Aug 6 2011 10:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Western” and “The Fly”

Western: The classic showdown at high noon, seen in a whole new way. (1:50 minutes)

The Fly: Not the classic horror film with Vincent Price, but it might give you some insight on how he saw the world at the end. (3:01 minutes)

by Homolya Gábor

The Fly
by Ferenc Rófusz

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Laura Southcott
1. tallgrass
These are both fantastic!

I love how the fly's movements seem so natural - suddenly stopping and starting, banging up against the window over and over, the glimpse of its front leg when it lands sometimes. Since they have compound eyes, I guess a real fly's-eye view would have dozens of little versions of the same image, but this film was very convincingly flylike regardless.

"Western" is just too perfect for words.
B. Loppe
2. Myriads
Although flies have multiple facets, from what I understand the information is integrated into a single "picture".
Laura Southcott
3. tallgrass
I guess that would make sense, although I remember being told otherwise in kids' nature shows when I was little!

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