Aug 31 2011 6:05pm

How Does One Get Iron Man Up in the Hulk’s Business, Anyway? Marvel Movies One-Shot Explains

A while back, Marvel Studios announced they’d be releasing special mini-movies as special features on their Avengers film-related Blu-Ray releases. Starting, with Thor, these “one-shots” will tie together various aspects of Avengers continuity. Now it looks like the full version of the first one has leaked online. Agent Coulson stars in “The Consultant.” Who is the consultant? Watch to find out!

[Via Comic Book Movie]

chris heinz
1. chris heinz
Viewer too obnoxious with ads. And no full screen, no volume. Get a better viewer, please.
2. rogerothornhill
Until the end titles I was wondering if Whedon had written it. I love reediting the Norton Hulk so that it essentially becomes a wacky sitcom.
Phil Frederick
3. flosofl
Twitvid Viewer wants to place cookies on my machine just to play. No thanks.
Jack Flynn
4. JackofMidworld
Tried to watch it but gave up when I couldn't hear it.
Adam Shaeffer
5. ashaef
Nice. I had to watch it twice to make sure I was following along. Looking forward to the next ones!

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