Aug 13 2011 6:44pm

Worldcon meetup

It’s hard to believe that Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention, is happening in Reno, Nevada just a few days from now. It occurs to us that more than a handful of contributors, commenters, artists, and just plain readers are liable to be rattling around the giant casino hotels hosting this year’s Worldcon.

So at the suggestion of Jo Walton, we’re announcing an entirely informal meetup, in the Terrace Lounge at the Peppermill Hotel, on Wednesday evening at 9 PM. Jo will be there, along with one or both Nielsen Haydens, Irene Gallo, and probably other staff such as Liz Gorinsky, and who knows who else. Spot us by our sensitive fannish faces, introduce yourself, and join us for a drink. Think of it as a warmup for the strenuous Worldcongoing to come...

Lenny Bailes
1. lennyb
Have a good time. I wish my great brain had been able to realize that Wednesday was actually an important day to be there.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
2. pnh
Yes, it's a one-day-shifted Worldcon -- Wednesday through Sunday rather than Thursday through Monday. Keeps throwing me too.

This little last-minute "meetup" shoudn't be confused with the traditional gigantic overcrowded oxygen-free Tor Books party, which will be Thursday night at 9, location to be distributed by the usual rumor mill, carrier pigeons, Tristero network, and underground agents.
Elizabeth Coleman
3. elizabethcoleman
I may or may not show up. I've got dinner with a friend scheduled for Wednesday night, but maybe I can drag him along for a quick hello. I'd love to see my old Viable Paradise instructors, and meet the rest of the Toroid staff.
James Davis Nicoll
4. James Davis Nicoll
it's a one-day-shifted Worldcon -- Wednesday through Sunday rather than Thursday through Monday.

Wait, does that mean -

(from the Hugo Awards site)

The Hugo Awards Ceremony is scheduled for 8 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Saturday, August 20.

Well, gosh. Let me go rearrange my plans for next weekend.
Evan Langlinais
6. Skwid
Excellent! I have put it on my calendar and will see you all there!
James Davis Nicoll
7. dmg
What a grand opportunity to meet the lot of you. Alas, I have no plans to attend Renovation.

So I toast now to all of you who will gather tomorrow night...
Make merry! New friends! Enjoy! Be well! Best wishes!
James Davis Nicoll
8. Leigh Bardugo
I'm a lurker/reader and not checking in at the Atlantis til 9, but I'll try to make it!
James Davis Nicoll
9. dmg
PS: Please share photos of last night's gathering!
Irene Gallo
10. Irene
There are some up on our Facebook page. I'll try to post some here tonight.
James Davis Nicoll
11. dmg
Thank you, Irene,

I am no member of FaceBook, nor will I ever be, but I would love to see the photos!

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