Aug 19 2011 12:44pm

New Robot Art! “Where’s Wall-E?”

Artist Richard Sargent has created a wonderful illustration featuring tons of science fiction’s robot greats. Done in the style of the popular children’s series “Where’s Waldo?” the art asks the question, “Where’s Wall-E?” We just stumbled upon this gem, so we’ve yet to find him. (We’re also wondering if Data is in there, because we haven’t seen him either.) Click below for full size.

After taking a quick glance, here’s who we’ve spotted: 2 Cybermen, Rosie the Robot, Muffit, Twiki, Tom Servo, 2 Cylons, Wheelie, Gort, Maximillian, Robby the Robot, R2-D2, The Tin Man, C-3PO, Dot Matrix, one of those squid drones from The Matrix, Faux K-9, Butler Robot from Sleeper, Ewan McGregor from Robots, Arnold Terminator, Real K-9, Nomad, Tik-Tok, Box from Logan’s Run, THX-1138 Thing, Bender, Battle Droid and, and, and… seriously. Where is Data? (We LOVE this illustration!)

Who did we miss?

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby wishes robots like R2-D2 and Wall-E would speak in complete sentences and with slightly better diction.

Joel Wright
1. joelright
I also saw Atlus (Portal 2), Calculon (Futurama), Robot Bill & Ted (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey??), and the Humping Robot (Robot Chicken)
2. AlyxL
There's also one of the robots from Laputa, the little ski-ing box thing from the first Wallace and Gromit film, the owl from (I think) Clash of the Titans, both versions of Marvin the Paranoid Android, the Noo-Noo from Tellytubbies, and my own vacuum cleaner. Ooh, and two little square bots from Silent Running, one of those stupid robots from I Robot, and Evil Edna from Willow-the-Wisp. This is briliant!
3. AlyxL
Not sure if Evil Edna actually counts as a robot, though. I'm also rather hoping that my vacuum cleaner doesn't either.
4. Desertpaladin
"Robot" from Lost in Space.
"Maximillian" from the Black Hole
V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from the Black Hole
Twiggy & Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers
H.E.R.B.I.E. from Fantastic Four
Calculon from Futurama
5. Stiggle
A few more - some many bringing back memories of classic movies & TV...
Metal Mickie (UK TV series - Metal Mickie)
Evil Edna (UK TV series - Will O The Wisp)
'robot' (Laputa: Castle in the Sky)
Hewey & Dewey (Silent Running)
VINCENT (The Black Hole)
Bubo (Jason and the Argonauts)
Henry The Hoover ( a vacuum cleaner -
Zeroids & Cubes (UK TV series - Terrahawks)
GIR (Invader Zim)
The Cooker (from Wallce & Gromit: A Grand Day Out)
Sgt Bash (UK TV Series - Robot Wars)
The Iron Chicken (UK TV Series - The Clangers)
The Smash Aliens (UK TV advert for packet mashed potato)
6. Nicholas L. Garvery
Robocop robot (the one that can't climb stairs); iRobot; Dalek from Dr. Who; possibly Inspector Gadget
Sorcha O
7. sushisushi
It even had Evil Edna the evil TV from Willo the Wisp! She's just above R2-D2 on the bottom right. Also, one of the Smash robot aliens (just below the Tin Man), Henry the Hoover(!?) and one of the DRDs from Farscape. I love that the Smash robot is holding a potato :) Also, that C-3PO seems to have hooked up with Maria from Metropolis (like we didn't see that one coming...)
8. RJK
I found WALL-E.

He's left of the classic Cylon Centurion.
9. Nicholas L. Garvery
Blackwolf from the movie Wizards (1977)
10. 12stargazers
I never thought of the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz as being a robot. Silly me. Now the Tick Tock man, yes. He was most definitely a robot.

I also spotted a Daggit from the original Battlestar Gallactica
Luis Milan
11. LuisMilan
Hasn't anyone recognized Kryten from Red Dwarf?

