Jun 10 2011 9:30am

Morning Roundup: Get Your PhD in Superheroes

Morning Roundup Time! Every morning we gather some cool outside links and highlights from the satellite sites and our handy “Of Interest” sidebar for your pre-work perusal. Check out the Facebook portals themselves—linked below—for even more items that might tickle your fancy.

This morning we’re celebrating our own strangeness, rewriting sonnets to include airships, and watching the Watchmen for college credit. That’s how we roll.

From the “Of Interest” Sidebar:

  • These Walking Dead promotional pics from the new season include some very interesting revamping...
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic video game trailer has been released! What do you think? Is this cuase to take up your lightsaber once more?
  • Check out this list of June SF reads! It’s a good time to pick your beach list....

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby doesn’t need a PhD in comics. It enters a level of art imitating life that Stubby is just not comfortable with.


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