Sep 18 2011 10:30am

WSFS Membership Sweepstakes!

First, we want to thank Jo Walton for her insightful series, allowing us to revisit past decades and all the incredible tales that came with them….

We also want to extend our thanks and gratitude to all the people that have volunteered countless hours over the decades to make the Hugos a reality. As we have seen, there are many ways to interpret the results each year — and that’s part of the fun — but it’s the brightest spotlight in the SF/F literary world. And that’s all the more amazing being born from and run by fandom for fandom.

We would like to give away a voting membership — attending or supporting, winners choice — to next year’s World Con in Chicago. In the past, members have received the Hugo Voter packet, which contains all of the written material that was nominated, so you have all the tools to vote. If you can make it, chose the attending membership and head to Chicago next summer for World Con! Enter in the comments to win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) September 18, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET September 23, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Nick Rogers
2. BookGoblin
I would love to win an attending membership...what a wonderful reason to go to Chicago!
Anne Delekta
3. Anne Delekta
I would love to win an attending membership!
Anne Delekta
4. Sarah E. Olson
Chicago's not so far away, an attending membership would be great!
Anne Delekta
7. Barbara Schwartz
I love Chicago and I would do my homework (read EVERY nominee) with due diligence.
Anne Delekta
8. RebeccatheGeek
Consider this an entry. I've always wanted to go to Chicago.
Anne Delekta
11. Fran Wilde
Please enter me! Thanks!
Catherine Mahan
12. cmahan
I've had a supporting membership the last two years so I could vote in the Hugos, I'd love to make it to Chicago in person! :)
Matt Wright
13. matty42
This is voting I can get behind. I'm in!
Anne Delekta
14. JLesgold
Timing is everything.
Michael Fenton
15. mfenton
Enter me Please. This is a fantastic contest.
Anne Delekta
17. L. Lawson
Ditto on the "would love to go" tack.
Anne Delekta
18. corig123
I would love to go!
Anne Delekta
19. N. Carter
Going to a Worldcon has always been a dream of mine. I'd like to enter.
20. nalattam Coming through with another great prize, I wanna win!
tarin almstedt
23. lapbplayr
I would love to go to Chicago next summer!
Anne Delekta
24. ajdecon
I would love an attending membership! I've never made it before, but Chicago is close enough to go.
Greg Lincoln
25. glshade
Cant afford both the trip and the membership but eould lovve to getthe voting packet......
Anne Delekta
27. Ande
I could make to Chicago, if I didn't have to pay to get in..
Thanks and found me in.
Anne Delekta
28. Michael Habif
yes please
Brandy Thomas
29. Roese
I would love to go. Would make visiting family in Chicago even more fun.
Hello There
30. praxisproces
I keep trying to talk myself into going to Chicago and this would make it a lot easier to win that argument. Fingers crossed!
Anne Delekta
31. Rob T.
All right, I was hoping to Chicago next summer anyway. Please consider me entered!
Anne Delekta
32. Topy
What's a "Hugo"?
Anne Delekta
33. Stormshrike
Please put my name in the hat. Thanks.
Melita Kennedy
34. melita
There's no way I'll make it to Chicago next year (big family changes are coming), but would love to have a supporting membership.
Anne Delekta
35. Jayson Lorenzen
Been wanting to attend, but as others mentioned, the overall cost has been an issue. Would love to win an in.

Anne Delekta
36. SFB
Consider this an entry - I live right next to Chicago!
Anne Delekta
37. Derek J. Goodman
Gotta enter on this one.
Anne Delekta
38. Benjamin Blattberg
That sounds great.
Anne Delekta
39. Alyc
Please enter me as well! Also, excellent series of articles by Jo Walton.
Anne Delekta
40. Kyle@Rpgfan
I've never been to Chicago and I never win anything - how about a change to that? Attending membership, please!
Chris King
41. KingFielder
So cool, and I'm just up the road from Chicago in Milwaukee
Emily Lind
43. Malana
Wow. What an awesome prize. I would book a plane to chicago in a heartbeat.
Anne Delekta
44. cjhuitt
I was already thinking about going. This would cinch it.
Anne Delekta
45. James Davis Nicoll
Enter me please. Also, each of my cats would like their own entry as well (bear in mind these are cats imbued in an environment of F&SF, like Obelix and the elixir).
Anne Delekta
47. JCHicks
I already wanted to go to Chicon. This would make the desire a reality.
Anne Delekta
49. CarolineWillis
:Waves hand hopefully:

Pick me!
Anne Delekta
50. Jaredlm
I'm already looking forward to next year's nominees!
Anne Delekta
51. PapaThanatos
I would like to enter please
Anne Delekta
53. Doug M.
Yes, please. Thank you.

