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You’re Really Into Putting a Ring On It: Favorite SFF Bling

As we’ve mentioned before, characters from SF&F have given us some pretty interesting fashion options over the years. From the classic geek-chic of Doctor Who, to the robes and gauntlets of Lord of the Rings, there’s a whole universe of speculative fiction fashion out there.

But what good is an outfit if you don’t accessorize? Often, SFF heroes are rocking some serious bling, usually containing powers beyond simple fashion. Recently, we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans what their favorite SFF bling was. Here are five selected from your answers.

The One Ring (The Lord of the Rings)

Garnering the most votes on Facebook, and easily the most mentions on Twitter, the Ring Sauron created to bind people in the darkness, clearly dominates SFF bling. And it’s easy to see why. Not only is the One Ring really slick looking with all that Elvish writing, but it can also make you invisible! On Twitter, @Hannahnpbowman said: “this is a trick question right? One ring to rule them all!”


The Green Lantern Rings (DC Comics)

Right on the heels of The One Ring in our Facebook poll, the green rings of will created by The Green Lantern Corps are easily some of the most famous fantastical bling of all time. Limited only the imagination of the user, the Green Lantern rings have a variety of awesome applications. However, there are some limitations. In the golden age, Green Lantern’s ring didn’t do wood. (Like some screwdrivers we’ve heard of!) Then in the Silver Age of Hal Jordan, the ring can’t deal with anything yellow. As great as this bling is, it seems to crumble in the sight of traffic lights.


Time Turner Necklace (Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban)

Initially it seemed like a new necklace Hermione was rocking, but later it turned out to contain the power of time travel. This was such a popular choice that there were two separate entries created for it on our Facebook poll.

Supposedly, Dumbledore loaned Hermione this necklace so she could attend two classes at once. And though it helped the terrific three save the life of Buckbeak and solve a lot of other problems, the time turner never returned in the subsequent books. Why did Dumbledore give the power of time travel to a 13 year old just so she could take more classes? Because he’s some kind of lunatic.


Zed’s Ring (Zardoz)

This is a staff favorite, simply because it exists in one of our favorite movies ever; Zardoz. After Zed rides the Stone Head to the Vortex, he finds this really sweet ring that is both a communicator and some kind of telepathic transmitter. Mostly this ring is annoying and doesn’t stop talking. Zed does have the ability to shut it up by putting his hand over the top of it. Oh, it also projects pictures of people’s faces on the wall. Neat.


Tosh’s Telepathic Necklace (Torchwood)

Poor Tosh was super neglected by the majority of the Torchwood team. From Owen not really dating her properly, to Jack and Gwen sort of taking her for granted, it made sense that Tosh felt left out. When she gets a telepathic necklace from her evil alien girlfriend, that changes for a little while, but like most super-powered objects, this one was a double-edged sword. Being privy to the thoughts of her supposed friends ends up lowering her self-esteem even further. Despite being portrayed as weak, Tosh was probably the most normal of all the team, so it’s heartbreaking to see fears confirmed. And let’s face it, if any of us had a telepathic necklace, we would freak out, too.

There were a lot of answers to this one. Some wondered if we count Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor as bling? Perhaps. It’s flashy and life-sustaining, which would maybe make it the best bling possibe. @Braak said “The best is Dr. Strange’s all-seeing Eye of Agamotto because he NEVER SHUTS UP ABOUT IT.” There were also votes on Facebook for even more bling from Harry Potter (like a certain horcuxian locket.) Duke Leto also has a special ring in the Dune series.

If you missed out on our Facebook/Twitter poll, let us know below as to your favorite SFF bling!


Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby has a chain made of mithril and a watch made of gold-pressed latinum.

Steven Halter
1. stevenhalter
The mirror lens implants of Molly in Neuromancer seem pretty cool.
3. Dietes
Black amethysts from Ashaii.
David Goldfarb
4. David_Goldfarb
Nobody thought of the Lenses? They give you telepathy, and they're a pretty bracelet. (Who wouldn't want a coruscating flood of polychromatic light on their arm?)

Dream from Sandman had a ruby when we saw him in flashback. It had the interesting property of changing its own shape to best go with whatever he was wearing at the moment. Actually he had twelve dream-gems, but as I recall we only saw three or four of them. His sister Death usually had a pendant in the shape of an ankh.