"Oh, spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska!"
F Shelley
12. FSS
@8 - i was going to describe him as being behind k-9 from Dr Who...
F Shelley
13. FSS
@8 - i was going to describe him as being behind k-9 from Dr Who...
15. John V. Keogh
Data? Not a robot; Data is an android.
16. zenspinner
Down at the bottom right I see a robot cat chasing a mouse, and I thought he was Mechano from Tom & Jerry - went and looked, though, and that isn't him. Does anyone recognize this cat?

Oh, and does anyone know what that flying hamburger-thingy is, also down front? I don't recognize him at all.

Overall I'm amazed at their cleverness. I'd have expected the artist to have had to resort to putting in random robots, but I recognize almost every one of them. Very cool!
17. OriginalSibling
The gorilla-in-a-spacesuit from Robot Monster
Andrew Martin from Bicentennial Man
The Bad Robot mascot
The pilot-robot from Heavy Metal
Robot Dog from Wallace & Gromit "A Close Shave"
Dot Matrix from Spaceballs
adrian bellis
18. Nilrem
There also appears to be
Robot - Lost in Space
Scutter - Red Dwarf
What looks to be a Robot from Classic Flash Gordon (far upper right).
Zak - Benji, Zak and the Alien Prince.
Zero, and Cube - Terrahakws (uk puppet series by Jerry Anderson).
Haro - Gundam Wing
Gort - The day the earth stood still
the girl (yellow) robot from Telebugs (UK kids cartoon in the 80's), i think one of the boys is there as well.
Cybermen (pair of, a classic and a new) - Doctor who.
Hector - Saturn 3 (top row, about 7th from right), took me a few minutes to remember the film.
Nono - Ulysesses 31 (on top of the blus teletubbbies hoover thing)
One of the robot's from Batteries not included (in front of Marvin from the film).
T-bob - Mask.

There are a bunch more I recognise by sight, but can't remember the name or film/TV series (virtually every one rings a bell).

I really like that, if it was available as a poster I'd probably buy it :)
19. Daergar
I see a Rock'em Sock'em Robot (behind the neo-Cylon), one of the robots from A.I. (in front of the same Cylon), EVE (next to Bender), a Dalek (how has nobody mentioned it?!), 790 from Lexx, Clank of Rachet and Clank fame, one of the little cleaning bots from WALL-E, the Android android, and far too many that I recognize and can't put a name to!

Great pic!
Adrian Heiselt
20. 20xd6
Found WALL-E, but where is Johnny 5?
21. Xerxes
I see the robot from the Bad Robot credit at the end of JJ Abrams' shows. And top row, 3rd from left, is the robot from the new Amulet kids graphic novels. I like that Bender is putting the moves on EVE. And Goddard the robot dog from Jimmy Neutron!
22. Sleeping Hedgehog
There is one small goof here.

The Daleks aren't robots but rather are best described as cyborgs as the actual creature insideis very much organic.
Jose Solis
23. bludemos
Awesome pic!

Let's see, from left to right and top to bottom:

Robot from Lost in space (TV)
Maximillian from The Black Hole
Gort from The day the Earth stood still
Robot Gorilla
Hector from Saturn-3
Carl from Meet the Robinsons
ED-209 from Robocop
Robot from Lost in space (film)
Arnold's T800
Johnny 5 from Short Circuit
Enforcer robot from THX-1138
Robot from Zathura
Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell SAC
Dot Matrix from Space Balls
Cartoon Megatron
Robots Bill and Ted
Kryten from Red Dwarf
Robot from Forbidden Planet
ABC Robot from Judge Dredd
Butler Robot from Sleeper
Wheelie from Transformers (film)
Maria from Metropolis
Rodney (Robots)
Plex (Yo Gabba Gabba)
Cylon (new version)
Weird robot from AI
Big Guy (but where's Rusty the Boy Robot?)
Red guy from Wizards (can't remember its name)
Squid Sentinel from The Matrix
Bender, hitting on EVE :P
Tin man
Bubo (Clash of the Titans)
Sonny from I, Robot
Andrew from Bicentennial Man
Moon skiing robot from Wallace and Gromit's A grand day out
Rosie the maid from the Jetsons
Marvin the paranoid android from Hitchhiker's Guide (BBC)
XR from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Another cylon (old version)
Preston the robo-dog, from Wallace and Gromit's A Close Shave
Google's Android
Marvin the paranoid android from Hitchhiker's Guide (TV)
Daggit from Galactica
B.E.N. from Treasure Planet
Robot Chicken
V.I.N.Cent from The Black Hole
J. J. Abrams' Bad Robot
Wall-e (there it is!)
GIR from Invader Zim
H.E.R.B.I.E from the FF cartoon
Twiki and Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers
Goddard from Jimmy Neutron
Mo, the little cleaning robot from Wall-e
Robots from Silent Running

