Jul 26 2011 9:46am

You’ll have to Boldly Wait for the New Trek Film

Roberto Orci y Alex Kurtzman hablan de Star Trek 2 from Cine PREMIERE on Vimeo.

According to Orci and Kurtzman, the shooting schedule for the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek is definitely being pushed back. When asked at Comic Con by Cine PREMIERE about the “moving target” of a start time for shooting, both screenwriters were reticent to commit to an actual date. Both said that shooting would “hopefully” start in January. Further, Paramount has yet to announce an official release date, and technically speaking J.J. Abrams has not totally confirmed that he will direct. If the previous Trek film hadn’t been such a hit critically and financially all this vacillation might make one think the project was being put perpetually on the back burner.

We can’t help but wonder if there isn’t something more going on behind the scenes here.  Is it just scheduling of the actors?  Is the script really in trouble?  Will Abrams actually return?  In the video clip above, Orci seems totally confident in he and Kurtzman’s ideas, but maybe it’s not up to these guys.  What do you think?

[News via Trek Movie and Cine PREMIERE]

Michael Poteet
1. MikePoteet
If the wait makes it a better film than it would have been otherwise, I've got no problems. I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie and want to see the cast and crew do even better the second time out, so I say, let them take all the time they need.
j p
2. sps49
I think the first movie had serious flaws as a movie, and if that crew is too busy then let someone else make the sequel.

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