Doug M.
Anne Delekta
56. nightmayor
I was at the last Worldcon in Chicago, would love to go to the next.
Anne Delekta
57. xnz
Couldn't make Renovation this year (cost), would really like to make it out to Chicago next year... we will see. I read every one of Jo Walton's post and wish it hadn't stopped in 2000.
Anne Delekta
59. Kadere
Anne Delekta
60. tnv
I am now a resident, so I will take a chance at this. I will come anyway, free or no free.
Anne Delekta
61. StacieH
I plan to attend for the first time, so a win would be nice.
Glennis LeBlanc
62. Glennis
Can't go have other plans that weekend but would love a free vote.
Jeff Hentosz
64. Hentosz
My bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

(But I'll probably leave on Amtrak. I'm scared of jet planes.)
Anne Delekta
65. Raskolnikov
Been planning on attending next summer, wouldn't mind not having to pay. Let's see if I can win attending slot.
Neal Makely
66. elglin
I would love this! If I win, I will absolutely attend, costs be damned!
Matthew Kuhl
67. pattonmat
This would be very nice. Maybe I could even make it to Chicago.
Anne Delekta
68. Alexander D'Arata-Newby
I would very much like to enter this contest.
D.J. Gaier
69. DaVi
I'm in Chicago - I can totally go!
Anne Delekta
70. LauraC
I'd LOVE to go to Worldcon!
David Goldfarb
71. David_Goldfarb
I'll sign up for an entry.