...and many many more I don't recognize...
24. RichStow2
Don't forget Huey and Dewey from Silent Running. Poor Louie isn't with us any more...
25. El Kabong
Otto from Sym-Bionic Titan
Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot
26. El Kabong
Rocky Balboa's robot from Rocky 4
Chris Hawks
27. SaltManZ
@14: That's the one I went looking for. The omission makes me sad.

@23: "Cartoon Megatron" — Nope, that's Scooter, from the old GoBots cartoon.

And it amuses me that Wheelie (from the old Transformers cartoon) is holding up Wheelie from the Michael Bay movies.
Joris Meijer
28. jtmeijer
The Robot/scooter from the MASK cartoon series (mid front)
One of the ABC bots?
One of the bosses from Robot wars
29. MaladieMary
I also see one of those Evil Horde drones from the She-Ra cartoon.
John Fitzingo
30. Xandar01
Isn't that red robot behind Jenny from Star Blazers?
Chuk Goodin
31. Chuk
Sam the Robot from Sesame Street is down towards the bottom right (behind and slightly left of Twiki, close to Daggit (sp?)).
Fake Name
32. ThePendragon
One of the Digger Robots from the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon! Wow
33. desertpaladin
Tom Servo from MysteryScienceTheatre3000 Can't get any better than that!!!
34. GeorgeM
The Cybermen are not robots, they have a human brain, so does the Tin Man. The Daleks are entities riding a battle mech.
Sorcha O
35. sushisushi
There's also Robin Williams from Bicentennial Man in there, between the iRobot and the Dalek.

And Blinky, from the rather creepy short film of the same name by Ruairi Robinson, over to the right in front of the green one with the pointy nose.

zenspinner@16 If you mean the one in from of film Marvin's head, that's a 'fixit' from Batteries Not Included, a rather charming 1980s film.

According to t'internet, the gray one just behind Twiki is Conky 2000 from Pee Wee's Playhouse, and the cute one with the square blue body in the bottom right hand corner is from an early 80s film called Heartbeeps.
36. El Kabong
Rover (Planet 51)
37. jere7my
@zenspinner, you were close on the Tom & Jerry robot. The cat and mouse in the lower right are indeed from T&J, but the episode was O-Solar-Meow, the one set on a space station with the remote-control cat-and-mouse chase, not Push-Button Kitty.
38. Marko973
The two right at center are the Autopilot from "Planet Patrol", and to his right is Robert from "Fireball XL-5". The red robot from "Wizards" is Necro99/Peace. To the top are robots from "Target Earth" and "Tobor the Great"; there is also TikTok from "Return to Oz"; Ultraman, Rolly Poly Ollie, Box from "Logan's Run" and underneath him is Gog from "Gog"; the Bill and Ted robots from "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey"; Number Five from "Short Circut", the co-pilot robot from "Heavy Metal". Great poster . . . but where is Tetsujin 28/Gigantor?
39. c.p.j
The white robot next to Kryten is from Starchaser: Legend of Orin.

One of the more watchable starwars ripp-offs of the 80's

Amazing poster.

