Jul 1 2011 1:00pm

Cowboys & Aliens Poster Sweepstakes!

Are you looking forward to Cowboys & Aliens? Going crazy with the wait? Excited to watch Han Solo/Indiana Jones and James Bond kick some collective alien behind together?

Do you want this poster? (The one on the right, there?)

Of course you do.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the film and the novelization by Joan D. Vinge (out on August 2 from Tor Books), we have four of these posters to give to you! Enter in the comments and you might win this gorgeous double-sided thing.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) July 1, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET July 5, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Melita Kennedy
1. melita
I would love to win one of these for my bf!
Cheryl Koch
2. Cheryl Koch
I love the poster. Very dramatic. It would look nice on my wall. Would love to win one. Thanks
Cheryl Koch
3. Andrew D. W.
The title alone is enought to get me to see this movie. Having Ford and Craig in it is just a bonus.
Paige Vest
4. paigevest
I'm so excited for this movie and I would LOVE to have this poster! Thanks for the giveaway!
Cheryl Koch
5. Norma
I would definitely be the envy of the local Science Fiction group if I won this! Thanks for the contest!
Cheryl Koch
6. Sheilagh Lee
I would love to win this poster.I can hardly wait to see this movie.
Cheryl Koch
7. Teri sue
I have been waiting for this movie for everrrrrrr!!! I cant wait!!
Cheryl Koch
8. Gypsy Librarian
Very nice poster. Hope to win. Best, and keep on blogging.
Cheryl Koch
9. Luminarium Rutilis
That is the awesome.
Adrienne Phillips
10. addy
I can't wait to see this movie!
Cheryl Koch
11. Teresa Skinner
This movie looks awesome. We are planning to go see it and My husband would love to have the poster to hang on his computer room wall with his other movie memorablias.
Cheryl Koch
12. Josh Casbin
This would be a nice addition to my movie poster collection. Would love to have it. Good luck to all.
Cheryl Koch
13. Rebekah James
What a beautiful poster! We are organizing a group to go - dinner, movie and everyone will be wearing their "cowboy" gear looking forward to it!
Cheryl Koch
14. Jamie Todd
I can't wait to see the movie! I'd love to win a poster!
Melissa Shumake
15. cherie_2137
this would be awesome, sign me up! (or pick me, what-have-you)
Cheryl Koch
16. Ice
Everything about this poster just looks at you and says "I'm a badass." The gun, the alien technology, the pose of Bond in deep meditation before he's most likely about do something heroically awesome.
Cheryl Koch
17. Jessica Bronder
I would love to win one of these posters. I cannot wait for the movie. Ford and Craig, how can you fo wrong?!
Cheryl Koch
18. dawn the glass beadmaker
want :)
Cheryl Koch
19. RLBrown
These are bound to be collectors!
Cheryl Koch
20. J-Ro
We wants the precioussssss!
Cheryl Koch
21. Trekie Bob
I have the perfect spot for this.
jon meltzer
22. jmeltzer
Tor is burying the lede here. Joan Vinge is writing again? (And dare we hope for more original work, not just novelizations?)
Cheryl Koch
24. November7
You know, my boss keeps telling me that I need some decoration on my office walls. This counts as decorative, right?
Cheryl Koch
25. jmd
Want, want, want! Pleeeease????? No, really I would like to have this, it looks great and I cannot wait for the movie.
Cheryl Koch
27. therifleman
Being a huge Western fan (Gunsmoke, The Rifleman) a sci-fi fan this fulfills all my movie fantasies! Having this poster would be like havin' a notch on my gun. Plus Danile Craig is one of my favorite actors so this movie is a must-see!
Cheryl Koch
28. G Rose
Han Jones and aliens will be fun.
Cheryl Koch
29. Sommer Leigh
My husband is dying to see this movie! I'd love to win a poster for him :-) Thanks for the opportunity.
George Gordon
32. gordong1968
Can't wait for the movie. Sign me up for the poster!
Brandon Demerath
33. Demeb
I'm actually looking forward to this movie. I'd like to win that poster.
Cheryl Koch
34. Derek Scott
Most epic movie idea ever! Would love to have the poster!
Cheryl Koch
35. dwndrgn
Yep, definitely would enjoy having one of those!
Cheryl Koch
36. moongoon
Good luck to everybody!
Cheryl Koch
37. Azuaron
Usually I don't go in for owning movie posters, but I'm excited enough for this movie I'll gladly make an exception (my Serenity poster is getting lonely on its own).
Cheryl Koch
38. TCWriter
I live on the flank of a 14, 179' volcano (Mt. Shasta) that is inhabited by aliens, so frankly, the kind of shit in this movie happens up here all the time.

I don't really understand all the commotion, but maybe if I own the poster I can flash it next time I'm kicking alien butt (we're pretty self-sufficient up here in the mountainous rural west) and all that beefcake will stop 'em just long enough for me to gain an edge.

It's a real possibility.

