Oct 6 2011 1:30pm

Clockwork Couture Gift Certificate Sweepstakes!

It’s time to get that wardrobe together, steampunk fans! And we’ve got just the sweepstakes for you:

$100 Gift Certificate to the World’s Fynest Steampunk Clothier. The forward thinking past brings cruelty free Victoriana to the skies with wares for Women, Men and children in dresses, corsets, coats, boots, clothing, gifts and home décor. Redeemable at or in store at their Los Angeles area location.

Enter in the comments and you might get $100 to spend on some brand new clothes! Don’t miss out on this finery — it’s got you name on it!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) October 6, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET October 11, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

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Lee Nelson
1. Lee Nelson
Me, me, me!! I wanna win!!!

Well, if I don't win, I so want to go to the shop for a spot of tea.
Lee Nelson
3. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Lee Nelson
4. Hilary
Would be fun to shop here!
Lee Nelson
5. Suzanne Lazear
Oh, I want to win. I *heart* their stuff *so much*
John Leavitt
6. jrrl
With halloween and the holidays just around the corner, this would be very nice to have. Sign me up.
Lee Nelson
7. Trinena
Count me in =)
Lee Nelson
8. Ana Ramsey
Great contest and what a beautiful store.
Lee Nelson
9. Mary Beougher
I love their stuff!
Lee Nelson
10. dwndrgn
I would love to win this!
Lee Nelson
11. ProfessorMorrow
What my better half would have give for this gift certificate!

I'm entering just to give it to her!
Lee Nelson
12. wandering-dreamer
Commenting, would love to win!
Lee Nelson
13. Kai charles
Great contest! Would love to come shop there :)
Lee Nelson
14. Jennifer Redd
I just found this site because of Steampunk week, and I love Clockwork Couture!
Lee Nelson
15. Tweet
I'm going to tweet about this!
Topher Kersting
18. Topher
Need presents for the girl.... Thanks!
Lee Nelson
20. Phasmus
Style? Why yes, I would like some style please.
Bill Snedden
22. wmsnedden
Egad! A veritable cornucopia of anachronistic delight. Count me in good sirs/madams!
Lee Nelson
23. EthanBjart
I'm saving the world next week; it would be nice to have a new pair of spats and maybe a top hat.
Laura Southcott
24. tallgrass
i may work outdoors all day in conditions for which corsets are entirely inappropriate, but that's not going to stop me!
Lee Nelson
25. Smeek1958
I have already seen quite a few things I could use the certificate for. Count me in the running, please
Lee Nelson
26. mollyw
That looks amazing!
Emily Lind
27. Malana
Wow. Their stuff is amazing. Yes, please!
Adi C.
32. adijc
I've been meaning to get a costume from here, great timing!
Lee Nelson
34. UndercoverWolf
I absolutely love their clothing line!
Lee Nelson
35. corig123
Dang, their stuff is much cheaper than I expected - $100 could actually make a serious dent! Nice.
Lee Nelson
36. AGrey
Man, I really need a halloween costume.

+1 to entry!