(I just discovered a little while ago that I'd won an ARC of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, only the notification went into my spam folder and I didn't see it until too late. Bwah.)
Anne Delekta
72. mojave_wolf
Consider me entered.
Anne Delekta
73. PhoenixFalls
AWESOME. With awesome-sauce even. Enter me! ;)
Anne Delekta
75. meganlynae
Oh man, I want to go. I've been thinking about buying the attending membership. Count me in.
Anne Delekta
76. Ron E. Nelson
oh, I can make Chicago.
A.J. Bobo
82. Daedylus
For the last couple of years I've meant to get a membership, and then something (like pesky medical bills) has gotten in the way. This would be awesome. Thanks for the chance.
George Baker
83. wraeththu
What a terrific prize! Please enter me in the sweepstakes. And I have enjoyed reading Jo's columns recapping and analyzing the past Hugo winners.
84. Madeline
It would be great to have affordable access to nomination and voting.
marian moore
87. mariesdaughter
I would love to go to Worldcon again. I haven't been in ages.
Anne Delekta
90. between4walls
Would be awesome, sign me up!
Chris Black
92. cblack42
I'd love to win. Chicago is only a 3 hour train ride away!
Benjamin Safford
93. benjamins
I would love to win! And maybe I could even go...!
Sue Manley
94. cSuelhu
wow! i'd love to win an attending membership....and if i did win, i'm sure i'd find a way to get there!
Anne Delekta
95. Kvon
Put me into the pot.
BTW, the 'rules' link at the bottom go to the Glow giveaway rules.
Anne Delekta
96. John Oates
I'll throw my hat in the ring!
Jotham Parsons
97. jotham.parsons
I'd love to win. I'm not too old to drop everything and go to Chicago for a week. No, really, I'm not!
Craig Piercy
98. cpiercy
I often tell my friends which books they should read. Undoubtedly makes me the most qualified to vote for the best in Sci-fi and fantasy. Please enter me in the sweepstakes. A win would provide affirmation.
Anne Delekta
100. dreamysusan
I'd love to attend!
Kevin Bolling
102. TexSquid
I've been reading Scince Fiction for more than 40 years. It is one of the great joys of my life. Attending the World Con would be a bucket list check off.
Anne Delekta
103. Htet Htet
Me, me, me!
James Veitch
104. JamesDamadan
I'm planning to attend Worldcon next year, so, yes, please.
Anne Delekta
105. JDK
Sweet Home Chicago !
Attending. Yes, count me in.
Anne Delekta
109. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Anne Delekta
111. Jenn123
Wouldn't this be wonderful?
Anne Delekta
112. JDC
Yes please. And if at all possible the Hugo awards should be served on steamed buns with mustard, fresh onions, relish, tomatos, and celery salt. Peppers optional.
Melissa Tabon
113. kiara
A WorldCon I could actually, feasibly, attend! Yes, please!
Anne Delekta
114. RobertD
i'd love to win!
Jason Gruber
117. jmgruber
I'm going anyway, but I sure wouldn't mind going for free.
Anne Delekta
122. aaronk
yes, please. i would attend!
Anne Delekta
123. Manakalita
Please enter me, thank you!
Rammy Meyerowitz
124. m5rammy
I found the rules at but it doesn't explain what the prize actually consists of.
Does "all of the written material that was nominated" mean "a box of books" ?
plus a ballot form?
does it include any admission tickets to the event? anything else?
Adam Shaeffer
128. ashaef
Perhaps the best giveaway on yet . . .
Marcus W
130. toryx
This is one of the best giveaways ever.
Anne Delekta
132. Jeff R.
I, too, would like to win this.
Gary Schaper
133. Garyfury
This is a wonderful thing for to offer.
Mark McKibben
135. Manzabar
This would be pleasant to win. Even better to win twice, so my wife could go too. ^_^
Anne Delekta
136. 010001010101
Will Bruce Campbell be there?
Jennifer Baughman
137. JenniferBaughman
Oh, my goodness, I'd love an attending membership; I've never been able to afford it before, and was hoping to be able to figure out how to do it for ChiCon...
Jeremy Goff
138. JeremyM
This will be my first con ever. I can't wait for it.
Chris Battey
141. DarthParadox
Yes, please! I don't know if I'll be able to travel there, but I certainly want to vote!
Anne Delekta
144. Marc V
I'm entering purely because I loved Jo's column so much. I can't guarantee from now whether or not I can attend, but I now have a serious hankering to vote for the Hugos
Anne Delekta
145. Hobbes_Kat
I've enjoyed reading this series of columns and would like a chance to win.
Anne Delekta
146. Ryan M. Dreier
I would love a chance to go to World Con sign me up!
Anne Delekta
147. afterthefallofnight
Please sign me up for a chance to win.
Glenna Hall
151. gshall
I've been reading science fiction for over sixty years. I would love a membership.
Anne Delekta
153. sprintfish
I live in Chicago! I'd love to go.
Anne Delekta
154. Emilyy
I would love a supporting membership. That would be awesome.
Anne Delekta
157. Kimiye T
Keeping my fingers crossed! I've been gafiated for years and would love to come back.
Anne Delekta
158. DaveP
WorldCon, groovy
Anne Delekta
160. eliseo13
An attending membership would be very much appreciated! Thank you very much for the opportunity!
Anne Delekta
161. Stacy M.
So many of my friends are going to be there, I'd love to be able to join them and be a part of something so awesome!
Sarah hans
162. sarahpanda
I'm already planning to attend Worldcon in 2012, hopefully with one or even two completed novel manuscripts in hand. A free badge would go a long way to supporting this struggling writer!
Anne Delekta
163. Kimberly Deal
I'll be attending the con, but winning a badge would be great. Please enter me.
Richard Riley
164. ryuteki
