Jul 28 2011 5:30pm

Cowboys & Aliens Novelization Sweepstakes!

With the movie out tonight at midnight, you know what you need? You need to read Cowboys & Aliens. Joan D. Vinge has written a stellar novelization and we’ve got three copies to give away to you! Enter to win in the comments below and Daniel Craig will be gracing your coffee table in no time.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) July 28, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET August 1, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Professor Morrow
1. Professor Morrow
Having a little meetup to go see it at midnight. I'd love to read the book!
Professor Morrow
2. Teawench
I WISH Daniel Craig would grace table!
Professor Morrow
3. Catherine Russell
Daniel Craig in my living room? If only!

I'd love to read this book.
Angela Korra'ti
4. annathepiper
Daniel Craig is welcome on my coffee table any time he wishes! As are novels by Joan Vinge! :D
Professor Morrow
5. RobinM
This book would go great with my Star Wars and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie tie ins I already have.
Professor Morrow
7. Jo Ann Hakola
This title grabs your attention! I'd love to read this and see how the author handles it.
Professor Morrow
9. Chindi
I loved the web comic, enjoyed the movie and I look forward to the novelization. Thanks for this.
Scott Sherris
10. ssherris
I can't wait to see what CGI they pack into the book!
Professor Morrow
11. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Professor Morrow
12. Ed English
I, too, would very much enjoy reading this book. Now if only I could ensure that I win.
Professor Morrow
13. Nora-Adrienne Deret
I am planning to see the movie, and would love to own the book.
Professor Morrow
15. Gale Haut
I would prefer Daniel Craig on my coffee table, but the book would do. :)
Scott Abbott
16. Scott
I'd love to read another Joan D. Vinge book!
Professor Morrow
17. HonorGod
This story looks really neat!
Stephen Lyon
18. skaftafell
Aliens reach Earth
Do they look like cowboys now?
Uncertainty rules
Professor Morrow
19. TheDoctor
Maybe if I read the book I'll go see the movie.
Professor Morrow
20. Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Awesome! Sign me up.
Susan Meek
22. smeek1958
What could be better than Joan D Vinge + Daniel Craig? A book by her, featuring him (his character) in my house! Please!
Professor Morrow
23. Kevin G books and aliens
Professor Morrow
24. jmd
Having been promoted by Jo on the WMF re-read, I think this could be a graduation/advancement present - me, me, me!
Professor Morrow
25. Joshua Owens
I bet it's a great book!
Professor Morrow
26. Jim162065
Very cool
Professor Morrow
27. bluesky1775
Didn't even know this was in book form, very cool...
Professor Morrow
28. LiamW
Ooh, there's no way this won't be a fun book! Well, at least interesting. :)
Sign me up!
Professor Morrow
29. RLBrown
Books are better than movies - every time. If the Cowboys & Aliens movie is as good as the trailers look, this book should be awesome.
Professor Morrow
31. Azuaron
Love to get this book!
Richard Caywood
32. rcaywood
While my wife might prefer Daniel Craig gracing any table, I will take the book instead.
Professor Morrow
33. kirk d behnke
Enter me to win!!! Movie looks great!
Professor Morrow
35. cnote56
Cowboys and Aliens; James Bond and Indiana Jones.

Now if I could only get some zombies as a garnish.

'Nuff Said!!!!
Professor Morrow
38. jacksteit
I've been waiting soooo long for this to come out. Glad to see there's
a novelization.
Professor Morrow
39. Adam Bricker
Ohhh gimmie gimmie!...please.
Dean Tucker
40. StoryCottage
I would be interested in reading the novelization.
Professor Morrow
42. chris Jarvis
I'd love to have the book, Can't wait to see the movie.
Professor Morrow
43. erikd
Looking forward to seeing what Vinge has done with the novelization. I've read the snow queen several times and love her writing.
Professor Morrow
44. Michael Habif
yes please
James Felling
46. Maltheos
Yep, anything by either Vinge -- sign me up.
Professor Morrow
47. Court
Daniel Craig is welcome in my living room anytime.

