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A Song of Ice and Lego

Game of Thrones Legos

George R. R. Martin’s fantasy masterpiece A Song of Ice and Fire has swept the nation. This week alone the fifth book in the series, A Dance with Dragons, was released to great acclaim, while the HBO drama series based on the novels, Game of Thrones, received a whopping thirteen Emmy nominations. Capitalizing on the popularity of the series, LEGO has announced they will be releasing tie-in playsets featuring the Starks, Lannisters, and other denizens of the Seven Kingdoms.

Okay, just kidding. These GoT minifigs were actually created by game designer Sam Beattie. By cannibalizing countless LEGO sets, Mr. Beattie assembled strikingly accurate likenesses of the books’ characters. Check out the images below, and click on Sam Beattie’s Flickr for even more images. In addition to ASOIAF, there is also an impressive recreation of Serenity and the cast of Firefly. MiniMal! So you better check that out too.

Game of Thrones Legos

Jorah, Daenerys, and Drogo

Jorah Mormont, Daenerys Targaryen, and Khal Drogo. “I will give him the iron chair that his mother’s father sat upon.”


Game of Thrones Legos

Littlefinger, Pycelle, and Varys

The High Council in the scheming flesh. Petyr Baelish, a.k.a. Littlefinger, Grand Maester Pycelle, and Varys, a.k.a. the Spider. “Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed off your horse.”


Game of Thrones Legos

Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion Lannister

The Lannister “kids”: Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion. “There are no men like me. There’s only me.”


Game of Thrones Legos

Sansa, Bran, Hodor, and Rickon

Sansa, Bran, and Rickon Stark. Bran of course has his trusty “steed,” Hodor. “Hodor? Hodor.”


Game of Thrones Legos

Jon and Arya

Jon Snow and Arya Stark, with their swords, Longclaw and Needle. “First Lesson. Stick them with the pointy end.”


Game of Thrones Legos

Sandor and Gregor Clegane

A.K.A. The Hound and The Mountain That Rides “Sharp steel and strong arms rule this world, don’t ever believe any different.”

Matt London recognizes way too many of the pieces of these minifigs from his own LEGO sets. Wolfpack Renegade represent.

Sky Thibedeau
1. SkylarkThibedeau
Oh My they even have Hodor! but no direwolves. May have to rob a playmobile set for them (looked on Lego and the wolf they have is lame).
Zayne Forehand
2. ShiningArmor
These are awesome. Well done!
3. Jimm
These are great, but no Eddard Stark ? I know he is dead and all, but still an awesome charachter.
4. Nnanaaa
Eddard is in the middle of the top picture. Left of Hodor and Bran.
5. Lizard
I want the Tyrion Lannister Brothel Playset. Comes with Tyrion, Littlefinger, and three barebreasted women. Pretend you're having sex while reciting long expository monologues! (Yes, I know the sexposition scenes weren't in the books, but let's face it, the Lego tie in will be based on the series. :) )
6. KJarr
Awesome minifigs, but I think there's one mistake. In the pics above Hodor is wearing the helm, but it was Bran that needed the helm in the books because Hodor kept forgetting to duck through doorways and would bash poor Bran's head into them.
7. @RobertTheGenius
this is pretty cool. Im trying not to read the second book and wait for the second season but I dont know if I can do it!!
8. Gothic-Twilight
Brilliant, i want to buy lego NOW
9. strawberrisundae
Awesome. So awesome. Please sell your set to LEGO so I can buy my own! I want them all, even the direwolves, plz. :D
10. GotFan
Very nicely done! Impressive :)

But I'm writing this comment to respond to @RobertTheGenius, who seems to be far from a genius...
You're actually NOT reading the second book because you'd rather watch the series first? Why on earth would you do that?! Ofcourse HBO did an amazing job with this series, and I couldn't have imagined it done better, but please please read the books dude.
The books will always be better, giving you much more information on all the characters, which makes the experience of this series even more great.

Seriously, when I read your comment I facepalmed so hard I might have to go to see a doctor later on. Thanks alot
11. ProfessorofCoolThings
This may be the coolest thing in the history of cool things!
12. jadou812
Nice, he even has a glove on Jon's right hand - nice attention to detail.
13. bac8880
i would love it if Lego would make GoT characters. they probably wont though as Lego usually gears their toys to kids and i really don't think GoT is a kids book or show. :-(

What about the big kids of the world Lego?
14. Tony Sweet
Make one of Ros!!!
15. Preita
OMG WANT! I love that lego did this.
16. Vagabond Joe
The "Viserys Golden Crown" playset will be EPIC!
17. Lea Sanders
OMG! So cute! =)
18. Fantasy Girl
Where are Catelyn and Ned?? Did I miss the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Stark family?
GotFan I see what you are saying but everyone has their own way of absorbing the story some want to savory and wait and watch before reading and some want to read to know what will happen there is no right way. Me personally, I HAVE to read and have read all 5 books and love to see how they will protray what I have read on tv. But it's never as good as the books.
19. gracielou
I was so disappointed when I realized these weren't real!! I was already thinking about how cool it would be when they came out with the castles - especially the Erie with the moon door.

You did a great job, these are wonderful. Your attention to detail is amazing!
20. ladyofthelake
Fantastic minifigs!!!

...and @RobertTheGenius: Ditto what @GoTFan said...facepalms all 'round. Please, don't do yourself such a disservice...just Read. The. Books!
21. PaulF
Amazing, I love playing Lego with my son but this would make it super fun! @RobertTheGenius: Definitely start the book! I started the first after watching the first 2 episodes, I am now half way through dance of dragons. Please don't make me wait 5 years for the next one ;-(
22. ryamano
I think Bran and Rickon's hair are wrong. Weren't all of the Stark children supposed to have the auburn hair that came from their mother (Catelyn Tully) except for Arya?
23. Dayna
OK, OK, here's a sign that I'm a geek like the rest. Arya's "Needle" should be in her left hand. As a lefty and ASOIF fan, I pay attention to these things.
26. Drew Marshall
Hodor is the new Siri:
27. DallasC
These need to be mass produced immediately.

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