If given a badge I would attend, and maybe see if all this hoopla is worth the expense. :)
Anne Delekta
165. N. Frances Moritz
I'd love to win a badge!
Anne Delekta
168. Milhouse
I've already got a membership, but I know plenty of people who would appreciate a gift of one.
Anne Delekta
169. ChaosDragon
I would be totally excited to be able to attend WindyCon!
Anne Delekta
170. cdtolliver
Please fix the link for full details and official rules.
Anne Delekta
172. Matthew Duhan
Enter me please
Anne Delekta
173. M. Darnell
Sign me up please!
Anne Delekta
174. Jeffrey Runokivi
Enter me please.
Anne Delekta
175. johnjp
Enter me please. Thanks.
Anne Delekta
177. M.Elliott
What a great idea!
Anne Delekta
178. emily knowles
Enter Me!
Anne Delekta
179. Rebecca Weeks
Please enter me for my Son. Matthew Pedersen.
Anne Delekta
180. Allen Batson
Enter me too, please. :)
Anne Delekta
181. LouWW
It's been over 30 years since I last attended a Worldcon--would love to go again.
Anne Delekta
183. rehabob
An attending membership would be great.
Anne Delekta
184. Eva Whitley
I have a supporting member but I'd love to win in order to bring my son with me.
Anne Delekta
185. David Gustafson
Enter me, please. Haven't been to a WorldCon since '78, though I've voted for the Hugos several times. Be fun to see one again!
Anne Delekta
186. Ita v
Oh, I want to go!
Anne Delekta
187. BeckyH
Put in the game coach, I know I can win this one!
Anne Delekta
188. JoeS
Please enter me in the contest!
Anne Delekta
189. Laura Raider
Wow! A worldcon membership would be Fantastic!
Anne Delekta
190. Mary Jo Chrabasz
I'm excited that WorldCon is going to be in my town next year, and I'd love to attend, I just worry I won't be able to afford it. I'm a cataloger and we don't make much money :) But I'm a science fiction aficionado and I would love the chance to vote for my favorite awards!
Anne Delekta
191. Trudy Seabrook
This is a once in a decade experience and while I'm saving my pennies and working my austerity plan, winning this would be pretty splendid.
Anne Delekta
192. Redpenny01
Enter me Please!
Anne Delekta
193. Shawn Marier
An attending would be wonderful.
Anne Delekta
194. wealhtheow
I've always wanted to go to World Con! Please enter me.
Anne Delekta
195. Lee Whiteside42
I'm hoping to be able to go to ChiCon next year. A free membership would definitely be a big help!
Anne Delekta
196. Lis Carey
This is fantastic! I'd love a ChiCon membership.
Anne Delekta
197. Ruthless
I would love to win a membership to ChiCon 7 because I really can't wait to go!
Molly 314
198. mollie
I would love to win an attending membership! Thanks. :)
Anne Delekta
199. Zara
Wow! What a great contest. I would love to get the membership.
Anne Delekta
200. Themis Coldstones
I'm looking forward to my first WorldCon. Please enter me in the contest.
Anne Delekta
201. Bethany Allen
I enjoyed helping out with Reno a lot, would love to attend a world con that I am not working!
Anne Delekta
202. Jeffrey Allan Beeler
I would like to be enetered for the contest and I too look forward to attending a worldcon where I am not working 12 hour days.
Anne Delekta
203. elaineb
Worldcon, the gathering of the tribe ... how my heart longs for thee!
Anne Delekta
205. Brendan Fortune
Enter me please... Would love the opportunity to participate in this event in my home town.
Anne Delekta
206. dmk
What a marvelous idea! It sure would help my con budget to win an attending membership, but even a supporting membership would be useful. Please choose me! If you do, I promise to read more this year and vote for the awards.
Anne Delekta
207. John P
Enter me please!
Anne Delekta
208. Evan Westenberger
I would like to enter the contest. Thanks for running it!
Anne Delekta
209. Eneasz Brodski
Enter me please
Anne Delekta
210. Runnerwolf
Would love to see all my filking friends that would be there!
Avrom Litin
211. Alitin
I would like to enter this sweepstakes.
Anne Delekta
214. pattyp1003
What a wonderful idea! I've never become a voting member because I couldn't afford the expense. This is a prize I would love to win!
Anne Delekta
215. Cithra
Would love to win this. Have never been to a World Con; have wanted to go since I learned about the Hugos from checking out Asimov's collections of the winning short stories from the library as a child. (NB: offical rules link currently goes to the Signed Glow Sweepstakes rules)
Lois Ray
216. mischief64
I have never been to a World Con. I live in Chicago, so no traveling, spend traveling money AT Chicon. Work the area cons, so already know a lot of the people running it. And would be able to spend the money I would use buying a membership (in installments, no less) AT Chicon. And one very good reason to HAVE to read science fiction.
Anne Delekta
217. Tealbee
Wow! Would love to win my membership!!
Anne Delekta
218. Ron H
R.C. I'll take you to lunch every day if I win the attending.
Anne Delekta
219. Albedo
Would love to attend WorldCon in Chicago! In 1981, before ever knowing what a WorldCon was, I rcall strolling past a hotel in downtown Denver, wondering at all the Princess Leias in formal robes milling around the lobby. In 2012, I'd like to make up of that lack of knowlege.
Kristina Rice
220. kbellwether
Yes please. Attending membership would be awesome!
Anne Delekta
221. Kate Langer
WorldCon in Chicago. That'll be quite the SF event! Please enter me in the contest for a membership.
Michael Green
222. greenazoth
Very exciting. I would like to enter as well.
Anne Delekta
223. JimW
I would love an attending membership - if I won one, it would be a great way to convince the family that I absolutely NEED to go.

