Oct 28 2011 3:30pm

Free Downloads of Frankenstein and Dracula

Halloween is a time to spook yourself and others, to let your imagination run free, and most importantly pull down the “what if” walls on the supernatural. For some this is almost impossible, for others it is a way of life. When I was eleven I stumbled across a genre of books that changed my entire life. For some reason, one that I still don’t understand, a teacher handed me Stephen King’s IT when I was in the fifth grade. I read it in two days, and never looked back.

Since that moment I have devoured anything about monsters, spirits, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, and even the pure evil of humanity. My parents never stopped me; I don’t think they understood where the books took me, and I am not quite sure anyone ever will. But it unlocked something within me and I needed to continue to read, but reading the stories just wasn’t enough—I had to find out where they all started.

And that of course brought me to the classics, the original monsters that creep into the dark spaces of our minds when we are alone, the ones that make us walk just a little faster up those basement steps, and the ones that keep us from looking out the window to prove that it really is a branch scraping the window and not long, dirty fingernails. The modern vampire story has twisted and torn itself into many storylines. The animalistic vampire, the emo vampire, the sexy CEO vampire, there is no end to where vampires can fit into our society. Monsters have taken many forms over the years and the popularity of the living dead still holds pop culture tightly in its grip. But could these exist now if Bram Stoker had not brought us Dracula? If Mary Shelley had not thought up Frankenstein? I often wonder that when reading or listening to the story — wondering where would my favorite genre be today, or would it even exist today if not for the pioneers that put our fears into action.

My love of this genre, especially the classics, has brought me to where I am today. I studied writing in college and now work in the publishing world. I do still dream of writing my own take on the monsters that have terrified me since childhood. I am still waiting for them to find their voices for me to put to paper.

In the meantime, catch up on the classics that should give you goosebumps for the Halloween season, or any season for that matter! Tantor Audio is currently offering two free downloads for the month of October, both downloads come with a free ebook.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein read by Simon Vance

Read Ryan Britt’s examination of the novel during the Monster Mash.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula read by John Lee

Read Emily Asher-Perrin’s examination of the novel during the Monster Mash.

Cassandra McNeil: speed walking up basement stairs since 1985.

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Chris Palmer
1. cmpalmer
Thanks for the links to the audiobooks, but my comment is about your opening paragraph. When I was in the fifth grade, my teacher loaned me a copy of Salem's Lot. As open minded as I am now, I think I still would have freaked out if my kid's fifth grade teacher did something like that, but, like you, it actually opened my mind to a whole new world of reading outside the school library and Scholastic Book Club titles. And for that, I'm profoundly grateful to that rebellious teacher...
Cassandra McNeil
2. Cassandra_McNeil
I know where you are coming from. My little sister (she's 13) asked me if she could read IT and I don't feel comfortable getting it for her. I am torn because I know how much it influenced me, but I'm not sure if I want to be the one providing it.
3. TB
"We do not have the right to sell this title to certain countries." Oh snap...
Cassandra McNeil
5. Cassandra_McNeil
TB - Please double check the country you have selected for your tantor account.
If that still does not work you can email and provide them with your customer name and country and they will look into this for you. There should not be too many country limitations on these downloads.

Joris Meijer
6. jtmeijer
Nope, even making an account does not work (Netherlands)
: We do not have the rights to sell this title to certain countries.

At least the ebooks are available for free at lots of places, to start with project gutenberg
Birgit F
7. birgit
Is isn't available from Germany, either.
8. Draculasgrl
Ookay, maybe I'm just dumb, but HOW do you download them..?
Cassandra McNeil
9. Cassandra_McNeil
You have to be logged into your account (or create one) then you add the Audio Download plus ebook into your cart and then check out (the red your price is $0). You will be able to access the download in 'My Bookshelf.'

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