Sep 16 2011 9:27am

Morning Roundup: New Earl Grey Recipe Destroys the Galaxy

The end of the week is like riding on the back of a Plesiosaur. And the weekend is like Loch Ness, which will protect you from extinction. Before you take that deep breath and throw your arms around the neck of that Plesiosaur (ours is named Giggles) we suggest you check out our selection of offsite links!

Highlights include:

1.) What if Harrison Ford had been Dr. Grant?

2.) Find out about the history of the gas mask.

3.) Is the Tatooine system real?

4.) Will the new Earl Grey recipe bring about the end times?

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

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Chris Hawks
1. SaltManZ
I tried that MagicCube5D out a few years ago, and I just could not wrap my brain around it. The MagicCube4D is a heckuva lot of fun, though, and much easier to "get".

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