Sep 1 2011 4:30pm

Mistborn Adventure Game Sweepstakes

Just in time for Dragon*Con, is thrilled to announce that Crafty Games, the RPG publisher of the forthcoming Mistborn Adventure Game (November 2011), has kindly offered to partner with Tor Books and Macmillan Audio for a series of sweepstakes themed around Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, and his forthcoming new Mistborn novel, The Alloy of Law (November 2011).

Today, we’re giving away the first of five awesome prize packs.

Based on the bestselling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game lets you explore, command, or liberate the oppressed world of Scadrial, battle the Lord Ruler’s Inquisitors, and master the primal forces of allomancy, feruchemy, and hemalurgy. It features new official fiction from Mr. Sanderson himself and loads of never-before-seen material, making it the ultimate resource for fans of the novels and those who want to experience the Final Empire firsthand. Crafty Games will also release an Alloy of Law: Mistborn Adventure Game supplement based on the forthcoming Mistborn novel arriving in hardcover from Tor Books in November 2011. Enter in the comments to win!

You can read a substantial excerpt from The Alloy of Law right here on

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) September 1, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET September 6, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Matt Schraeder
2. frozen-solid
Yes please! I've been dying to give this a shot.
Paul Jarrett
3. Paul Jarrett
Big Sanderson fan! Wonderful!
Paul Weimer
5. PrinceJvstin
As the RPG guy at SF Signal, definitely interested in the giveaway.
Paul Jarrett
7. DarthNearl
I would love one. huge Mistborn fan
Andrew Lee
8. alee
Nice prize! Please enter me to win this. Thanks!
Paul Jarrett
10. Cameron Y.
Sounds like it would be fun. I love Sanderson's novels!
Paul Jarrett
13. SThorn
Count me as entered!
Paul Jarrett
14. AlanWes
Oooo... I'll take one! That sounds like an amazing prize pack!
Harry Burger
15. Lightbringer
Brandon Sanderson is awesome, Mistborn was what first brought me in.

Could somebody make a mobile version of this site someday?
K. Stevens
17. kasx
I just rolled a natural 20, surely my luck will hold until the drawing!

Debbie Winn
18. Kaelesa
I would like to be entered, please. Love the books.
Paul Jarrett
20. Kurtharsis
I would live to try this out.
Paul Jarrett
21. Esmale
This only looks like the best prize EVER.
David Thomson
23. ZetaStriker
As someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons regularly, and would get a good deal of use out of this, I would have to color myself interested. It could be a great way to get my friends to read the books, too. XD
Paul Jarrett
25. Tehol Lives
Yes please!

I can't wait for anything Mistborn, especially due to those teaser chapters you put out. It has made a long wait that much harder.
Paul Jarrett
27. Bob LaPierre
This definitely sound like a great prize. I would like one please.
Paul Jarrett
29. Mark The Shark
Here's hoping....
Paul Jarrett
30. mrc1ark
woo, gogo lottery chances!
Paul Jarrett
31. Louieluey
Must have ARC, waiting is not an option
Paul Jarrett
33. Mtman
I'd love to win and add this to my rpg collection.
Tom Sias
34. tsias
What a fantastic prize pack! Being an avid Mistborn fan, and a RPGer, this would be awesome.
Paul Jarrett
35. ll160528
I'd like to enter please. Thank you.
Paul Jarrett
39. reblbass
I'd like that!
greg scott
40. worthy
This sounds like a good one, count me in!
Boyd Meier
41. bwmeier
Not that I'll get one, but I want one :-)
Skye Peters
43. Eilastri
I *still* can't believe this thing is actually real...
Paul Jarrett
45. Kevin F
Holy Cow would I love to win this.
Rowan Shepard
51. Rowanmdm3
I want this just for the ARC of Alloy of Law; everything else would just be an awesome bonus!
Paul Jarrett
55. danchops
Sign me up for one!
Paul Jarrett
57. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Mike Shaffer
58. Kasair74
Please oh please Make Mine Mistborn! I'd like the RPG, absolutely loved the books and can't wait for the next volume of the series!
Paul Jarrett
59. Benjamin Blattberg
I like to torture myself with hope when I enter these contests.
Paul Jarrett
60. Foobadoo
Oooh! Yes, please!
Andrew Blackburn
61. ajbcool
I'd love to finally win a sweepstakes to win some AWESOME stuff!
Paul Jarrett
63. Taylor_S
This would be a terrific system to try out.
Rich Bennett
64. Neuralnet
wow, what an amazing prize. cant wait to try the game
Paul Jarrett
65. JessVW
Hubby is a big Sanderson fan, would be a nice surprise for him.
Paul Jarrett
66. Moshiah
I want that alloy of law ARC!
George Brell
67. gbrell
I would enjoy an opportunity to win this.
Paul Jarrett
69. Gilgamesh1
RPG's and Brandon Sanderson? Sign me up!
Nick Marino
70. njm1492
I so want to play this game! I wonder what the "Alloy of Law" supplement will be like?
Paul Jarrett
73. kamandi68
Pick me please!
Dylan Huebner
74. hubay
Ooh, gimme gimme. I'd gladly win any one of those prizes.
Paul Jarrett
76. SteamRanger
I'd love to add this to my RPG collection.
Paul Jarrett
79. Dr Tuka
This is just what the doctor ordered on so many levels.
Weijian Zhang
80. Weijian
I never know what to say in the comments to enter one of these giveaways. Enter me?
Paul Jarrett
81. dizmo
Oh, pretty please?!
Paul Jarrett
83. BrendanMAN
I WANT A PACK they sound so awesome! Pick me PLEASE!
Paul Jarrett
84. silver97rwa
Sounds great!
Paul Jarrett
85. Stephica
I'm certain my D&D group would love to do this!
Paul Jarrett
88. Nelle
Please enter me in the sweepstakes, I'm dying to read The Alloy of Law!
Brandon Demerath
89. Demeb
Pick me! I'd love to get my hands on all of that stuff!
Paul Jarrett
92. Richard Auffrey
Yes, I would love to win this game.
Paul Jarrett
93. drjunkie
Trying to hold back reading the preview chapters so I don't want more, gogo ARC!
Paul Jarrett
96. JCHancey
This is the sexiest of all prize packs.
Paul Jarrett
103. Austin_Hussey
Pick me! I want, I want!
Paul Jarrett
105. Chris M.
Looks awesome!
A.J. Bobo
107. Daedylus
I definitely need to get in on this sweepstakes!
Sean Calhoun
108. Musicspren
The odds are going to be humorously poor by the end of this, but I'll enter anyway.
Paul Jarrett
110. desertpaladin
Commenting because this seems like a cool prize.
Phas Grey
111. Phasmus
Now that's a prize worth posting for...
Valentyne Martinek
112. Valentyne
Would love to one of the first to play this!
Paul Jarrett
113. DanVan
Just recently started Mistborn, but been playing RPGs for a while, so this seems pretty awesome.
bw fenlon
117. wonderbrad2000
This looks awesome! I want to win more than ever.
Greg Lincoln
118. glshade
I know that Im up for trying the game and really look forward to the novel.... can not wait to review it .... would really love an ARC
Paul Jarrett
121. abbottj83
Must win a contest for once in my life!
Paul Jarrett
122. Amadan
Trying again (I won a contest here once, but never received the prize :().
Paul Jarrett
129. AW
I would really like to win this
Jeremy Goff
130. JeremyM
I've never played an RPG but I think something based off of Brandon's work could get me into it.
Paul Jarrett
131. Sniffly Kitty
Would love to win this!
Paul Jarrett
133. DivineWolfwood
This would be amazing!
Paul Jarrett
134. Casbin
Would love to win something like this. Fan of the books, why not be a fan of the rpg ^^
Jonathan Hamm
136. Hamm
I'd love to get one of these prize packages. Brandon's a wonderful author and the Mistborn world would make for a great Role Playing world.
Paul Jarrett
137. taloncarde
I love Brandon Sanderson's work, looking forward to both Alloy of Law and looking forward to setting up my own game of Mistborn with friends
Paul Jarrett
139. Protonone
I think I deserve this...
Paul Jarrett
140. Sty
I'll take one please! :D
Paul Jarrett
145. emanueldnx
Pretty awesome compilation of prizes.
Paul Jarrett
146. Platypus
I'd be ecstatic to win this :)
Paul Jarrett
148. Misc
What a list of prizes!
Paul Jarrett
149. Natron
Yeah, I'd kill to win! I love the Mistborn novels, and really everything Brandon has written. I'm a huge fan, love the books. Pick me!