After all, it was fate.
Anne Delekta
224. Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Awesome contest! Sign me up.
Anne Delekta
225. Michael O'Connell
WorldCon in Chicago! Yes! Thanks!
Adam Zalonis
226. Fory-san
Hey, I'd love to attend! It's always been a dream! Good luck to everyone! :)
Anne Delekta
227. RWWGreene
I would love to enter this contest. Thanks in advance.
Anne Delekta
228. Stephanie M. Lorée
I am planning on going and would love to win. Thank you!
Anne Delekta
229. Misti S
Yes, please. Great idea!
Sarah Smith
230. sasmith361
I would love to attend a worldcon. Please enter me in the sweepstakes. Thanks.
Anne Delekta
231. PJ Kaszas
I would love to attend. Please enter me. Thank you.
Anne Delekta
232. tereza
awesome prize!

i voted for the hugos my first time this year -- it was great to get to read all the nominations-- but this would be my first-ever worldcon, so please please enter me!
Anne Delekta
233. Frank Kasten
I've read about all the Hugo winners and would be honored to attend. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.
Anne Delekta
234. Tom B.
Never been to a convention before, but Chicago is fairly close - sign me up!
Anne Delekta
235. johnkalel
Me. Please. Ok, pretty please with stevia on top (low carb diet).
Julia Dvorin
237. quixhobbit
Renovation was awesome--I'd love to go to the Chicago Worldcon!
Joann Zimmerman
238. joann
I'd love to win this. I've done the local con every year for almost ever, but never a WorldCon.
Anne Delekta
239. Douglas R. Cobb
It'd be fantastic to win this and be able to vote for the Hugo winners--I hope I win!
Anne Delekta
240. Ronald Sippel
Hi I am Ronald Sippel ;Please enter me in the HUGO award sweepstakes.
I am an ardent fan of Strange,horrific,ans Science Speulative Fiction.I am a big fan of Ursula K.LeGuin,Dan Simmons, Robert R. mcCammon,Aldous Huxley,Robert Heinlein,Phillip K. Dick,Richard Mattheson,Rod Serling,
The Visual Artists like Phil Hale associated with yke literary genres. As a painter a nd a disabled man-one of my greatest ESCAPES from yhe darkness of reaity is delving into the Worlds created by Dtephen king,Clive Barker,Bently Little,The Frankenstein series by Dean koontz;ever since a prodigous chilhood. "Fear and Thr Unknown have helped prepare me for the horrors of "Reality". I would love to get my hands on 11/22/63, The Terror,Asaic asimov,George Orwell and other literary "FRIENDS", These and other artists like Neil Stephenson,Nicholson Baker,and "SO Many ":others like Daniel Easterman, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, As a painter -readin gScience fiction and horror speculative horror, Takes me to imaginative and and horrific "Places " which HELP me create. Thankes to all yhr greats anf thid site for pairing;grat authors,with great visul artists. When it comes to books I take journeys eith the author;toeard the past ,presrnt and furure ;as all of ot minds,PRESENT AND FUTURE- in a true epiphan,. A picture can paint a thousand words-a well crafted set of words can- describe thousands of pictures
Anne Delekta
241. FAguirre
Am planning on going to Worldcon next year anyway - it's only 2 hours away from Madison! Sign me up!
Anne Delekta
242. Chad Brotherton
Definitely want to attend WorldCon again next year. Thanks for holding this contest!
Anne Delekta
243. mhua
I would like an Attending membership. Would give me an excuse to visit Chicago.
Clark Myers
244. ClarkEMyers
One sweepstakes entry - at this point the odds while long are reasonable
Jason Hatfield
245. jebediah
I had a great time at the World Con in San Antonio in 97. I would love to go to another one.
Anne Delekta
246. J M Cornwell
A membership is just what I need. Enter me please.
Anne Delekta
248. Ingrid
I attended the last Chicago WorldCon and had a wonderful time, and I would definitely like to attend again. Please enter me in the Sweepstakes... :)
Anne Delekta
250. Bellbird
Pick me! Pick me! I had a wonderful time at Aussiecon and would love to see what the big WSF cons in the US are like.
Anne Delekta
251. Laura E.
Great contest! Enter me.
Anne Delekta
252. EthanBj
I would LOVE to go to World Con!
Anne Delekta
253. StacyG
Please enter me. I would love to attend
Anne Delekta
254. Novashannon
I have been reading science fiction and fantasay for a loooooong time, and would love to vote in this Golden Age of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Maura Gaffney
255. maura
Thanks for thinking this contest up. Please enter me. I'd love to attend.
Ruhan Zhao
256. ruhanzhao
Sign me up! I would love to go to ChiCon.
Anne Delekta
256. Nikki P
That would super swell!
Anne Delekta
257. Jeff B.
Great idea for a contest. Count me in!
Anne Delekta
258. GW3
Count me in, thanks
Anne Delekta
259. Hg
Oh heck, yeah, I'd like to go!
Anne Delekta
260. Gary Van Court
I would love to attend the Chicago Worldcon. Chicago is a great place and having the Worldcon there makes it even better!
Anne Delekta
261. ECW
Count me in: except for changing planes I haven't been to Chicago since the 1982 WorldCon.
Anne Delekta
262. nlowery71
This is the first worldcon I've ever considered attending. I would love to go!
Anne Delekta
263. Dana Moore
I'd love to go to Worldcon!
Anne Delekta
264. Dana Moore
I'd love to go to Worldcon!
Anne Delekta
265. Shivam Bhatt
Oh man, I want to enter!
Anne Delekta
266. Stephanie Hough
Enter me, please!! I would love to go!!!!!!!!!!!
Anne Delekta
268. J E Field
Yes to enter. Go Cubs Go
Anne Delekta
269. Gillian Daniels
Enter me, please! I've never been!
Anne Delekta
270. B K Davis
OOhhh! Pick me! Over here!! Hand raised!! Pick me!
Anne Delekta
271. Timo Lagus
Hell, sign me up. Never gonna win in the Lotto, I just know it, so this could be the next best thing.
Anne Delekta
272. Mr. Rogers
Count me in!
Anne Delekta
273. David Curtis
My first Chicon was 1962. I'd love to celebrate the 50th anniversary at this one.
Anne Delekta
274. hirschda
I'll be in Chicago and would love to go! Please consider me entered!
Anne Delekta
275. Alan S.
Please enter me into the sweepstakes for an attending membership. My last Worldcon was too long ago: Boston (Noreascon) or Glasgow, can't recall which.
Anne Delekta
276. Harold C.
Please enter me.
Anne Delekta
277. Erich Levinson
Which way Hugo? I would like to go to Chicago and not be a no show.
Hoping no snow in Chicago while I am driving my vintage Yugo, I would enjoy the show!!
Anne Delekta
278. Steve S.
I haven't been back to Chicago in over 25 years. Would love to visit again and the Worldcon would be a great reason to go! My last worldcon was 1997 in San Antonio! Needless to say, I'll be there in 2013!

