Sep 1 2011 5:06pm

Wibbly Wobbly Wokka Wokka: Doctor Who/Muppets Mash-Up

There are a lot of sci-fi fantasy mash-ups out there on web, but every once and a while we find one that is VERY close to our heart. Courtesy of artist Amy Mebbenson comes The Muppets mashed up with Doctor Who. Some of our favorites here include Rizzo sulking as the Ninth Doctor, Sam the Eagle as the First Doctor, and multiple Miss Piggies as both River Song and Rose.

Muppet Doctor Who by Amy Mebberson

Amy Mebbenson is professional comic artist with credits from places like Boom Comics, Pixar, and much more. She’s also responsible for another favorite in the offices: Muppet Sherlock Holmes, which unlike her Who/Muppet fan art, was released last year in comic book stores! (We have them all!) Muppet Sherlock Holmes was also notable for featuring a few references to Doctor Who, Torchwood and even Sweeney Todd. Thank you Amy Mebbenson!

[via The Mary Sue]

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby has an idea for a Muppet mash-up: Muppet Requiem for a Dream. For some reason no one is interested.

David Goldfarb
2. David_Goldfarb
Very nice, even if I don't recognize all of the Muppet characters involved. My only quibble is that Nine seems to sort of fade into Ace, and I had to play "Where's Waldo" with him for a bit.
A.J. Bobo
3. Daedylus
I'm not extremely familiar with either old or very new Dr. Who, so I don't recognize all of the characters. But the ones I do recognize are fantastic. Beaker's pose is totally the Tenth Doctor. Awesome.
Andy the Penguin Boy
5. Andy the Penguin Boy
Man, you all don't know your muppets.

The Forth Doctor is not Dr. Teeth, that is Zoot, Teeth has large eyes with purple eyelids, where as Zoot has the pointy head and the big mustache as well as black holes (presumably sunglasses) for his eyes.

And there are not 2 Miss Piggies, the other female pig is probably either Annie Sue (Miss Piggies rival from the orignial Muppets) or Spamala Hamerson from Muppets Tonight.

Or maybe I just know too much about muppets.....
Andy the Penguin Boy

Actually, #4 is neither Dr. Teeth nor Zoot... it's Sgt. Floyd Pepper:

Though he and Zoot do share a similar face thing going on.
Andy the Penguin Boy
@Andy (again):

You're also spot-on with the other two "piglettes:" Spamela is Rose (note the same green eyes):

And Annie Sue is the 6th/7th Doctors' companion, Melanie Bush:

(this reference photo shows just how perfect a match this was, hair-wise)

It can't be said enough, the brilliance of this piece is pretty unstoppable :)
Valentin M
8. ValMar
The timing of this article is a curious coincidence given the story of the latest Dr Who episode.

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