Paul Jarrett
150. foxfire981
I would really like to win. Please pick me?
Paul Jarrett
151. deaddard
Muahahaha! It shall be mine!
Paul Jarrett
152. AlexanderPR
I would love to win!!! Love all of Branden Sanderson books!
Paul Jarrett
153. Dakota Lewis
This is far too good to pass up. Count me in!
Paul Jarrett
154. Alex Boyles
I would love all of those things!
Paul Jarrett
155. Ryan Gould
I am a Brandon Sanderson fanboy!!! Must have all Brandon Sanderson items!!!
Paul Jarrett
156. NelalHurcran
Oh yes!! This would be worth it for the ARC alone!! Hat, meet ring.
Paul Jarrett
157. AJPatty
What a fantastic giveaway!! I would love this for myself... :)
Paul Jarrett
159. KariLynn
Yup-yup! Sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
160. Drew Moore
Count me in.
Paul Jarrett
161. kalagrace
This is an awesome prize pack! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Michael Gee
162. SomeStatic
How can I pass up trying to get this? I'm in!
Paul Jarrett
165. Jeremy Demmitt
Come on, let me win!
Paul Jarrett
166. John Harman
Would love it.
Ashley Masen
167. amasen
My wife spends too much time in the car and is a huge Sanderson fan... This would be a great way for her to pass the time!
Paul Jarrett
168. Trey Walker
Oh, goodness, please. I would love this.
Paul Jarrett
169. Michael M.
Huge Brandon Sanderson fan, I'd love a chance at this set.
Paul Jarrett
171. mmcfall
Enter me. I'd love to win.
Paul Jarrett
172. Sansian
I'm looking forward to the game whether I win it or buy it. Thanks for the gracious opportunity.
Paul Jarrett
172. Brittany Mitchell
I would love this! My husband's birthday is this month and he is a huge Sanderson fan.
Paul Jarrett
173. beadlightning
I would love to win this, I am a HUGE fan of Mistborn
Paul Jarrett
174. chasethedreamer
I'd enter for the ARC alone, but everyone at my D&D table would love a copy of the adventure game. Sugoi desu!
Dallas Webster
176. nightbreaker19
Didn't even know there was a adventure game. Entering for that and the book! :p
Carl Michels
177. CarlMichels
Man I wish there was a better link for the form we apparently have to fill out, because this is a comment, not a form...
Paul Jarrett
178. Chelsea Haller
This would be an awesome addition to my collection :)
Paul Jarrett
179. Amanda L
I'd love one!
Paul Jarrett
180. Justin Hall
WOOT! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Douglas
181. TrogdorX
Awesome deal! Love the series and would love a chance to dive into it with the game.
Tyler Kempton
182. Mistborn034
I would love to get this especially for the ARC Alloy of Law
bryan sarrasin
183. bsarrasin
Oh yes please please please. Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author, and his work inspired me to start my own writing again. I'm his biggest fan!
Paul Jarrett
184. Charles D
I want one. Who wouldn't?
Paul Jarrett
188. G Mitchell
Love all of the Sanderson books. Really looking forward to Alloy.
Adrian Heiselt
189. 20xd6
You can ignore the other comments. :)
Paul Jarrett
190. badgerpendous
Sweet! I've always wanted to read an ARC. Fingers crossed!
Ryan McIver
191. McWhoopass
I would like to throw my bowler hat into the ring for this epic feast of nerditity. Huzzah!
eric sherman
192. ericmb20
would be awesome to win.... i'm a huge fan
Paul Jarrett
194. D.Kester
Sweet! These look awesome.
Paul Jarrett
195. Nathan Herald
I'll throw my hat in the mix. If I win, can I get Brandon to come and play?
Paul Jarrett
196. AshleyCro
I'd love to get my hands on that ARC! Very excited about it.
Paul Jarrett
197. Zoey Boyles
I would love it!
Paul Jarrett
198. Deimosion
I totally want this; it would be really awesome to own.
Paul Jarrett
200. Leonardo Mandragoran
might as well enter. want that ARC
Katherine Thornock
201. Katalyst
Consider me entered, please and thank you! This would make my year!
Paul Jarrett
202. stu11926
I've never played a RPG before, but as a huge Mistborn fan, I can't think of a better way to pop my cherry than winning this contest! Thanks Tor, Macmillan, and Crafty Games!
Paul Jarrett
203. Melissa Proffitt
Sounds great! I'd love to have that ARC and the game looks fun.
Evgeni Kirilov
204. ArgentSun
Hooboy, if I get my hands on one of those Mistborn Adventures...
Paul Jarrett
205. Colin J
Awesome, looking forward to the game and new book
Paul Jarrett
206. Timothy Risi
Sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
207. Utoxin
Sign me up! I'd LOVE that set.
Paul Jarrett
209. melmel0492
I want one! :) pretty please?
Paul Jarrett
210. Samuel S
Sweet, sign me up.
Paul Jarrett
212. Muggle1992
Not sure which of the three would be the best. Consider me entered!
Paul Jarrett
213. J.T. Gribble
Please Pick Me!! I would love this!!
Paul Jarrett
214. Bsox
Though I rarely enter for contests, I consider this worth it.
Paul Jarrett
215. Geckomayhem
QQ. These things are always limited to Americans. :(

