Jun 23 2011 4:10am

Pottermore Video with Cool Animation

I can’t call myself a real Hogwarts graduate, although I do enjoy the movies and being amongst Potter fans. But I love animation, and this video of J. K. Rowling explaining the launch of the her new community site—Pottermore—features the same cut paper animation that made this Going West book trailer brilliant.

1. laurene
That animation is absolutely gorgeous! It must have taken so much time and effort, but it's breathtaking.
The idea sounds interesting, I wonder how exactly the website will be built "in part, by you the reader." Is she simply refereing to a forum?
Regardless, I'm curious to see what new and additional information she will be sharing!
Chris Meadows
2. Robotech_Master
Most interesting to me is that the e-books are going to be completely DRM-free (albeit watermarked). That manages to be both a gutsy decision (from the part of the publishing industry's horror of piracy) and a complete no-brainer (from how pirated the Potter books already are) at the same time.
3. DarrenJL
Ah, Phoebe, with her fake British accent. Classic.
4. Philippa
The animation is stunning isn't it?

I hope you won't mind me posting a link but I thought you might be interested in an interview I did with one of the creative team responsible for the Pottermore animation :) Apparently they used a super-size version of the book and no CGI!
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
5. tnh
Philippa, it's not a problem when it's that relevant to the entry.

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