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Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Aeon Flux: Tide” and “At the Ends of the World”

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Aeon Flux: Tide” and “At the Ends of the World”

Tide: Before Aeon Flux’s appearance in an animated television series and a (best forgotten) live action feature, she could be seen in some interesting shorts that aired on MTV’s Liquid Television. (4:13 minutes)

At the Ends of the World: Some people live in the most interesting places, yet lead very quiet lives. (7:42 minutes)

by Peter Chung


At the Ends of the World
by Konstantin Bronzit

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Ben HM3
1. BenHM3
The Aeon Flux movie was a bit like the various Hitchikers' Guide thingies: Inspired by, similar to, almost-but-not-quite. Taken as it's own thing, it was pretty darned cool. The cast did a good job with a tough assignment, and Karyn Kusama made a darned nice film. I think it deserves far higher praise than "best forgotten." At least raise it to "Harmless."

That being said, I have wonderous nostalgia for "Liquid TV" and Aeon Flux in her animated form. Watching it now? Um, maybe best left in the memory. (What exactly was Peter Chung trying to get across? Where the heck did he get that esthetic? And is he feeling better now that he's worked out some pretty serious issues in making those episodes?!)

For those who've seen neither, see them both with a very open mind. But keep your filters on for the's got some subtext that might not be for all audiences. Heck, it's got some overt messages that are pretty unpleasant.

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