Oct 3 2011 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Shatner Sings “Iron Man”

Oh hi Monday. How you doing? Do you want to toss around a football? No? You say you’re more into science fiction and fantasy than sports? That’s okay.  Me too. But listen, Stubby’s got a new client at the bank. No don’t ask, Stubby cannot tell you who the client is! Anyway, here’s some offsite links.

Highlights include:

1.) Shatner sings again. (above)

2.) The Avengers assemble for EW

3.) Artist “The Sucklord” throws down

4.) Mark Hamill opens up.

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby wants Lisa to know that she’s tearing Stubby apart.

Chris Meadows
2. Robotech_Master
Your Mark Hamill link leads to the SuckLord story. Might want to fix that.
3. Asgerix
I posted (what I think is) the correct link, but my post was flagged as spam. I'll try again without logging in. Here is the link:,62502/

Hope it works this time.
David Thomson
4. ZetaStriker
Wow, that Mark Hamill interview got completely ignored as soon as I saw the link to a fourth Arrested Development season being (sort of) announced on the right-hand side.
5. wiredog
Excellent SF story by a friend. Killer punchline...

(If the mods dislike me spamming I won't be offended. Really.)

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