Also, have we heard who the winners are for the Mistborn RPG sweepstakes yet? It was up earlier this week, but I haven't seen an announcement.
Lee Nelson
39. SusieBlu
OMG OMG *squeal* I want. I love Clockwork Couture. Their clothing and
accessories are where i get most of my steampunk inspiration.
Lee Nelson
41. JaneDrew
Darn it, all these fantastic sweepstakes are giving me SO many more places I would love to have money to spend at...
Lee Nelson
42. Dr Tuka
yes, this just what the doctor would use to order something.
aaron thompson
43. trench
This would help, seeing as I have no pants.
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald
44. ceitfianna
Wow, yes, please I'd love a chance at Clockwork Coutoure.
Lee Nelson
45. photon
this would be awesome
Lee Nelson
46. Hibari
I love Clockwork Couture, and I've been looking to add to my steampunk wardrobe. ^^
corey chapman
47. martianblues
I just checked out that website, some great stuff on there! please please please! :)
Lee Nelson
48. Crystallynnfairy
This would be great!!
Lee Nelson
49. taconista
How lovely the fashions are! Heck, even if I don't win, I know where to go now for new corsets and skirts.
Lee Nelson
50. Daylina Miller
As both a starving journalist and soon-to-be college graduate with student loans, gift certificates are bright lights in the face of a bleak future wrought with a tough job market and student loans. I'd be a forever grateful and loyal customer if I won.
Jessica Nasca
51. onapalehorse
What a fantastic opportunity & sweepstakes! Thank you.
Lee Nelson
53. Katy K
Ooh, I really want this!!
Lee Nelson
54. Dara Young
Who wouldn't want to win this? Awesome giveaway!
Lee Nelson
55. topy23
I don't think I'd look very good in a corset, but I'm willing to give it a try.
Lee Nelson
56. Coop
Gotta start that Steam punk costume somewhere.
Lee Nelson
57. Sara(m)
I'm planning a showroom visit next month... but a gift certificate would certainly sweeten the deal! :D
Lee Nelson
58. Bob Hutchins
I'm in! :)
Lee Nelson
61. pierides
My wife needs some new steampunk finery.
tatiana deCarillion
62. decarillion
omg, there are TOO many things I covet on that site!!
Lee Nelson
63. elsiehogarth
The Clockwork Couture website is fantastic. So many cool things.
Lee Nelson
65. Nightsky
Me, please!!
kathleen fennessey
67. kathyire50
Delightful !!!! would love to win so I could dazzle in my sleepy bay town.
Lee Nelson
68. ergruber
I've been wanting something off their website for months now! Count me in.
Lee Nelson
69. madainn
I could look like a fine lady if I won this!
Lee Nelson
70. visiting_this_plane
such shiny things
Greg Bianchi
71. Lycopene
I know exactlyyy what I want to get if I win.
Lee Nelson
72. Melissa B
Oh loving their stuff!! Great giveaway!
Christine Parker
74. cdparker13
Oh, this would indeed be such a wonderful contest to win! I'm obsessed with the Steampunk movement and have been for over a half-decade! Come to me, clockwork-couture!
Lee Nelson
77. CoffeeP
New threads (and gears, and goggles, and other things) would be most appreciated!
Peter Czyzewski
79. sebastianelgar
I think I could find something my wife would love with that.
Jessica Reisman
80. jwynne
Ooo ooo ooo!!! Me me me!!! Want want want!!! ahem.
Lee Nelson
81. BrockBNoe
I've been obsessing over some stuff they have I want to use for my first outfit, one of their jackets/coats would be PERFECT! Consider me entered!
Lee Nelson
82. Mr. Saturday
Here's hoping!
Brandon Demerath
83. Demeb
Their stuff is really neat, and it would be awesome to have that gift card!
Lee Nelson
84. RedCat
Halloween costume, here I come!
Heather Muse
85. HeatherMuse
Absolutely delightful to see Clockwork Couture featured here during Steampunk Week, and even better as a sweepstakes offering! I have nothing but superb things to say about the creative, whimsical ladies and gentlemen who run the website and the LA shop. I rarely have the financial means (working student) to purchase much on their website, though they are wholly reasonably priced. CC offers fine materials from several notable steampunk-inspired sources and top notch quality across the board. That's in addition to their own excellent craftsmanship for unique and custom designs. How can you not like supporters of the steampunk scene and other affiliated events, like the Labyrinth Ball? If you get the chance to visit them in LA, as I have once, it's well worth the visit -- with tea and biscuits, a plethora of accessories, and quality attire. If this is a way I can support them, marvelous.
Lee Nelson
87. Aukert
Oh, what a fabulous prise that would be!
Lee Nelson
89. rcutshaw
Need some new clothes!
Mark Vanek
95. imp
My wife would love this, count me in
Lee Nelson
96. Tatterdemaliontasche
Yes please- I have an awesome cosplay in mind, but I can't afford it!
Lee Nelson
97. miriel
Ooh, entering!
Lee Nelson
98. KarenD
While not everything in thier women's section is in my size, they several items I'd love to own.
Lee Nelson
99. katzri1
irresistible threads
Lee Nelson
100. Chy32
This is so cool!
Derek Dominquez
102. fomartorch
You guys are so awesome this week, thank you.
Lee Nelson
103. digid
I just checked that site out, there is some cool stuff on there!
Lee Nelson
105. BrieK
Enter me, please!
Lee Nelson
106. RobinM
Oh, sign me up too.
Audrey Johnson
108. Xarayia
This would be so perfect! I love this steampunk week thing, but honestly, it's torture to have to look at all theses lovely things that I want SO MUCH and know that I probably won't win them :/ Ah well. Who knows, maybe it's my lucky day.
Stephen Lyon
110. skaftafell
Cold wind stings my eyes;
Intricate and elegant