I assumed it was a computer game, but it says "Hardcover." What other sorts of "Adventure games" are there? Paint me ignorant, but I'm not really clued up on anything but board games and videogames - what category does this fall into? o.O

Be neat to check out. And I can't wait for the release of the Alloy of Law! Been deliberately avoiding the excerpts after having read the first because I don't want to spoil the read. ;)
Paul Jarrett
216. Alexander Yaeger
I love this series!!!
Paul Jarrett
217. Matty Matt
I would like to try this out.
Paul Jarrett
218. Tom Weithers
Could it get any better?
Paul Jarrett
219. MCWEB90
I want this soo bad!!!
Paul Jarrett
222. Edward Pena
I don't suppose an APO address counts, being in Korea an all.

If not, I have an address I could use in the states. *nods*

Pick me? :)
Paul Jarrett
223. Tavius
Yeah, I have been waiting so long for this. Please enter me
Paul Jarrett
224. Xer0
Crafty Games? I'm in. Crafty is one of my favorite game designers.
Paul Jarrett
225. DataPath
Feed my addiction!
Paul Jarrett
226. Gabe R
Sweet! Enter me!
Deborah Chen
229. starsong
Ooh, thanks Tor! This is a pretty awesome giveaway.
Paul Jarrett
230. Eric Oglesby
Please enter me into the sweepstakes
Paul Jarrett
231. bluedragon128
Been wanting to read this for some time, hope I win.
Ashley Moser
232. volmoser
Oh yes please!
Having not won all previous contests, I feel this is my day--and what a prize to win!
Adam Pomerance
233. KooriAsura
Most definitely want!

"But.. Do you stop loving someone because they betray you? I don’t think so. That’s what makes the betrayal hurt so much- pain.. frustration.. anger.. I loved her. I still do. "-Kelsier
Josh H
236. qrevolution
This would be fantastic. Sanderson is my hero!
237. jmanidb
I am so excited to start these books! I hope I win!
Paul Jarrett
238. Wiss
Awesome! Definitely desire!
Paul Jarrett
239. Mike C.
Well, it'd be my first real foray into, quote-unquote, "pen and paper" RPGs, but sure, I'll totally take one, if I can!!!