Vote for me.
MaryAnn McDonald
39. bigmac
Awesome giveaway. I would love to win a copy :)
Cheryl Koch
40. matkeltri
Looks like a cool poster!
Cheryl Koch
41. HonorGod
Sweet poster. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie, and I would love a copy of the poster.
Cheryl Koch
42. strattonp
Love to win the post for my kid. as a 7 year old boy, aliens and cowboys seems like a perfect combination.
Stephen Lyon
43. skaftafell
Aliens invade.
Cowboys respond to the threat.
An epic battle.
Cheryl Koch
44. Queggy
It'd be nice to be able to decorate my dorm room with such a beautiful poster. Super excited for the movie!
Cheryl Koch
45. scotty shepherd
Ford and Craig FTW!
Cheryl Koch
46. Edd
Definitely looking forward to C&A!
Cheryl Koch
47. Brandon F.
This movie will be awesome!
Cheryl Koch
48. Alex Camacho
Eagerly anticipating this one. I love genre mash-ups and can't wait to saddle up to watch some cowboys shoot it out with some aliens!
Cheryl Koch
49. Jediman
This would make a great addition to my man cave!
Cheryl Koch
50. TeslaRanger
James Bond & Indiana Jones -- awesome!
Cheryl Koch
51. nancym
Pick me, pick me! looking forward to this movie.
Cheryl Koch
52. Nora-Adrienne Deret
I would love to win a poster, and I've already added the novelization release date to my master "new release list" which I post to my blog and FB.
Cheryl Koch
53. SkyHook
would be great in my bat cave!
Cheryl Koch
54. Laurie Fivecoat
This movie looks really good, can't wait to see it! Hope I win the poster it looks really cool!
Byron Bakker
55. byronba
Count me in!
Got a great space in my office just crying out for this thing!
John Leavitt
56. jrrl
This is a must have poster. Seriously, I'd love to have it.
Cheryl Koch
57. Jennifer Harrison
I can't wait to see this movie. I would love to win this poster!!
Cheryl Koch
58. Justin W
I need one of these for my newly remodeled living room!
Cheryl Koch
59. Heidi V.
I would love this poster for my sons room.
Ashe Armstrong
60. AsheSaoirse
I am a HUUUUUGE Weird Western fan and I have no lovely artwork currently. I sincerely wish this poster to be mine.
Cheryl Koch
61. zenspinner
My son would love this too - I anticipate seeing the film more than once this summer.
Cheryl Koch
62. Court
I'm getting ready to move soon, and my roommate and I would LOVE to have that poster gracing our new walls!

Can't wait for this film. :)
Cheryl Koch
63. Laura D.
There has been a whole lot of talking in my house about going to see this movie. Very excited!
Cheryl Koch
64. Bethany H
Pick Me!!!
Cheryl Koch
66. Laura Wooton
I can't wait for it. I am planning on seeing it for my birthday.
Cheryl Koch
69. reader222
I'd love one! Can't wait for the movie!
Cheryl Koch
71. Kelvorhis
I would love to win one of these posters, and I have the perfect place for it - on my high school classroom wall. I love all things science fiction, steampunk/weird west, so it would go well with my collection of novels and other items.
Cheryl Koch
72. brigade
Man I need this poster.
Cheryl Koch
75. joe1111
would love the poster!
Cheryl Koch
76. Sybyll
Nom Nom Cowboys
Cheryl Koch
77. Siryanna
I would love to have this poster! Science fiction and western, what more could we want?
Cheryl Koch
79. Hawk Eye
I can't wait!!! It just doesn't get much better than Cowboys and Aliens.
Cheryl Koch
80. randy arstein
Can't wait to see this and also can't wait to enjoy my new poster! ;=)
Cheryl Koch
81. Howard Brazee
That is a cool poster!
Cheryl Koch
82. JoeJoe
Watched the trailer for this film on Youtube...Looks like a real fun movie to go see. Unfortunately I think people are going to try to take it to seriously (like all movies these days) and will miss the point of "fun".

I'd love to win the poster!!!
Craig Piercy
83. cpiercy
This poster would look great in my basement man-cave next to my neon beer sign.
Cheryl Koch
This poster would be a welcome addition for my veterans group to help in raising funds in e of our auctions, for sending sundry items to troop units of 173rd Abn. Brigade overseas.
Cheryl Koch
86. dgaliel
Cheryl Koch
90. chasingray
I'm not sure who in my household would go crazier over this poster (we are all looking forward to the movie). It's great!
Cheryl Koch
91. daniel pattinson's damn amazing..i want it.
Accredited High School Diploma Online
Cheryl Koch
92. StarRiskLtd
The movie looks amazing and so does the poster! Myself and my boys welcome the chance at putting this up in the house...and we'll wrestle to see who's room it's going in. Wish me luck!
Cheryl Koch
93. Amanda M.
I'm having a Cowboys and Aliens themed party the end of this month, so that would be the most awesome decor.....
Cheryl Koch
94. Jobi-Wan
I want to see this movie and having the poster hanging on my wall would be pretty sweet.
Cheryl Koch
95. Gary Shelton
My wife would love this poster. She actually posed (she never poses) with the block-long poster in NYC last week.
Cheryl Koch
96. SweetRain52
I am so tired of waiting for this movie to open! I can't take it anymore! Must see NOW! A poster would be AWESOME!
Cheryl Koch
97. brooklynpark
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