Aug 3 2011 4:24pm

Dungeons & Dragons Previews New Neverwinter

Spellplagues! Ruinings! Flaming ampersands! Wizards of the Coast has released a movie trailer for their upcoming expansion to the online Dungeons & Dragons world, Neverwinter.

For centuries, Neverwinter stood in the cold and savage wilderness as a warm, glittering beacon of civilization. However, the Jewel of the North fared no better than the rest of Faerûn against the ravages of the Spellplague. Further destruction was visited upon the weakened city by a devastating event known as the Ruining.

The online portion will be released in late 2011 along with a tabletop version and a trilogy of books written by R.A. Salvatore. More info can be found at the above link and at this weekend’s Gen Con.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is a level 79 rocket.

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3. Nelapsi
I have loved this game series, in many ways it is probably the best and closest to DnD RPG without having friends at a gaming table. I really do wish they would explore or allow you to add plugins to enhance things. Granted it like a must have but would be nice if it had a name generator and such, but there are still good online sources name generator in the mean time.


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