Jun 23 2011 9:56am

Morning Roundup: Featuring the Voice of Eliza Dushku

Happy Thursday! Ready for your offsite links of doom? We thought so. Here’s what we’ve got cooked up.

1.) Pondering if we’ve just coined the term “cybersteam” on accident

2.) Checking in on the foreign language SFF translations awards

3.) Wondering exactly what to call Torchwood: Web of Lies

4.) Prepping for the new season True Blood with recap videos.

And more!

From the “Of interest” sidebar

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of In the hypothetical cartoon web series about Stubby, Stubby will be voiced in some episodes by Sean Connery, and other episodes by Catherine Tate.

Chris Arthur
1. Chris Arthur
In answer to #3, I call it the Torchwood I may actually be able to watch/read in real time. I have HBO for Game of Thrones and Showtime for Dexter, both also for movies. I really can't afford to get Starz even for Torchwood, and I absolutely hate switching pay channels around to the schedules of good shows. So I wait for the DVD/Blu-ray which, of course, will kill the chances for another season (provided a lot of others are like me)...
Chris Arthur
2. Zora
I presume that you will be able to watch Torchwood through Amazon Instant Video or iTunes. That's how I'm following the latest season of Dr. Who. I turned off cable years ago, because I wasn't watching it.

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