Aug 24 2011 4:32pm

Chesley Award–Winner Spotlight: Julie Dillon

The Chesley Awards for achievement in art are given each year by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists at the World Science Fiction Convention. This will be a series of posts to spotlight each winner from this year’s event. First up (in random order) is Julie Dillon.

Julie Dillon won the Unpublished Color category with “Planetary Alignment,” shown above. Julie’s work often sports and bold use of color and complex compositions, held together by excellent value control. Mix that all up and she creates amazing dream-like scenes I wish I could step into.

Look at a list of all 2011 Chesley Award winners and nominees and visit Julie Dillon’s website for more images and process posts.

Julie also created the artwork for’s short story “The Dala Horse” by Michael Swanwick.

1. Quill
#1: When Aughra was young and beautiful!
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Funny, although I confess I had to google "Aughra" to remember who she was.
3. Jan the Alan Fan
I thought of Aughra too when I saw the first one. :-p

Love the last picture... I can imagine the fisherman thinking, 'huh???!!"
Matthew B
4. MatthewB
Such beautiful work, and so refreshing to see some brown skin in fantasy art.
5. Andrea K Host
Every time I see "Surface" I just want to know the STORY behind that image. So much of Julie's work captures a moment of some unknown, incredible story.
10. amphibian
The "right" winner for this year's awards. Beautiful art.
11. Duncan Long
Julie Dillon always has some nice "story" to her artwork -- and often has some nicely underplayed humor as well. It will be interesting to watch her as her career continues over the next few years.
--Duncan Long

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