Sep 27 2011 3:00pm

Robert Downey, Jr. is Your New Han Solo

Robert Downey Jr. as Han SoloSuvudu has compiled all of the votes and revealed the cast for a Star Wars: Heir to the Empire movie! We put in our picks a little while back, and were particularly excited to note that our vote for Robert Downey, Jr. as the galaxy’s most beloved scoundrel was the most popular write-in choice for Han Solo (Nathan Fillion got the official prize, of course). As the picture to the right indicates, others have had this inspired casting choice thrust upon them.

Hugo Weaving was naturally everyone’s favorite for Grand Admiral Thrawn, and we were super pleased with the Luke and Leia picks. Check here for the full cast list! What do you guys think? Time to cast the Jedi Academy Trilogy?

Robert Downey, Jr./Han Solo image created by gilld8, who won 5th place in the Worth100.com Celebrity Star Wars 8 Contest.

1. Phoghat
RD Jr./Han Solo ?
I'd buy that for a dollar
Scott Wade
2. Lyinar
I'd always mentally cast Talon Karrde as being played by Kent McCord, myself.

Unfortunately, the guy I mentally cast as Garm Bel Iblis when reading the books is no longer amongst the living: Roy Scheider. I still say he'd be a perfect choice, though.
John Massey
3. subwoofer
Sorry RDJr will always be a junkie to me. He's on the verge of pulling a Sheen. Fillion all the way:)


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