Oct 30 2011 7:00pm

All Hallows Read 24-Hour Sweepstakes Begins at Midnight!

Tonight at midnight, when the clock strikes on All Hallow’s Eve, we will begin a massive sweepstakes extravaganza in concurrence with Neil Gaiman’s new holiday tradition: All Hallow’s Read. For this Hallowe’en, Neil has suggested that we all give a scary book to someone. Since we’re fond of a good scare — and even more fond of encouraging good times with books — we’ll be hosting a sweepstakes every hour all Hallowe’en for a different book (sometimes more than one book)!

Looking for a classic? How about a gory graphic novel? Need something to occupy the kids? A brilliant anthology full of spine-tingling shorts? We’ve got them all, from a variety of publicatons, and we know you’ll find something you love. And for every book we give to you, you’ll get an extra copy to pass along. Get in the spooky spirit of the season. Join All Hallow’s Read!

You can find all of the sweepstakes here.

1. JC@castleruins
Sounds like a lot of fun, though rules for entering aren't very clear :c

Very generous of you, none-the-less!
2. petzilla
I'm excited but what are the rules of your sweepstakes the post wasn't very clear.
3. Mothshade
Link does not seem to access sweepstakes rules.
4. Sephira
Should be fun!
5. Kingtriton
How do I enter? And more importantly, once I enter this realm of terror, will I ever be allowed to leave?
6. Denise Z
I'm with Kingtriton, do we just show up at midnight and if we do . . . will we every be seen again?
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
Sorry guys -- each hour we will post a book. Readers should post a comment in the books they want and we’ll pull a random winner for each book.

Starts midnight east cost time.

Winners get two copies -- one to keep and another to give a friend.

Good luck to everyone!
9. Denise Z
Thanks Irene! I live on the West Coast, but will be working most of the night - so yipee I can just keep checking in LOL Treats for All Hallow's Read!
10. HootNHoller
Thanks! What fun.

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