Jun 21 2011 9:30am

Morning Roundup: You’ve Been Cumberbatched

Tuesday time, readers! In today’s offsite links roundup we’re:

1.) So flipping excited about the latest Hobbit casting news that we’ve been doing our best Cumberbatch impressions all morning.

2.) Getting a look at A Dance With Dragons—it’s real!

3.) Figuring out what will take the place of Potter in the Hollywood lineup.

4.) Harkening back over a century to a jubilee fit for the Queen.

From the “Of Interest” Sidebar:

  • The Hobbit has just been Cumberbatched. That’s right, everyone’s favorite sleuth will be playing opposite his dear doctor in Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-earth. Guess who he’s playing? (Hint: he could buy a chateau in France.)
  • A Dance With Dragons has been physically bound into copies. It truly exists in book form. For real.
  • Simon Pegg interview with Slate. Find out what happened when he met George Lucas.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com. Stubby would like Benedict Cumerbatch for its voice if a movie were ever made about Stubby.

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1. Madeline
The "how RPGs teach you writing" link was nice! But "pen and paper RPG" doesn't refer to written RPGs, it exists to differentiate normal tabletop gaming from newfangled computer RPGs. When I clicked the link I was wondering if someone had actually done enough play by post gaming to write about it...

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