Sep 28 2011 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Monkeys All Set to Write Shakespeare

Wednesday has arrived like a clone of Tuesday. But Wednesday feeds off the power of Tuesday in order to survive. Making one day like Picard and the other day like Shinzon. It’s up to you to deciede which one is which. (Hint: Shinzon looks a lot like Bane.) Ready for your offsite links? Here they are!

Highlights include:

1.) Dragons might be taking over urban fantasy.

2.) Monkeys are writing Shakespeare

3.) A 7-year-old explains what’s wrong with DC Comics

4.) Star Wars suprises no one by making a lot of money.

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1. NeedToKnow
How does the dragon thing in urban fantasy works? I mean vampires are basically human-sized, and werewolves transform into humans or are at least the same size, if you're a furry. But dragons?
Richard Fife
2. R.Fife
If sparkly pale goths can be called vampires, I'm sure some slick-haired, snake-skin-jacket wearing bad boy can be called a dragon. Shapeshifting can write away anything. Except sparkles. Frackin' sparkles.
rob mcCathy
3. roblewmac
Look greater internet. I don't Catwoman 1 anymore than you. But it's CATWOMAN by Judd Winnick. What the Hell did you expect?

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