Jul 14 2011 11:28am

First John Carter of Mars Trailer

Feast your eyes on the just released trailer for the John Carter of Mars movie, adapted from the Edgar Rice Burroughs SF classic. The Martians look pretty sweet and the clash of styles and tone looks pretty engaging. What do you think?

Stubby the Rocket went to Mars once and it was not nearly that cool.

Steven Halter
1. stevenhalter
That does look cool. Hopefully the whole thing is well done. The John Carter books were a boyhood favorite of mine.
Mark Andrew Edwards
2. Mark Andrew Edwards
Nice icon for the logo.

WAY too much clothing and not enough action for this ERB fan. I mean, 300 was closer to John Carter of Mars than this seems.

The Barsoomian...nope, not feeling it yet.

I may still see this but I'm concerned.
Mark Andrew Edwards
3. Carl V.
I agree with Mark Andrew Edwards. I'm not feeling the Edgar Rice Burroughs/John Carter of Mars vibe when I see this. It looks cool, but why bother making a film if you can't try a little harder to match the look and feel of the source material. I understand they aren't going to make a movie with a bunch of women running around topless, but beyond changing that part of the story I am not sure why this has to look so much like every other barbarian/warrior flick ever made.

I'll go see it, and by the time it comes out I might end up really liking it. But I'm skeptical at this point.
Mark Andrew Edwards
4. Foxessa
The music seems all wrong.

Love, C.
Joseph Blaidd
5. SteelBlaidd
A Princess of Mars Was my first novel. This looks cool and I hope it keeps to the spirit of ERB.
Mark Andrew Edwards
6. mister_ethan
Looks better than Conan. I have a year to read the books.
Evan Jensen
7. eoghanacht
I have real issues with the "white human only one who can save alien/faerie/indigenous society" thing. But since this is based on a book from a time period wherein that wasn't addressed with the same insight it might be today, I think this will be a really excellent (or at least beautiful) interpretation of E.R. Burroughs' tale. I can't wait.

Personally, I also really enjoyed the Peter Gabriel cover of the Arcade Fire song that they used. I am absolutely tired of all action flicks being promoted with heavy metal.
Tara Mitchell
8. Jaxicat
This looks really good and it has Taylor Kitsch in it. Hubba hubba.
Daniel Smith
9. Smittyphi
There is no way it can stay true to the book(s). It's going to grab here and there from different books to incorporate into one movie loosely based on Carters exploits. That being said, I'm still going to watch it. :-D
Eli Bishop
10. EliBishop
@3 Carl: The closer they stay to the source material, the more it will look like every barbarian flick ever made (except for the 12-foot-tall green dudes). Burroughs was so influential on 20th century fantasy that his material now can't help but look like a ripoff of itself.
Peter Tijger
11. Peter-Tijger
Oh's finally coming. I hope it will be good.
I love the John Carter stories, have all the books and comics.
But Disney !!!?!?! I thought Rodriguez was still involved.....missed something here. Ah well, it looks good, hopefully the whole thing will do the character/stories justice.
steve davidson
12. crotchetyoldfan
Nope, doesn't cut it. Too much clothing, incorrectly portrayed airships, simply awful looking green martians, sad, pensive music for an action flick?

Disney does not have a very good track record with this kind of genre property: Black Hole was supposed to be the SF flick to end all SF flicks, and I need say nothing about Tron Resurrection or whatever its title was (even the original Tron had little going for it beyond the 'inside the computer landscape'.

Prepare to be disappointed.
Mike Dominic
13. MDominic
Wrong. Just wrong.
If this breathless Harlequin Romance of a trailer is an accurate indication of the tone of the film, I may prefer the Tracy Lords version.

Ye gods. I'm starting to sound like comic book guy. Worst. John. Carter. Ever.
Mark Andrew Edwards
14. Orcrist
It makes me howl with rage and laughter when people say "It doesn't look like the book!" or "The clothes are wrong!" "incorrectly portayed airships"...and the like...

It's called an "homage"...look it up.

A movie should be its own entity while keeping the spirit of the source should NEVER be want the exact story, read the books.

Gods. Some internet trolls just can't be pleased can they?

That said, I think this looks great and the pedigree making it is kind of awesome, with Andrew Stanton directing and a Michale Chabon script...Michael Giacchino doing the score...

I'm a big fan of the books, and I think this looks like a nice homage to the work. Looking forward to it.

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