Devices to see.
Lee Nelson
111. Lexacat
I would love to win this! :) Thanks for the chance!
Lee Nelson
115. Johannah B
Cool stuff... and so "different" from the others!
Lee Nelson
116. Jayson Lorenzen
I am so in, well ... please let me in I mean.
Megan Hungerford
117. marchingbando
Been wanting to get some steampunk clothes/accessories.
Lee Nelson
118. Kimber
They've got some really nice stuff. Please enter me in the contest.
Lee Nelson
119. PopcornReads
I'd love to win this one! I've been feeling the need for a steampunk infusion into my wardrobe! WooHoo!
Lee Nelson
121. Thula7
oooh! Yes, please!
Lee Nelson
122. jlesgold
I think that one can never have enough socks.
Lee Nelson
126. JohaanTepes
I wonder if they even have anything in my size.
Lee Nelson
132. LeahH
Lee Nelson
134. nlowery71
Something fun to wear to worldcon!
Lee Nelson
136. majerenoir
Oh, count me in! I ogle their website often.
Lee Nelson
139. Barbara Butler
i would love to win this great prize
Lee Nelson
143. Corvus
Oooo, fingers crossed!
Lee Nelson
144. SaraC56
ooooooo! Yes, pretty pretty please!
Lee Nelson
146. 8bitdad
Pretty awesome!
Lee Nelson
149. Liz Caboose Zine
Pick me! Pick me!
Lee Nelson
151. Kimberly B.
What a terrific prize! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Lee Nelson
152. Carapace
Goodness! I've been idling in front of that storefront for a long time. I fear winning would push me into overspending..but I still hope I win!
Lee Nelson
153. birdie23
that would be a fantastic prize!
Lee Nelson
155. Ixi9003
Ooh! This looks like an awesome competition!
Can I be counted in!~
Lee Nelson
156. chronicole
Will have a hard time staying in the $100 budget, so many things to choose from!
Lee Nelson
157. Ali87
Are you kidding? I've been drooling over their stuff for weeks now! *bounces up and down with hand up* Pick me, pick me!
Lee Nelson
158. Tedj
beautiful stuff!
Lee Nelson
159. Kestrel630
OMG I WANT this! I am going to do some cosplay at Comic Con 2012, and this would save me from having to make my own inferior costume!! Thanks Tor for an AWESOME contest!
Lee Nelson
160. omega_n
Mama needs a brand-new corset! ~blows on dice~
Lee Nelson
162. Agninus
Boring ol' entry from me
Lee Nelson
163. Jenn_in_GA
I'd love to win this.
Ande Taub
164. ande
Please add me to the list of winners.
Lee Nelson
165. Noachoc
I could always use new boots.
Lee Nelson
167. Scoot
Wow, I love their designs! I want to go Steampunk this year for Halloween! Thanks for the chance to win.
Lee Nelson
168. Walrus
Chance to win Clockwork Couture clothing = you get the desired comment from me! Loving steampunk week all around, btw!
Lee Nelson
170. JennS
Sounds fun! Love all the contests this week!
Lee Nelson
171. jmd
Sign me up! Please and thank you!
Scott Raun
172. sraun
Looks like a great present for my wife!
Lee Nelson
174. Lyssa Rowan
I love Clockwork Couture!
Lee Nelson
175. franknsense
would love to win!
Kendrick Martin
177. renegaderebel
I just caught up on The Guild last night and the Steampunk shop had me laughing in the aisles.
Heather Perkins
178. HPerkins
Oh this is the one to win, and I would love to be the one to win it.
Lee Nelson
179. AlexwholikesCostumes
This would be a great way to get stuff together for a costume I've been thinking about.
Lee Nelson
182. jdiprmo
Pretty Sweet!
Lee Nelson
183. Mike in VT
Great give away! Hope I win!
Lee Nelson
184. Brooke Johnson
this would make creating my steampunk ensemble much easier. :)
Lee Nelson
185. jharris22586
Oh man I love this website so much!!!! Hope I win!
Lee Nelson
186. Revie1
I want it all!
Lee Nelson
187. r hartzell
Lee Nelson
188. Grace Irelan
Entering. Hope I win. Looks like great stuff.
Lee Nelson
190. j4e
Hm ... I like my chances and besides, I really could use the subsidy for Ezekiel's Toxicum Sublimator Spirit Flask. (
Lee Nelson
191. RileyoftheDragons
I need more beautiful things in my life.
Lee Nelson
192. cyborgjim3000
Lee Nelson
193. NNSuch
Their clothes look amazing, I really hope I win!
Lee Nelson
195. SueRed
Oh yes please!
Lee Nelson
197. Betty
Would love to win this!
Lee Nelson
198. Galatea
Winning this would quite literally make my life. *fingers and toes crossed*
Lee Nelson
199. spacegirl
I would like to enter.
Lee Nelson
200. chromiumman
would love this
Lee Nelson
201. Kambot
Gotta love these clothes!
Maria Brown
202. MarieEmBee
I covet a pair of boots from the shop! It's a good thing the holidays are almost upon us :) (But a gift card would go a long way towards these boots, so please enter me in the sweepstakes!)
Lee Nelson
203. Rosebed
Awesome! Would love to win!
Lee Nelson
206. leanne thele
would loveto win!
Lee Nelson
207. INCyr
Oooh, such a great store!
Lee Nelson
208. Samuel Erikson
I wouldn't say no to cheap clothing.
Lee Nelson
209. duckmolechan
That would be fantastic. I'm already planning on ordering a few accessories to my wedding, and this would make it more affordable. :)
Lee Nelson
210. Steph @ Tart Deco
Wow-- this giveaway is amazing! Hope I win!!
Lee Nelson
214. Sam wicked
A great thing to start on Steampunk week. Thanks for the chance to get something great.
Lee Nelson
215. Samael
Winner right here. :)
Lee Nelson
216. Sarah pierce
Support Steampunks.
Lee Nelson
217. So so ok
Steampunks unite. I love to read Steampunk.
Lee Nelson
218. Sam wicked
I need some Halloween good luck right about now.
Lee Nelson
219. William J
Count me in!
Lee Nelson
220. 010100101001
size XXX
Lee Nelson
221. Bunny0315
I could use a new outfit!!
Lee Nelson
224. janmaus
Wow!! What great stuff!
Lee Nelson
225. DarinX
OOOoooo! Awesome!!

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