Jul 29 2011 9:26am

Morning Roundup: Daniel Craig Pulls People’s Arms Out of Their Sockets When He Loses

Friday! Have an amazing weekend! But before you do, you’ve got another day to get through, so we’ve got some links. Food for thought:

1.)  Daniel Craig is now a wookiee.

2.)  Ann Rice may be giving up vampires for furrier men.

3.)  Pirates live in Southern California.

4.) Craig Ferguson is clearly trying to become the next Doctor.

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

  • Daniel Craig = Chewbacca now. According to Harrison Ford, that is. I mean, you can’t blame him. That wookiee was bad news.
  • Gorgeous Avengers concept post art. Feast your eyes on the super team to beat.
  • We’re putting Doctor Who stars on all your late night television, America. Karen Gillan on Craig Ferguson!
  • In more Who news, Alastair Reynolds is going to write a Doctor Who novel starring the Third Doctor. Yes!

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby would love to have Daniel Craig as a wookiee first mate.

Darren James
1. b8amack
I guess Anne Rice's vow to "only write about Jesus" from now on didn't last.
2. Jexral
@B8amack Maybe it's about Jesus becoming a werewolf. Bet'cha didn't think of that.

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