Oh, and I'll for darn sure take the ARC of Alloy!!!
Chris Bailey
240. chrisbaile
If I won this, I would give it to a poor underprivileged
child! Well, no I won't, but I'll PLAY it with a poor underprivileged
Paul Jarrett
242. Virginia
I would like to enter the contest, please.
Paul Jarrett
243. KoryL
I would love to win this. Sign me up please.
Paul Jarrett
244. k. hartvigsen
fun fun fun. Looking forward to diving back in to the Mistborn world (but have been carefully avoiding the teasers as I hate waiting for the end. hehehe) k.
Tavius Marshall
245. TheTavius
yeah i really want in this contest. Is this "the form" that you have to fill out?
Paul Jarrett
246. Winner
Just what I've been waiting for ;)
Paul Jarrett
247. Jellydonut3
I hereby enter this contest.
Paul Jarrett
248. FrozenTrout
Oh man, I would love to win! Thanks, everyone involved!
Paul Jarrett
249. AmberMB
This would be the perfect anniversary gift for my husband! Something fun we can do together!
Paul Jarrett
250. Thewallismoving
sounds awesome, sign me up
Paul Jarrett
251. Bensta
Woot, I hope I win!
Paul Jarrett
252. Cameron White
Here's hoping a d20 throw will pull my name out of the pile!
Paul Jarrett
253. Ryan Szrama
Count me in! Would love that audio book. : )
Paul Jarrett
256. Anonymoe
Huzzah! Sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
257. Christopher Gaspari
I'm down with this. I look forward to all of Sanderson's work and can't wait to hear more details about the Mistborn video game that's being developed.
Paul Jarrett
258. Dominick
Count me in. way cool
Paul Jarrett
259. Aaron J. Anderson
This would be totally awesome to win!
Ben Walkwist
260. walkwist
Awesome. And the Way of Kings audio is an incredible bonus. Sign me up.
Paul Jarrett
261. Steve Drew
In for one!
Paul Jarrett
263. Dave Menard
*wipes away the drool forming at the corner of his mouth* I want it!
Paul Jarrett
264. WHM
That is indeed an awseome prize pack.
Paul Jarrett
265. LukeF
As both a tabletop gamer and an avid anything Sanderson fan(save WoT because I never enjoyed Jordan's style) I would absolutely adore and treasure the chance to win this stuff! Sign me up please!
Paul Jarrett
266. Robert Wolfe
This is the only form I see on this page so...HERE I AM! :)
Paul Jarrett
267. Mishnitsa
Pick me please!!
Paul Jarrett
268. Oath Breaker
You can't spell Epic without without Pie.
Zach Adams
269. Bruj
I see so many entries, and I enter in vain, hoping I win, but knowing that as I never win anything, I will not win this. They do say though, that you cannot win, if you don't play the game. So here goes!
Paul Jarrett
270. KyleH
please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been dyinh for the game. tried house ruling other systems to play!!!!
Paul Jarrett
271. Leon Manfredi
Sounds interesting!
Paul Jarrett
272. eelektrik
Ooh, now this is a contest I can get behind.
Paul Jarrett
273. lissajean
ME! Oh, please, me! :)
Paul Jarrett
278. allaria
Ooh ooh pick me!
Paul Jarrett
279. Jason K
I'll take one!
Jason Kuhlmann
280. BrowncoatJayson
Very awesome prizes. Looking forward to seeing this book.
Paul Jarrett
282. Sandmankev
Hey, I like that! I'd drink metal for it!
Paul Jarrett
286. Amity
How awesome! Just have to try!
Paul Jarrett
288. Sarojin
Pick me please! I "heart" Brandon Sanderson's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drew Urmey
289. urmey1
I can apparently not tell this site enough times that I would like to get free books. Not that the potential payoff is not worth the relatively slight effort.
Ryan Allen
293. ryguy64
I'll take it. If I win that is... He is the reason I started the Wheel of Time.
Paul Jarrett
294. Tyler Mills
Would love to win this! :D
Paul Jarrett
296. Chainsaw Flowerchild
I'm down for the game and the books.
Paul Jarrett
296. Will Nichols
A story-driven rules system....Sounds enticing. Count me in!
john lewis
297. gigalew
Choose me, these others will squander the Atium.
Paul Jarrett
299. Zeshan
OMG!! i love BS and all his writings! probability please be in my favor!!!!!
i want to win one!!
Paul Jarrett
300. Katheryn Bauer
I'd LOOOVE this!
Nathan Armstrong
303. Kenogu
Wow, that would be pretty neat. The game alone is something I've really been hoping to see; the ARC and audio TWoK would be icing on the cake - and what fantastic icing it would be! Especially since it would make TWoK re-reads more viable in the near future with my school load.
Paul Jarrett
its a one in a million shot but I am in!
Paul Jarrett
305. AO
With this many entrants it seems like a long shot, but I'll still try.
Paul Jarrett
306. Finallity
1/305? (and counting)
Those are chances I can live with!
Paul Jarrett
307. bonez565
I'll take it!
Paul Jarrett
308. DeniseM
I'm a huge Brandon Sanderson fan and also a gamer. I'd love to win both of these!
Paul Jarrett
309. Bkwyrm
I'll take one! Sanderson is one of my favorite authors!
Paul Jarrett
312. Michel T.
A must-have for any Sanderson fan. Count me in!
Paul Jarrett
313. Andrew Murphy
I'd really like any of those things, so getting them all would be awesome.
Paul Jarrett
314. Kiana
Always wanted an ARC of any book.
Paul Jarrett
316. Holli
I love the genius of Brandon Sanderson! I would love to win this!!
Paul Jarrett
317. Andrea S.
Yay! Please pick me!
Paul Jarrett
318. Keith Anderson
Been holding off on reading the chapters until I can read the whole book an advance reader copy would be sweet.
Paul Jarrett
320. Keith R. Martinez
Consider this my official entry!
Paul Jarrett
321. Tim Carter
I would love to win this.
Paul Jarrett
324. Matt Walther
Yes please! I would love to have a copy of this.
Paul Jarrett
327. somelamename
i really want this one
Paul Jarrett
328. Lisa Acton Martin
Yes, please!
クリステン ペトラキス
329. クリステンペトラキス
Getting this would be incredible! I'd love to own them, the game especally. I will keep on wishing and hoping, but I know I won't win.
Paul Jarrett
330. Terri J
Ooh, ooh! Pick me please! :)
331. TorSaric25
Please, oh please, oh please! I want this!
Paul Jarrett
335. Ron R
Please, please pretty please!
Paul Jarrett
336. Jason Shayer
What? No love for your Canadian fans?
Paul Jarrett
338. Gareth Barton
Yeah! I'm always keen for free fiction and fantasy.
Sign me up.
Paul Jarrett
339. Andybetterideas
Brandon is making it really hard on me to remain impatient for the next Stormlight Archive book. Of course, I will take bribes of this kind any day.
Perhaps I will even call off Szeth...
Paul Jarrett
340. Lou W
Awesome prizes, enter please!
Paul Jarrett
341. Linda Faulk
Pick me please, please!! : )
Paul Jarrett
342. InvisibleDestiny
Oooooh! Pretty, pretty please!! I will be SO good! I promise! I'll totally stop stalking Brandon! Mostly...