The various Magical Girls from Japan could probably fuel an entire article on this topic.
Joseph Kingsmill
5. JFKingsmill16
I used to wear a dragon claw crystal pendant that was very similar to the pendant from the Dragonslayer movie unitl I misplaced it after one of my many moves. I've often thought about having a local goldsmith make an exact replica as a replacement but I never really have the money for it.
6. Dr. Thanatos

There speaks the muddled thinking of callow youth.

Lenses are cool, but real men Arisians] don't wear them because they are mass produced by automated machines thereby driving down the market value. The REAL bling is the Lens necklaces that the Daughters of the Lens kept making and vanishing while waiting to take on Team Eddore.

One of a kind, non-reproducible, and comes complete with not-entirely-human-but-very-attractive Kinnison twin...

How 'bout the Golden Compass? Or the crimson orb that kept popping up in the story of Rogi Remillard?
John Massey
7. subwoofer
Hmmmm... Is this limited to little bobbles and dohickeys? The problem I have with the One Ring is that it drives the wearer whacky and makes you want to vacation on the side of a volcano... in darkness. Not exactly in the list of "pros" for me.

If it was me I'd go for Excalibur- gives me the right to tea and crumpets and holds its edge.

Mind you, I also like walking sticks, so option B would be Raistlin Majere's Wizard's staff- rare, powerful, and very fashionable.

Option C would be a snazzy ring where I could shout "Shazam!" and things would get under way:D

... right I don't want to go through the whole alphabet, but there is also:

-The Orb of Aldur
-Batman's utility belt
-Spidey's web shooty thingies(from the old school cartoons)
-Depending on how much you want to bulk up, Juggy's Cyttorak ruby
-I've said this before but any of the fun stuff the kids got in the D&D cartoon would suit me fine.
- The elemental rings from Captain Planet... very spiffy.

s'all I got for now.

8. AmandaP
I'm going to go with Harry Dresden's shield bracelet and his power rings. For a guy who can't make any kind of electronic device work, he's got a serious leg up on us for charging those batteries...
9. Dr. Thanatos
The Great Carbuncle!

I knew I could remember it. Much blingier than those silly torcs...
10. DragonRose
Daine's silver badger claw from Tamora Pierce's Immortals quartet.
11. omega_n
Hats are accessories, right? Granny Weatherwax's hat, with obligatory deadly sharp hatpins.

Wonder Woman's gold gauntlets.

Mary Poppins' carpetbag.
William Fettes
12. Wolfmage
Thomas Covenant's white gold ring. It's cool because it's just a plain white gold wedding band. Also, given that his wife left him, by rights he shouldn't even be wearing it!

Monkey Magic’s staff. Gotta love a staff that can be alternately shrunken down to a tiny pencil-size and put behind your ear, or enlarged into a space-elevator!

Nakor’s rucksack. Okay, there’s not much bling to a plain sack. But who wouldn’t want a their own private rift into a grocery storeroom? It’s just a cool spin on the Bag of Holding trope, I think.

Access Key / Chodan Kal – power enough to break the world many times over without the inconvenient flaws of Callandor. Yes thanks.

Mat’s Foxhead medallion. Immunity from direct magic is cool and it’s a nice fashion piece to boot.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
13. tnh
The Imperial Dragaeran Orb: bling, mood ring, iPhone, and sorcerous power source, all wrapped up in one.

The "many-fauceted scarlet emerald" from The Eye of Argon.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
15. tnh
Real gems that are weird enough for genre:

American picture jaspers, especially Morrisonite and Willow Creek. (Okay, also Owyhee, Bruneau, Biggs, Blue Mountain, and all the rest.) Keep clicking through on the links. That stuff is unearthly.

Australian opalized undersea creatures and seashells.

Gem-quality agatized fossil dinosaur bone.
16. Dr. Thanatos
Silmarils are cool, but they are more cool when they are set in an iron crown. Did Morgoth wear a fez, by the way?
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
17. tnh
Dr. Thanatos, would the fez have been inside or outside the crown? It'd be like a daft version of the double crown of Egypt.
Darren James
19. b8amack
The Eye of Agamotto
Lex Luthor's kryptonite ring
Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet
22. Dr. Thanatos

I can't be certain of Morgoth's true name but the fez would definitely be familiar.

I must be getting old, I don't catch half these references...

Anyone for a stick of celery as bling? Impresses the heck out of
Daleks and if you get hungry...
23. Spikeabell
Many years ago I REALLY wanted a silver ring about 1/2 inch wide, graven with roses and inscribed with 'Arzosah sothy lorezohaz'

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