen.


Spider-Man, climbing his way to my favorite of all the Spideys for the weekend!


The talented Bree Smith as the Cheetah!


While waiting on line for The Walking Dead, I snapped this great Black Cat just hanging out.


Mortal Kombat’s Queen Sindel and her amazing hair!


Heroes versus villains — who will triumph? Better yet, how long can they hold that pose?!


Dragon Age represent! Glad to see some folk loved Dragon Age well enough to come out in costume. I’m a huge Morrigan fan so this was a real treat for me.


Two of the best zombies at the con, Jamie S. and Kate E. at the Dystopia Rising booth, representing tabletop roleplaying games in their zed best. Be careful, they bite!


The Guild’s Felicia Day inspires so many fans that we had two Codex cosplayers hanging out looking fabulous at the Felicia Day Q & A!

This is only a handful of the amazing costumes I saw! If you’re interested in more, my gallery post over on my photoblog (ReImagined Reality) has the rest of my highlights. But for now, I’d say this gives a great idea about how cosplayers really bring the showing to Comic Con.

Until next year!

You can find more cosplay photos from New York Comic Con 2011 here and here on Tor.com.

Shoshana Kessock is a comics fan, photographer, game developer, LARPer and all around geek girl. She’s the creator of Phoenix Outlaw Productions and ReImaginedReality.com

Kevin Maroney
1. womzilla
That's a great Gamorra behind Nova, as well. I wonder if they were traveling together as part of a Guardians of the Galaxy group?
YouDont NeedToKnow
2. necrosage2005
It looks like more and more people are putting more time, money, and energy into their costumes. I'm sad I missed NYCC this year but I hope to be there next year and in costume, too. Can't wait to see you guys up there.
3. bl000
What is The Guild and who is Felicia Day?
Kevin Maroney
4. womzilla
The Guild is a web-based TV series created by, written by, and starring Felicia Day, an actress also known for her supporting role in Dollhouse and as the female lead in Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The Guild is a comedy about a group of players of a Warcraft-like online game; 2 DVDs are available, along with several issues of new material in comics from Dark Horse (also written by Day).
5. Sharece
HEY! That's me as Morrigan! ^.^
facebook.com/sharbuncle (=

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