Please? :-D
Paul Jarrett
343. Jaclyn Weist
I would love one! I have enjoyed these books and can't wait for the latest book and to play the game that goes with it!
Paul Jarrett
346. Steven Maierson
This would be quite wonderful to win.
Paul Jarrett
347. proggoddess
How cool is this? A book for reading and a book for playing! Thanks, Tor!
Paul Jarrett
348. Anthon
Huge Sanderson fan! Yes Please! :)
Paul Jarrett
349. Gregb52
Love Sanderson and the Mistborn series!
Paul Jarrett
350. Wolfsrahm
I would not be adverse to having a copy of the new Mistborn novel :3
Paul Jarrett
351. THE WINNAR!!!
Count me in for a shot.
Paul Jarrett
352. Hondai
I'd like a copy
Paul Jarrett
353. Shoeless98
This has got to be coolest sweepstakes ever. Can't wait to read The Alloy of Law!
Paul Jarrett
354. DMSeraphim
Mistborn RPG! AND Alloy of Law?!?! How cool can you get!?
John Wolsky
355. Anomaly
Awesome, I'd love a copy! Thanks for the best contests!
Paul Jarrett
357. Jake M
I would like to say thanks for the opertunity for those books!
Paul Jarrett
358. masterhjjh
Paul Jarrett
359. TimThacForReal
Such an awesome series!!
Paul Jarrett
360. RLBrown
I never thought it was possible, but Tor giveaways are getting more intriguing every time.
Paul Jarrett
362. Eric T
More Sanderson? Yes please!
Paul Jarrett
363. Zackatack7
I will love it and hug it and squeeze it and call it 'George'.
Paul Jarrett
364. Talmanes
This is awesome! I totally want to be entered.
Paul Jarrett
365. Dwight G.
I'd enjoy adding this to my collection :)
Paul Jarrett
366. Chelli
This contest looks awesome!
Tom Arata
368. tarata
I know my friends and I will enjoy this for years, please me.
Paul Jarrett
369. Stephen Spielman
I wanna win!
Warren Bennett
370. deejrandom
I would dearly love to have one of these packs. I am a poor and humble writer who ecks out a living in the harsh and dry desert. This would do much to lighten my spirit as the sun blazes down my head...
Paul Jarrett
371. Fitz
Please enter me, too. Thanks!
Paul Jarrett
372. Shantipole
Yes, please!
Paul Jarrett
373. JenMo
Please enter me. This is a super cool prize pack!
Paul Jarrett
374. Warnie
Oooh, yes please!
Paul Jarrett
375. Mamavalerius
Sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
376. Myrddin 258
Yippee! Really want the ARC!! Never too soon (or too late, but rather aim for soon)
Paul Jarrett
377. BonnieE
Count me in too! I LOVE Sanderson's books!
Paul Jarrett
378. Zee Oddwyn
Color me gleeful!
Paul Jarrett
379. Klynnn
ARC ! Wouldn't know whether to keep it for myself or gift it to my daughter - the ULTIMATE Sanderson fan. Oh wait... I thought I was the ultimate Sanderson fan...
Paul Jarrett
380. James H
I would love too win this prize pack. The Mistborn world is so intriguing and I can't wait for Alloy of Law.
Paul Jarrett
381. Wolfman
Pick me pick me :-D
Paul Jarrett
382. Derek M.
Ooh, sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
386. Janebstlmo
Would love to win!!
Paul Jarrett
387. Alan J
Absolutely... That would be great!
Paul Jarrett
388. Archanon
Yes please! I want this very much.
Paul Jarrett
389. meli
Same as others would totally get my friends to read the books
Carolyn Palmer
390. zeffu
Oh yes I want this so much (is commenting all you have to do to sign up?)
Paul Jarrett
392. Driceman
This would be awesome!
Paul Jarrett
393. Majuba
Sign me up - looks fantastic, thank you!
Paul Jarrett
395. A. K. Gordon
As Captain Goradel's nephew, I absolutly can't turn down this chance. Sign me up!
Jeremy Winters
397. Gilder85
Ok...maybe I'm just blind, but WHERE do I sign up??? Is this the form? If so, please consider me entered. I could use all of the above :)
Paul Jarrett
398. Thomastaco
Pick me! Pick me!
Paul Jarrett
400. We Shall Go Together
Please let me win.
Paul Jarrett
401. Darkshore
Ooooh shiny...:D
Michael Scholl
402. er1705
This is an awesome giveaway. Consider me entered.
Paul Jarrett
404. Zachary McGillem
Enter me I would love to have this. Good luck to everyone!
Paul Jarrett
405. The Joe
Crafty brings the goods again!
Paul Jarrett
406. Greggie
A lot of entries....but mine is the winner! Right? Right?
Paul Jarrett
407. Random
I love all things Sanderson!
Anita Weiss
408. winniehome
I've burned atium and I see myself winning the arc.
Paul Jarrett
410. Danquo
If I don't win I'll drive spikes in my eyes.
Paul Jarrett
411. John Redepenning
Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors. His books are awesome!
Paul Jarrett
412. Matthew R
would love to win this one
Paul Jarrett
413. Brittnee
This is a dream come true! =D
Paul Jarrett
414. Jeremy Kostiew
I would love to win! Er, of course.
Paul Jarrett
416. Tim's Alias
Yes, please.
Paul Jarrett
417. Strawboat
Pick me! I love prize packages!
Paul Jarrett
418. Tim Lo
Paul Jarrett
419. Cory Harrison
I would sure like to have that. I have barely won anything in drawing, and completely nothing in online drawings! This message is embeded with good luck! ~~~~~~~~~LUCK!~~~~~~~
Sara Johnston
420. 10scheherazade01
Oh, I want this! Sanderson is currently my favorite living author, and while I couldn't bring up my books to college, I couldn't bear to leave his works behind. I would love this set, the game, WoK recording, just, everything aobut it! Amazing!
Paul Jarrett
421. huhwhozat
Yes please! Pick me, pick me!
Jude Vais
422. Jude
AWESOME. theres literally nothing in this set i wouldn't love to win.
Hannah K
423. Zunii
Check me in.
Looks like a great set
Paul Jarrett
424. Caleb Lake
ME! I would Love to Win!!!
Paul Jarrett
425. Shannshaff
Count me in on this!!!
Paul Jarrett
426. Wayne H.
This looks great!
Paul Jarrett
428. Nightrise
I would love one of these bad boys! I love the Mostborn series, and the game sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!
Jeremy Winters
429. Gilder85
Having read the Mistborn trilogy 17 times in the last year and a half (time owned) as well as Elantris 9 times, Warbreaker 7 times, and The Way of Kings 4 times (all within the same time frame), I have to say that Sanderson is my favorite auther of all time. In the last 2 years I've read over 240000 pages, and the majority is to Sanderson's books (rereads). This game will be an excellent addition to my daily schedule...not that I don't enjoy only reading, but games are 2 thumbs up! :)
Paul Jarrett
430. Sarah R Walker
I would love to have any of these but especially all of them! Since reading Mistborn, Bradon Sanderson has easily won his place in my heart as my favorite author.
Paul Jarrett
431. Nightrise

Thats embarassing >.>
Paul Jarrett
432. Josh Rensch
I would love these. Got to play a little of it at Gencon.
Paul Jarrett
433. royalfa
I want too :)
Paul Jarrett
434. bethanyfig
This looks amazing.
Paul Jarrett
435. Garret M Rushforth
I'd sell my soul three hundred and fifty seven and one half times for these. Just sayin...
Paul Jarrett
436. Number Three
@Geckomayhem, it's a role playing game, like Dungeons & Dragons. Dice, numbers on a piece of paper to represent what you're good at, not necessarily a board. At the very least, the book is supposed to be doing a lot of fleshing out of the world.

And sure, I'll drop my name in for a shot.
Peter Pearson
438. ZephyrXX
I'm an avid fan of Brandon's work-

Having a chance to win an ARC of Alloy of Law AND a copy of the Mistborn Adventures (with all the extras no less..) PLUS the audio edition of The Way of Kings?

