Aug 2 2011 11:29am

L.A. Banks (1959-2011)

Several authors have reported today that Paranormal Fantasy author L.A. Banks has just passed away. Banks had been fighting a battle with cancer for some time, one that she tragically lost today. Banks was known to the science fiction and fantasy community primarily for her Crimson Moon werewolf series as well as The Vampire Huntress Legend series. Under a variety of pen names, L.A. Banks also wrote in several other genres including crime, thriller, and romance.

L.A. Banks was a witty, upbeat author who brought energetic and strong sensibilities to her work. The fields of SFF and her fans will miss her deeply.

1. MG
I am very sorry to hear this. Out of respect, can you please edit the typos in this obit?

...Banks was know to the science fiction and fantasy community...

...several other gernes including crime...

2. Craig Elliott
I was proud to have done Illustration and jewelry design work for her. One of my illustrations for her even netted a Spectrum gold medal. Thanks for the opportunities and memories Leslie. You will be missed....

-Craig Elliott
3. Teresa E
This is very sad news indeed. :-( She will be missed.
4. R Lovely
I was blessed to do panels with her on the book circuit. She was a phenomenal woman and she will be greatly and soarly missed. God bless her family and friends. One more talent gone.
5. Angela Bartlett
She will be missed indeed. I enjoyed her writing.
6. Laraine Anne Barker
She DIED, for goodness sake! I constantly hear that writers are supposed to write what they mean, but this is the second time this morning I have met this stupid euphemism. I'm fed up with "political correctness", especially when it isn't even correct.

I'm saddened to hear of her death, though. She was astonishingly versatile.
7. larisalynch
I'm stunned and sadden by her passing. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my blog and she had such passion about her work, especially in a genre that had yet to be cracked open by emerging Black writers. She was the first to lay the path. I pass over Ann Rice’s works for hers now.
8. Bernadette Robinson
I am truly sadden by the news that my favorite author has passed. As a fan of Her writings I enjoyed losing myself in the worlds she created. Its strange to feel a connection with someone you never met. My heart goes out to her family losing a loved one is never easy. "When you truly and completly love someone you never lose them because they are a part of you", by Helen Keller. L.A. Banks I will miss You....
9. Tony Greenlee
I can't believe she is gone. I just found out today. I have been waiting for the next neteru academy book to come out, and now I know why it hasn't. I am truely saddened by this, I loved her work. My condolences to her family and friends.
10. Celeste Gildersleeve
I am deeply saddened to just now hear about the passing L. A. Banks. She is the only person whom I have ever sought out to see. I went to a book signing in Chicago, I even dragged my husband to it. He had to see who I was so impressed by. As I write this I am crying. Words cannot describe how much I love her writing, I am deeply anguished that there will be no more books. I am sure she is in the Light and will be there to guide us always. Ashe!
11. Mary Miller
I just by chance found out today that Ms Banks had passed away almost a year ago. I was an immense fan of her Vampire Huntress series and was looking forward to the second installment of the "Academy" series. I am shocked and saddened by this news. The literary world has lost a jewel in their crown with her passing.

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