Oct 26 2011 5:30pm

Brandon Sanderson’s Alloy Of Law Tour Begins Next Week

A reminder to you all you Brandon Sanderson fans (and we now there are lots of you) Brandon will be touring the next two weeks to promote his new Mistborn novel, The Alloy of Law! To read the first chapters of novel as leads up to the release, go here.

The Alloy of Law Tour

Tuesday, November 8
12:00 AM (Midnight)
Door will open 9:00 PM on the 7th, you can get numbered tickets for the line as early as 8:00 AM on the 7th.
BYU Bookstore
Provo, UT

Wednesday, November 9
7:00 PM
Mysterious Galaxy Books
San Diego, CA

Thursday, November 10
7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Huntington Beach, CA

Friday, November 11
7:00 PM
University Book Store
Seattle, WA

Saturday, November 12
2:00 PM
Chapters Metrotown
Burnaby, British Columbia

Monday, November 14
7:00 PM
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Lexington, KY

Tuesday, November 15
6:30 PM
Murder by the Book
Houston, TX

Wednesday, November 16
7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope)
Note: This date is a SIGNING ONLY.

The Alloy of Law comes out on November 8. Don’t forget to check the Alloy of Law Index on!

Jeremy Goff
2. JeremyM
Just made sure to get off work early on the 7th to be at the midnight release. And of course I had to take the next day off so I can devour as much of it as humanly possible. So excited!
Joseph Kingsmill
3. JFKingsmill16
It's still good to know that these tours seem to only reconize NYC and/or Boston. Ugh!
Alice Arneson
4. Wetlandernw
@3 - The tours are set up based on the bookstores that ask him to come, and have the facility to manage a signing. If you really want him to come to your area, get your friends and fellow fans to urge your local bookstore to try. Surprisingly enough (or not), the publisher doesn't decide on a list of cities and then go looking for bookstores to host a signing. The truth is, a lot of bookstores either don't have the facilities or don't have the fan base in a particular genre to want to host every author out there. I'm lucky - Seattle has a bookstore with an enormous SFF presence and a manager who loves the genre and makes a real effort to bring in authors like Brandon. Not every city does, but apparently Boston and NYC do.

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