Count me in!
Paul Jarrett
439. Leinton
So amazing that you guys do this. Here's to hoping I win!
Kyle Bass
440. SherlockTomes
I am interested in winning these fabulous prizes.
Evan Hermansen
443. EvanHermansen
table top mistborn? yes please.
Paul Jarrett
444. qurtyslyn
I want to win!
Paul Jarrett
445. Thaylee
Brandon rocks! Consider me entered. :-)
Paul Jarrett
446. Kdssea
1/444... So you are saying theres a chance....
Paul Jarrett
448. Perix
I would love to win this! Sounds awesome!
Stephen Megison
449. SMegison
This would be awesome! Please enter me into the contest!
Paul Jarrett
451. Mildra
Alright, i'm in. Crafty games has yet to disappoint me.
Paul Jarrett
452. Lu Ann Staheli
What a great prize package. I'd love to win.
Paul Jarrett
453. lwelyk
Hope I get me some free Mistborn stuff.
Paul Jarrett
454. Zlaya
Sounds really cool :))
Paul Jarrett
455. Martha Perez
I want it so badly I might not play games again till I have it!
Paul Jarrett
457. jwoot
Sign me up! What a great prize!
Paul Jarrett
458. pinkevilbob
*grabby hands* WANT!
Ashley Winters-Glenn
459. jojo_ska
I would love to win! I love this series and can't wait to get lost in that world again.
Paul Jarrett
460. Mlu
I love this series and Brandon Sanderson is one amazing author.
Paul Jarrett
466. Kenneth Olsen
I am a huge fan of Crafty Games so yeah entering to win this is a no brainer
Paul Jarrett
467. MrkMllr
I never win anything, but it's worth a shot.
Paul Jarrett
469. shawn_i
I'll sign up. Big fan of Crafty Games, and the Mistborn series looks pretty cool.
Paul Jarrett
470. Timpenin
Pretty please!!
Chase Olsen
471. chardz
I love Mistborn, and Dungeons and Dragons! (But Mistborn more.) I would love to have this game, and also The Alloy of Law! It would be the bomb-ness!
Paul Jarrett
472. Aric Wieder
This is a great prize. Hope I win ;)
Derek Pullings
474. Celtland
I purposefully have steered myself away from the sample chapters of The Alloy of Law. I can't wait for it to be released! I would love an ARC, the Mistborn Adventure Game, and to listen to The Way of Kings on my commute.
Drunge Hays
475. bumblepants
I can't wait for Alloy of Law, so glad we get to re-enter the Mistborn world
Paul Jarrett
477. Robert Bertino
I love Brandon's work and am looking forward to read the Alloy of Law, free or not! I would really like to play that adventure game though lol :D
Mike Smith
478. mikesmith09
Awesome! I love Brandon's stuff. The sample chapters of AofL left me hanging, and November isn't coming quickly enough!
Paul Jarrett
479. AJordan
Very cool prizes!
Paul Jarrett
480. michaelhani
Yes! This is amazing
Paul Jarrett
481. Gwendolynkay
Wow! I want it!
George Ford
482. bmgeof
I Brandon Sanderson's books, I'd love to get this!
Brent Longstaff
484. Brentus
Cool contest. Brandon Sanderson is awesome.
zoe smith
485. zoesmith
It is pleasure a going through your post. I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff from your side.

Seo New York (NYC)
Paul Jarrett
486. Andrew B
I just started becoming interested in this sort of thing. My friend Dustin would love it for his Birthday.
Paul Jarrett
487. Kayfig
I want to win this so bad! Consider this my entry to do so! XD
Paul Jarrett
488. Frank Jarome
HUGE Sanderson fan! To win would be glorious! Mistborn is amazing - cannot wait to read Alloy of Law...
Paul Jarrett
489. Deepfire
Love the books - would love it to win!
Randy Word
490. Rword
Reading The Hero of the Ages for the first time! Love it, and would love to win this before deployment.
Paul Jarrett
491. Zmogyls39
Very much looking forward to both the book and the game!
Josh Harward
492. wearetheonly2
Brandon is one of my favorite active authors. I have met and spoken to him on many occasions and went to High School with Isaac Stewart, who did the maps and some of the graphics for the Mistborn trilogy. Love them all.
Paul Jarrett
493. Edwenda
I would love to win the spectacular contest
John Waters
494. TheBoredfish
Gah! I totally missed the preorders for the book and don't want to have to buy a copy off Ebay for a Buh-Zillion dollars.

Pick me please?
Aniello Del Sorbo
496. anidel
NEED one (or two!) :)
Please, Luck, look at me ! :p
Paul Jarrett
497. Telrik
I'll take one pls!!! :D
Paul Jarrett
498. JennEnglish
Definitely something I'd enjoy.
Paul Jarrett
500. Aaron Solomon
Fantastic - Just hoping for the ARC of the Alloy novel. Brandon Sanderson is simply one of the two best SFF writers of the past fifty years (along with Patrick Rothfuss).
Wolf Bro Joe
503. Wolf Bro Joe
Count me in for my 1 in 500(ish) chance to win!
Paul Jarrett
504. AlbinoHero
With this, I can finally fulfill my desire for world domination!... Or at least start a new campaign for my game group.
Paul Jarrett
507. Chris Brownell
I would like to enter please :)
Paul Jarrett
508. LydianCoda
I'd love the set, please.
Paul Jarrett
510. Aaron S.
I've been waiting for new Mistborn material for years! Very much looking forward to these releases and expanding the world.
Paul Jarrett
511. ssgtballard
I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Jarrett
512. clunney
I'm in for this. Mistborn is one of my favorite series in the last 20 years!
Paul Jarrett
516. mhlavaty
Hit me with your best shot.
Paul Jarrett
517. Sartredes
Count me in!
Paul Jarrett
518. Rhonda S.
This looks like a very exiting and fun RPG. I'm a huge fan of Brandon's worlds!
Jamey Price
519. fish
Yes please, anything Sanderson is wonderful.
Ed Page
520. epage
If Brandon Sanderson is involved, I'm there.
Paul Jarrett
521. kbpennell
Yes please
Drew Kirshman
522. planemonks
Missed the preorder for this, might as well try
Paul Jarrett
523. Sobek
I'll take one of everything, please.
Paul Jarrett
524. seros
I can't wait. Mistborn was great and the sequel seems to have potential
Paul Jarrett
525. Nathan Washor
How I'd love to win this!
Paul Jarrett
526. Sam Courtney
This would be awesome to have. Really looking forward to the RPG coming out!
Paul Jarrett
527. sharkweek
this might actually get me back into pen and paper rpgs
Paul Jarrett
528. Stew
Hooray for contests! WOOOOOO!!
Paul Jarrett
529. Sandra Planck
Me! Me! Me!
Paul Jarrett
530. Shawn Watson
I love Brandon Sanderson's stories! Every time I pick up one of his novels I feel as though I am in another world! It's not just the story that's great with him it's the details, the adventure.

