Jul 19 2011 1:00pm

Tor Books Announces Brandon Sanderson Tour for New Mistborn Novel The Alloy of Law [UPDATED]

Brandon Sanderson will be touring in November this year to promote his new Mistborn novel, The Alloy of Law! To read the first chapters of novel as Tor.com leads up to the release, go here.

The tour has undergone some changes due to pending Borders closings. New dates and locations, updated as of July 26, are below the cut.

Alloy of Law Tour

Tuesday, November 8
12:00 AM (Midnight)
BYU Bookstore
Provo, UT

Wednesday, November 9
7:00 PM
Mysterious Galaxy Books
San Diego, CA

Thursday, November 10
7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Huntington Beach, CA

Friday, November 11
7:00 PM
University Book Store
Seattle, WA

Saturday, November 12
Vancouver, BC

Monday, November 14
7:00 PM
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Lexington, KY

Tuesday, November 15
6:30 PM
Murder by the Book
Houston, TX

Wednesday, November 16
7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope)
Note: This date is a SIGNING ONLY.

The Alloy of Law comes out on November 8. Don’t forget to check the Alloy of Law Index on Tor.com!

Doc Hogan
1. dochogan
Nothing anywhere near the eastern Carolinas this time! :sadface: You're more than welcome to come to Raleigh again, sir! I even happen to know a great FLGS that might just be able to give you an M:TG game or two ;)
2. JonoHanks
Screw everything else, I know where I'm spending Friday, November 11th!

Yes, the whole day. I said screw everything else!
Peter Ahlstrom
3. PeterAhlstrom
Readers have been begging Brandon to go to Houston for a long time, so I hope that signing can get worked out.
Jennifer Fiddes
4. junefaramore
Hoping I can somehow con my brother into helping me get us to New York for this. I've gotten him hooked on Mr. Sanderson, so there is hope.
5. Rachel L.
Oh, I also really hope the Boarders signing in Houston still pans out.
6. Aerudaer
I hope Houston works out.
7. Timpenin
Vancouver!!! YES!
Patrick McGee
8. AeroHudson
Awesome. I've been waiting for this announcement. The tour is coming to Lexington, KY on the 15th which is an hour from me. Can't wait!
John Skotnik
9. ShooneSprings
Dang, the closest one is 8+ hours away. Maybe we'll get more dates later? Something closer to Lake Tahoe?
10. Riva L
Possible contacts in Houston for the signing: Brazos Bookstore, Murder by the Book, or Houston Public Library. All three have experience with bigger book signings.
11. Sarabhi
Ah I live in N. GA, I think the KY stop is just a little too far. :'(
12. anthonypero
If my wife delivers before the Lexington date, will Brandon sign my
baby? Seriously, one of these tours I'm gonna get out there and actually
make a signing. Argh. Timing. Bad. Maybe aMoL tour. I'm sure that will
be rediculously extensive.
Jenny Reid
13. jenreidreads
Bummer, nowhere near me this time. :-( Wish there were some Midwestern stops on this tour!
Daniel Goss
14. Beren
Hmmm. 8 hour drive for the Lexington, KY stop . . . decisions, decisions.
Jordan Hanold
16. EyeInTheSky
Sweet only a five hour drive to Provo for the midnight release! :) Definitely can't wait. I'm going to have to start on my Mistcloak...
James Hogan
17. Sonofthunder
I'm just sad that now there's at least a *possibility* of a Houston tour, I'm no longer there. And I have doubts of an Aberdeen, Scotland tour stop happening in the near future...
19. SqueeEGA
instead of Boarders in Houston, how about BN or Bookpeople in Austin? Preferably Bookpeople. That way it'd be a quick jaunt from my office.
20. Mike936
The DC area signing were always at Borders, with them closing hopefully another venue can be found!
21. Literateknits
I second the wish for Midwestern stops. It'd be pretty nice to see Brandon back in Minnesota.
22. Givens
Oh, man, a signing in Park Slope AFTER I move out of New Jersey. My timing sucks. Though, I did get to meet Patrick Rothfuss at that same Brooklyn B&N, and if that signing is any indication, that store knows how to handle its events.

Any chance of a signing in the Denver area? Maybe?
Moses Lambert
23. DukeOfURL
I just pre-ordered this from Amazon. I would never have noticed it if not for your publishing such a pleasingly-large excerpt this way.

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