Anne Delekta
279. Bruce S Edwards
Please enter me !!
Was at Chicon 2000 and 1982, love to get back downtown...
Anne Delekta
280. Gregor
Yes, I would love a chance to attend!
Anne Delekta
281. Heath Fodor
I would love to go!!
Anne Delekta
282. Dan Connolly
Haven't been to a Worldcon since Atlanta. Good for decompressing.
Anne Delekta
283. Rich Gombert
I have been a supporting member to many WorldCon (and an attending member to a few), unfortunately I have never attended a con.

It's one that I would really like to do.
Anne Delekta
285. Stephen Wright
Thanks for the books, reviews, and fun...and, oh, yeah, a chance at another Worldcon? Yes, please, sir, may I have some more?

Per aspera ad Chicago?
Anne Delekta
286. Eric Oppen
Sign me on up!
Anne Delekta
287. Jenny Schwartzberg
Wow, I would love to win a WorldCon membership for the Chicago Convention. Fingers crossed!
Anne Delekta
288. SarahPi
Please enter me for the attending membership sweepstakes. Thanks for running Jo Walton's wonderful series on the Hugos!
Anne Delekta
289. Imriel
Sign me up, please! :)
Anne Delekta
290. PamalaK
What a wonderful idea and opportunity! Please enter me in the sweepstakes. Thanks.
Anne Delekta
291. Jon C Manzo
Please enter me for the attending membership to Chicon next year. Thanks!
Anne Delekta
292. Marilyn Traber
My goodness, what a wonderful sweepstakes. SF and fantasy have been my escape the real world suck for most of my life, from the time I was given the Hobbit and Dune back in the early 70s until my most recent purchase of Cryoburn yesterday.

Please enter me in the sweepstakes!
Anne Delekta
293. Gustov C. Hinrich III
I can actually go to Chicago! Please enter me in the sweepstakes.
Anne Delekta
294. Karen Black
Thanks for putting this contest on, Tor! I too would love to go to Chicon 7.
Anne Delekta
295. Jonathan M. Ingram
Enter me, please!
Anne Delekta
296. Mike Cole
One free Worldcon membership PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE.
Anne Delekta
297. Ahmed A. Khan
No harm in trying!

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