Paul Jarrett
531. David C.
Yes, please!
Paul Jarrett
532. Evanliv
Love Mistborn!
Paul Jarrett
533. Tim K
I'd love a copy!
Jim Brannick
534. divisionerror
Ooo, nice! I'd love to get my hands on those. Love the world and I'd love to get to play in it.
Craig McNeely
535. cmcneely24
I would like to be entered please. Thank you.
Paul Jarrett
536. Greg J
I most definitely want one. Pretty please, with duralumin on top.
Paul Jarrett
537. Chris P.
Sign me up! Please and thank you! :)
Paul Jarrett
538. JmanInSF
Just purchased the series from I'm new to Brandon Sanderson, my first exposure to him was the Wheel of Time books,
Paul Jarrett
540. Maureen NameyName
This comment shall serve as my entry
Josh Leavitt
542. ArcLocke
Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! *stands waving his hands in the air*
Paul Jarrett
544. Bertstrum
Longtime Mistborn fan, very much looking foward to the Alloy of Law so this would be a great prize, sign me up :-D
Paul Jarrett
545. trench
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Paul Jarrett
546. Atlaslaw
Would love to win any of it.
Paul Jarrett
547. kpalmer
that looks amazing
Paul Jarrett
549. RichR
Looks awesome! Pluueze.
Cathy Brande
550. luv2read
Thanks for entering me, I love the books.
Paul Jarrett
551. Sam wicked
You do the most amazing sweeps. Keep it up. Anything to get a book into someone's hands.
Paul Jarrett
553. Drenalone
I can't wait for the RPG to come out to give it a try.
Paul Jarrett
554. Pietro
Awesome count me in
Paul Jarrett
555. cbright
This sounds pretty sweet. I'm in!
Paul Jarrett
556. Doofus
Hook me up! Hook me up! Hook me up! Yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Paul Jarrett
558. Lan
Love anything Mistborn!
Paul Jarrett
559. justinian
hope im not too late!!!
Paul Jarrett
560. Lychordia
Where is the entry form? I want one!!!! LOL
Paul Jarrett
561. Kelley
I love these books, and the game sounds fantastic! I'd like to enter, please.
Paul Jarrett
562. dig4fire
Thanks for the giveaway!
Paul Jarrett
564. Literateknits
Oh I would love this.
Paul Jarrett
565. Bree jordan
This makes me so excited!
Paul Jarrett
567. Mark Horejsi
Actually just started reading The Final Empire, but already am I am excited about this!
Paul Jarrett
568. Krystal K
I am so excited about both the rpg game and the Alloy of Law book. I've read through the excerp and it looks amazing!! I would love to be able to get a copy of either of those prizes. I have so many friends and family members who all love Brandon's stuff and I'm sure I could convince them to play the game with me and read through the book :-)

Thanks so much for the opportunity!
Paul Jarrett
569. Ahamay
Loving Alloy of Law. Looking forward to the game, MoL, The Stormlight Archive, etc, etc...
Paul Jarrett
570. Jackievl
I would love to win a copy!! I've been dying to read Brandon Sanderson's work!
Matthew B
572. MatthewB
Would love to have a copy of that game. How did i miss it at GenCon?
Paul Jarrett
573. Matthijs Krens
Would Love to Win
Paul Jarrett
574. Gzilinsk
bump for great justice!
Thomas Vondenhuevel
575. vondy3
Wow I would love that! Definitely be sure to share it with my friends too!!!
Paul Jarrett
577. Kathleen Jansen
That looks awesome! I'd love to win!
Paul Jarrett
578. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Paul Jarrett
579. Chris Finch
Hook Me up :)
Eric Riemer
581. jester
I woud like to win the first of five awesome prize packs!
Paul Jarrett
582. Shadowhawk
My group just finished a campaign and are looking for a new game. This sounds perfect for us!
Paul Jarrett
583. Stormsurge
Sounds like fun.
Paul Jarrett
584. whynaut
I will take my shot. Count me as entered too.
Paul Jarrett
585. LeviJohnson
Here's my entry!
Paul Jarrett
586. Rex Lin
ill take one!
Paul Jarrett
588. robbin
holy wow batman!! i'll take one please!!! >:)
Paul Jarrett
589. Joker
I'd love to win!
Paul Jarrett
590. lordvanduu
I am very interested in winning that! :P
Paul Jarrett
592. Mike Cockrum
I'd love to win this.
Paul Jarrett
593. Josh Bobbitt
I'd love to win this!
Paul Jarrett
594. AlfredTungstan
Paul Jarrett
595. matkeltri
Looks very cool!
Paul Jarrett
596. Wesley L Nugent
I'd like to enter to win this. While family likes Sanderson.
Paul Jarrett
599. Mbalage
Me too please :)
Paul Jarrett
600. Mike St
I'd love to win this. Yes please.
Sheldon Feigel
601. Sheldon
Another Sanderson jewel? Gotta have one.
Paul Jarrett
602. KarmaBastion
i must have this game
Paul Jarrett
603. Ian G
I'd love to win one.
Paul Jarrett
604. DragonPaper
Pretty pretty game for me? Please? =)
Paul Jarrett
605. FTV (For the Vin)
I'd give my left hand for this prize. Not my right though, it's my page-turning hand.
Paul Jarrett
607. E J Robinson
Grandpa's on his deathbed. All he wants is the Mistborn adventure game. Don't let an old man die unhappy...
608. Transmuter
Oh, man, I love RPGs and I love Mistborn! I'm totally up for this book!
Paul Jarrett
609. grax
Two books that taste great together. Sign me up!
Thomas LaPerre
611. talaper
man oh man do I want to get my hands on that ARC...
Paul Jarrett
612. Aaron Robbins
I would really enjoy a new RPG.
Paul Jarrett
613. JasonMM
I'd love to win this.
Paul Jarrett
614. Michelle P.
I'm in. Looking forward to the release of the game and the next book in the Mistborn series. :)
Stephen Lyon
616. skaftafell
Trees bare in the dark;
Metal burning in adepts
Blanketed in mist.
Paul Jarrett
617. Jason E-A
Played a preview of this at GenCon -- tons of fun. Would love to get my hands on the full version!
621. Shingetsu
Wow, this looks great. It'd save me from buying it all. Not that I would mind buying anything from Brandon Sanderson. Already have all his books.
Paul Jarrett
622. Kurt9999
Sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
624. kolste
Count me in for free stuff.
Ryan Coatney
628. RyanCoatney
i'd love to win this, even if the probability that i will win is low, at least someone will win right?
Paul Jarrett
629. RobFriedlander
Me, please!!
Paul Jarrett
630. MarcTaylor
I'll give you my thanks now for allowing me to be the big winner! :)
Mark Vanek
631. imp
This would make both me and my daughter very, very happy!
Paul Jarrett
632. Scott T. Rogers
Great Scott! I would LOVE to win this. I love all of Brandon's work.
Paul Jarrett
633. Madeline B.
Sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
634. Pest0
Sounds like an awesome world to explore!! Sign me up!
Craig Piercy
635. cpiercy
I'm at DragonCon this weekend. Can you deliver mine there? Look for a Star Trek Commander accompanied by a 13 yr old clone trooper.
Paul Jarrett
636. Jim Mo
Please enter me in the contest.
Paul Jarrett
637. Sheldon Nylander
I want in on this one. Sign me up!
Paul Jarrett
641. Zachary Averett
Brandon Sanderson is the greatest author since Tolkien, just throwing that out there. George R. R. Martin can't hold a candle to Sanderson's creativity! All the while, Sanderson refrains from introducing needless sensuality, graphic violence, and unintelligent expressions of foul language. I support authors like Sanderson!
Paul Jarrett
642. Zanna Dobbs
Love Brandon Sanderson, have read all the mistborn bookd so far and the Alkatez, and the WOT and you get the picture right.
Richard Dean
644. phoenixsorcerer
I would be honored to take part in the chance to win a Mistborn Adventure Game! Thank you!
Cheryl Wilkinson
645. cherdabear
This would be amazing. Would love to win one!!!!!!!!
Susan Howard
646. thimbleberry
Spetacular! Can't wait to see these out, and would LOVE to see it early :)
Paul Jarrett
647. Tenchimuyo
Definitely would love to win one!
Paul Jarrett
648. joecool314
Really excited for Allow of Law!
Paul Jarrett
649. JWest
Sounds good, can't wait to play this with my buddies!
Paul Jarrett
651. Jennifer Z.
Would love to win this! I love all of Brandon's books!
ender val
653. enderval3
Exciting! I am a huge fan on Brandon's books
Paul Jarrett
654. wolfbrother
Awesome, I'll throw my name in the ring into the arena for consideration, as well. His books are great and the game sounds like a lot of fun, too!
Paul Jarrett
655. Christi Atherton
This looks amazing!! And I can't wait for The Alloy of Law to come out in November!
Paul Jarrett
656. Giant Question Mark
I want this. I need this. Can I have it?
Paul Jarrett
657. Scarcastro
Sweet! Great reading and a chance to play a game! Count me in.
Spencer Roessner
658. sroessner
This looks terrific. It would make a great birthday present for me!
Jeff Scifert
659. jscifert
Way to go Crafty, Tor, and Brandon! Looking forward to this :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Paul Jarrett
660. Forthmark
I totally want one...
Paul Jarrett
664. Yosh
So gonna play this game.
Paul Jarrett
665. Zay
This is a good series.
Ryan Nash
667. RNash
This is a truly wonderful group of prizes. My local group and I have been hankering to play something gritty but fantastic, and Mistborn fits the bill quite well.
Paul Jarrett
668. chromiumman
would love this
Paul Jarrett
669. allora619
Oooooooooooooooh this is so awesome! I hope I win! :)
Charles Treleaven
670. Ebamarud
Oh, Wow! It would be awesome to win this. Even if I don't, I'll buy it when it comes out.
Paul Jarrett
671. Ammon anderson
Sanderson is the freaking best! Love mistborn!
Paul Jarrett
672. Azgral
This is awesome! Can't wait to read Alloy of Law!
Paul Jarrett
673. OnAul
This would be awesome!
Paul Jarrett
674. Jay K.
W00t. I have been wanting to play this game since its announcement.
Paul Jarrett
675. KD Munoz
Me in!
Gotta entertain the house
Paul Jarrett
676. Michael McMullan
Definitely interested.

