Sep 28 2011 12:30pm

Stephen King Working on a Sequel to The Shining

Danny Torrence, the protaganist of Stephen King’s famous novel The Shining is all grown up now and poised to battle vampires in a forthcoming King novel titled Dr. Sleep. Recently, Stephen King read an excerpt from Dr. Sleep at George Mason University which revealed that the subject matter of his next novel is in fact a sequel to The Shining. Will the phrase “red rum” have something to do with the vampires in this book? We’ll have to wait and see!

[News via Ain’t It Cool]

Rich Bennett
1. Neuralnet
The shining is/was a great book. but, I am not sure whether to be exicited or horrified for a sequel... vampires, really? It is King so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.
David Thomson
2. ZetaStriker
I'm with Neuralnet. The only this that plot synopsis brings to mind are the terrible sequels to the move The Lost Boys.
3. ftbleighjkjk
Salem's Lot was about Vampires and was one of the scariest books I'd ever read. I'll give Constant Writer the benefit of the doubt on this one.
Ian B
4. Greyfalconway
I read it as 'psychic vampires' which are an entirely different thing than the blood-sucking or sparkly variety. If I'm remembering correctly its just a term for people with psychic abilities that can steal the energy from other psychics. It would fit in better with the whole Shining world setting.
Rob Munnelly
5. RobMRobM
Apparently, all play and no work makes Stephen a dull guy.
Steven Halter
7. stevenhalter
If it ties Salem's Lot with The Shining it could be quite interesting.
8. hadesharman
It sounds interesting .
Anna Hivoina
9. nya_anna
The Shining and vampires?! Hope it's not gonna happen :)

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