Jun 30 2011 9:30am

Morning Roundup: George R.R. Martin is Begging You To Keep Your Trap Shut

Welcome to Thursday! Here’s a round-up of some offsite links for your morning perusal.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve got cooked up:

1.) George R.R. Martin and Harper Voyager are begging readers with leaked or advanced copies of A Dance of Dragons to keep quiet.

2.) What’s the deal with female fantasy armor? A new video has a solid critique.

3.) A giant mechanical steampunk hand?

4.) It sounds like there’s going to be more real stunts in The Amazing Spider-Man than the previous films.

And from our hand “Of Interest” sidebar

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby doesn’t need any armor. Stubby is beautiful and safe the way it is.

Ashley Fox
1. A Fox

This is a good index of female warriors, relating to the female armour discussion. I cant post it there as apparently it doesnt like my uk email!
Alice Arneson
2. Wetlandernw
The female armor vid was truly hilarious; the GRRM story was almost as funny. (Seriously, if you know there were some leaks, wouldn't you just stay away from place you might encounter them, unless you really don't care about spoilers?)
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
3. tnh
Wetlandernw: Given the many instances of "Snape Kills Dumbledore" I've seen, the irreparable nature of spoilers, and how easy it is for one tweet in my peripheral vision to blow a secret, I'd say that strategy is not sufficient.
Joseph Kingsmill
4. JFKingsmill16
I just know that whomever spoils anything from ADOD in person for me before I am finished my re-read will get a punch to the soul.

As for twitter... I am just going to have to unfollow a whole bunch of people till after I am finished. :-/
5. cranscape
I heard people are spoiling for sport of it now and going on to places where you wouldn't expect them. People can do the obvious and avoid things clearly marked spoilers or just avoid places like tumblr in general, but having it randomly pop up on your facebook feed or twitter or in comments to seemingly unrelated blogs or youtube videos is more difficult. If people want to spoil you they will go to genre watering holes and do it. GoT fandom already has had people do this for book spoilers for the show where they'd go onto comment threads marked for newbies and spoil all the deaths in later books in a blitz you can't miss. Since I've already seen that behavior in this fandom I expect similar.
Alice Arneson
6. Wetlandernw
Well, when people are out to spoil just for grins, there's not much to do about it, I guess. In that situation, you get stuck with avoiding the internet altogether, which is pretty pathetic. Makes you want to find them, slap them with a dead fish, and tell them to get a life! But I'm betting that those people won't be convinced to quit by this article; it serves better as a warning to those who might be "spoiled" - Stay Off The Web (or Surf At Your Own Risk).

There are immature people of all ages, of all interests, and in all venues, I guess. If I were a GRRM reader, I'd certainly stay away from the fan sites unless they were very closely monitored; given the above, I guess I'd stay off twitter for a while too!

But I still found it funny - if only because I don't read GRRM. :>
Marcus W
7. toryx
I'm certainly staying of Twitter, and I'm hesitant to read any comments in posts about GRRM online, even here on Tor. Fortunately, I'm relatively safe on Facebook. I only allow friends to link up with me on there and none of them would spoil it for me.

I really need to get moving on my re-reads before Dances arrives in my mailbox.
8. DarrenJL
I haven't read ADoD, so whatever. Here's a prediction, though. End of the book and still no end in sight!
Del C
9. del
tnh, yours is the first instance I've seen.
Ian Johnson
10. IanPJohnson
I know three things that will happen– for a fact– in ADoD:


Other than that, it's all up in the air. Oops– I should have said "Spoiler alert"!

(Note: I actually love ASoIaF. I show love via light-hearted mockery. Spoiler alert!)

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