Consider me signed up, please!
Paul Jarrett
678. Frosty
Yes Please :D
Paul Jarrett
681. Kimberly B.
What a terrific prize! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Ivan Kalinin
683. volcanogod
Winning this would be a dream come true!

Have been waiting for Alloy of Law for a long time, and the sample chapters have just whetted the appetite!
Tom Hill
684. thill2
A perfect Christmas present for my son who's away at college...
Paul Jarrett
686. angelarcher
My brother is a HUGE gamer and I would love to win this for his birthday which is coming up in a couple of weeks! Thank you!
Paul Jarrett
689. Monica Wagner
Sounds awesome. wants the shiny.
Paul Jarrett
691. FunBob
I would love to win this contest.
Grant H
692. Magic-Fire
So we'd get ALL of these? That is awesome. I've been dying to get that RPG book. And an ARC would be greatly appreciated.
Curtis Sprung
693. progame13
Alright Tor, don't let me down. I'd love all of those!
Paul Jarrett
694. E. Murphy
A fantastic series; winning these would be great!
695. Liathiana
I'm not sure I've wanted a prize from more than this EVER. *salvitates*
russ oc
696. russoc
I rarely do these, but this is too tempting.
Paul Jarrett
697. Adam Edwards
Yes please!
698. gnatnate
The chance to get more Mistborn is too good to pass up!
Kim Nichols
699. kimbers2011
What a great prize!!
Definitely want a shot at it!
Paul Jarrett
701. Spontaneous
Oh my, I want! haha
Paul Jarrett
702. MasonHoffman8
Freaking. Amazing.
Paul Jarrett
703. CyanYoshi
Count me in.
Paul Jarrett
705. Oswalddk
Enter to win awesome Mistborn game?
Don't mind if I do.
David Wright
706. DavidWright
I wouldn't mind one of those ARC's. I suppose I could find a group to play the game with. :)
Paul Jarrett
708. lance425
Does a bear... Well you get what i mean. I would love to have all of the above mentioned items.
709. nae77blis77
I need to buy this and the Dresden RPG, I'd love to only have to pay for one of them !!!!!
Paul Jarrett
710. SirCasey
I would love to have any of the things offered here, I know they'd be put to good use!
711. aerosmith47
Out-freaking-standing! Please put my name in the 'hat' for this. Awesome looking game and the fact it comes with unpublished work and never before seen material?? Keeping my fingers crossed on this one... Where is a flippin' ta'veren when you need one?!?! Bloody buttered onions....
Paul Jarrett
712. JordanW
I would love one!
Paul Jarrett
718. Joe G Kushner
Role Playing Games often need to delve further into a setting that traditional fiction and this makes them excellent resources for future works in that setting. Sounds like a deal!.
Paul Jarrett
719. Ron Buckton
Am I too late?
Paul Jarrett
720. Johannah B
Amazingly - this looks spectacular!
Paul Jarrett
721. RobA
Still open? If so, I'm in...

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