40. jere7my
There's a numbered guide on the artist's site, which might help with the IDing:

There's a contest to go along with it:
41. jere7my
There's a numbered chart, and a contest to go along with it, on the artist's site, which might help the IDing process. I'd post the link, but when I tried my message was sequestered for spam — you can find it in the News & Events section of the Hopewell Studios site.
Christopher Andrews
42. DrBlack
I'll add in three more from classic Who. From the second doctor, a Quark and one of the storyteller's robots from The Mind Robber. From the fifth doctor, Kamelion.
Ian Johnson
43. IanPJohnson
I spotted ROB, the classic NES attachment (to the right of EVE… he looks a little like a red-and-white WALL-E).
44. TheRaven
The Philip Marlowe droid to the left of the new Marvin is Dick Spanner from tv show Network 7.
45. moira-doyle
ThreePO, R2D2, Battle droid - Starwars
Dalek, White/silent Robots, Quarks, K9, Cybermen, Kamelion - Dr Who
Tweekie - Buck Rogers
IQ9 - Starblazers
Bender, Calculon - Futurama
Bill and Ted
The Robot - Lost In Space
My boyfriend, Robby The Robot - Forbidden Planet
Andrew Martin - Bicentenial Man
7 Zark 7 - Battle Of the Planets
Rosie - The Jetsons
Muffie, Cyclon - Battlestar Galactica
2 Marvin the Paranoid Androids - The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Rodney - Robots
Kryten - Red Dwarf
Gort - The Day The Earth Stood Still
Metal Mickey
The Terminator
Wall E, EVE - Wall E
The Tin Man - Wizard Of Oz
Octus - Sym Bionic Titans
790 - Lexx
Dot Matrix - Spaceballs
Nomad - Stat Trek
Female robot - Metropolis
Robot dog - Wallace and Gromit
Hector, V.I.N.C.E.N.T. - The Black Hole
I Robot robot
Number 5 - Short Circut
... And a hole heap of others that I don't know
46. xnz
Great! I love this, but if the T800 is on there why no Data? A cyborg counts but not an android? Also no Caprica 6?
Michael Burke
47. Ludon
The little green guy just above the signature is - I think - from Spaced Invaders though I don't remember its name.

Edit: I just watched Spaced Invaders and that's the one. They called it Scout-In-A-Can when they launched it.
48. Galadriel
I guess only robot-LOOKING creatures qualify, because no Data; no little Haley-Joel from AI; no Steve Austin; etc. So if you're a cyborg that appears more robot-like than human, you might be included because you can help hide WALL-E.

I loved seeing the Black Hole robots in there!!

Missing the Iron Giant???
Michael Burke
49. Ludon
Even bigger than the Iron Giant, no V'ger? I guess there was a size limit.
51. fuzzyhairedweirdo
Haven't looked for robots yet but what tickled me most (about the title) is that in the UK the original version of Where's Waldo is called Where's Wally :)
Brian R
52. Mayhem
Well, that destroyed my productivity for today. Now got around 3/4, the last ones are getting harder.
Yay for websites like the 13 worst film robots ever, of whom I believe 10 star in this picture.
53. Fred_G
"Trashcan" from recent Astro Boy movie is next to Goddard.
54. mattshow
The robot in the sweater vest is Mr Butlertron from Clone High.
55. JMB
Ok, I am going to go crazy. The third from the left on the top row (the one with the long and skinny head). WHERE IS THAT FROM? Someone probably mentioned it already but I clearly missed it. Please help before my ear starts bleeding from the mental pressure.
56. SeeingI
The R2-looking thing on the right, behind Daggit, is the music-bot from the Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show. :)
58. boroni
I'll insert in three extra from typical Who. From the helper doctor, a Quark and one of the student visas canada storyteller's automaton from The Mind thief.
59. alfons
I'll interleave in three extra beginning characteristic Who. From the assistant physician, a Quark and one of the narrator machine from The brain robber. Pizza Boxes Printing
60. brun064
So they have two Cybermen from Dr. Who along with the Cyber Queen, but no Data? And the Cybermen are human on the inside, so they completely count as cyborgs. They're pretty much the Borg minus the Tim Burton look. Also, why no Replicators from SG-1?

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