I loved Ms. Vinge's post. She is welcome as well, though she'll have to put up with me staring at Mr. Craig while we have tea and talk about books.
Brandon Eaker
48. bmeaker
Sounds like it would be interesting.
Paul Eisenberg
50. HelmHammerhand
In hopes for a future novelization of Steve Miller's "Space Cowboy," I dutifully submit my entry.
Professor Morrow
51. Donna A
Count me in.
Professor Morrow
52. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Professor Morrow
53. abbottj83
Entering to win!
Professor Morrow
54. kamandi
I'd like a copy, please.
Professor Morrow
55. DRickard
I'll take a shot, pard'ner
Professor Morrow
56. lisanut
I am intrigued. Since there is no way I'll be getting to the theater, I was actually hoping to find a copy of the book to read!
Professor Morrow
57. robbin
oooooh! i could not be more excited!!!
Anson Kennedy
58. ansonk
Howdy pardner. I have a hankerin' for this here what-you-call novellization of this right mighty movin' pitcher.
Professor Morrow
59. Tracy Hite
Looks like a fun story. Is it by chance available on Kindle?
Professor Morrow
60. Vk
I'm sure the book will be a great read
Professor Morrow
62. Lingeorge
Me please!
Professor Morrow
63. Kathryn Robinette
Looking forward to the movie, and the book!
Professor Morrow
64. Carly Lanners
Sounds like a decent movie, but I bet the book is better! I love Vinge's writing!
Professor Morrow
66. Jessica Qualls
Cant goto the movies for a while so it would be totally awesome to read the book. :)
Professor Morrow
67. mutantalbinocrocodile
Can't help but think this might be a case of the novelization being better than the movie. (Can you say Phantom Menace??) The movie looks fun. . .but maybe the kind of fun where you have to be drunk. Some things just don't come off tonally on the screen, like deadpan with a mostly American cast.
Damjan Krsteski
68. damk
I'd like to see the movie, but would like to read the book even more.
Professor Morrow
72. reflexmike
I like a good western and sci-fi. What could better th
an both together?
Professor Morrow
74. Bobert
This should be good!
Professor Morrow
75. Rosebud
I always prefer the book BEFORE the movie.
Darius Bacon
76. Darius
Who's Daniel Craig? Anyway, a Vinge novel is bound to be a treat.
Ted Boone
77. tedboone
I'm in for a copy of the book. Sounds fun!
Professor Morrow
78. Abra
In like Flynn!
Professor Morrow
80. Sam wicked
Aliens and cowboys are you kidding me. I'm so excited about this movie. Best thing since Cowboys & Dinos.
Professor Morrow
81. Sarah pie
I loved the idea of this as soon as I heard about the movie.
Professor Morrow
82. Adamworlock
The graphic novel was good. Want to see this guys version.
Professor Morrow
83. Soso
This looks ok. Maybe reading something will change my mind. I'll still watch it but the sooner I can read something on it the sooner I can watch it.
Tyne Tyson
84. T.T.
Cowbays AND Aliens? Yes please! :)
Professor Morrow
85. chromiumman
would love this
Professor Morrow
86. JayHawk
Would love this book! Thanks for chance!
Professor Morrow
87. PhoenixFalls
WANT. :)
Professor Morrow
88. Hilary
Go Cowboys!
Professor Morrow
92. Gwendolynkay
Me please!
Professor Morrow
93. Michelle Hamilton
Can't wait to see the movie and I can't wait to read the book--it is a win-win situation!
Professor Morrow
95. Douglas Cootey
I haven't read a good movie novelization in a long time. Count me interested in reading this.
Sarah Hale
96. rocketshale
I'm kind of hoping for horses flying with anti-grav horseshoes. :}
Peter Czyzewski
98. sebastianelgar
This will be much cheaper than the movie theaters
Professor Morrow
99. cmvinson
Cowboys & Aliens!!!!!!
Professor Morrow
100. Rob Blake
I'm in !!!
Professor Morrow
101. Mark Barresi
I would love to read this book. I can't wait to see the movie. I'm a writer myself, and the combination of action and a paranormal element in this has me really excited. Now that I'm working on the screenplay for my book and hoping to get it turned into a movie, I'm really interested in the book to movie process.
Professor Morrow
102. Ande
I've enjoyed novelizations for years. I'm hopefully looking forward to seeing Joan's latest.
Jody Crocker
103. Jei
Would love to have a copy of this book. I'm off to see the movie this weekend.
Scott Raun
104. sraun
Sounds like it would be a fun read.
Jeremy Goff
111. JeremyM
I can't wait to see this. It's either going to be awesomely cheesey or just plain awesome. Either way awesomness will be had by all.
Janet Hopkins
112. JanDSedai
I'll see this in the theater, but I always like to read the book; it gives the movie more dimension.
Professor Morrow
113. sorrelen
I love Joan Vinge. I am really glad to see her name on some print. I would love to add this to my collection of her books.
Professor Morrow
114. Laurraine
I would love to win a copy.
Professor Morrow
116. nin_shark
por favor!
Professor Morrow
117. superhombre
sounds good
Chris Hall
118. bookwormchris
I would love to win a copy. Might even get to see the movie this weekend.
Beth Mitcham
120. bethmitcham
Joan Vinge writes good books, and the movie looks like brainless fun. A winning combination!
Professor Morrow
123. Stephanie M. Lorée
Just went to see this tonight. Lots of fun! I'm be interested in reading the book.
Professor Morrow
124. 45Visigoth
I would like to win.

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