Aug 31 2011 2:30pm

Your Comprehensive Guide to the DC Universe Relaunch

In the beginning of the summer, DC Comics made a bold announcement: They were rebooting their entire universe. DC’s output would now consist of 52 titles featuring both established characters and new titles, and it would all kick off with the August 31st release of Justice League #1.

Since then, industrious comics expert Tim Callahan has been writing short but comprehensive breakdowns right here on for all 52 titles.

Interested in what’s going on with your favorite characters? The summaries are designed to give both established fans and new comics readers some background information on the comic characters and their current creators. Tim has been going through all the titles alphabetically, with the final two posts coming this week!

Check out the entire index here for the most in-depth DC Universe Reboot coverage on the web!

Jack Flynn
1. JackofMidworld
Considering that I'm pretty peeved at Marvel for it's "tear off the covers of your Flash Point issues & we'll send you collectible stuff in return" marketing ploy, I've been looking for new comics to read, and this series gave me a head's up on what to expect and what I'd likely be interested in. Definitely worth the read!
2. broundy
Could we get an index of Tim's reviews divided by his recommendation (e.g. buy it, wait for the trade, skip it)? I'd like to read about the comics that seem most promising without clicking on all 52 reviews.

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