Jun 23 2011 3:35pm

Mistborn Series Sweepstakes!

Now that’s we’ve begun a series of excerpts from the upcoming Mistborn novel, The Alloy of Law, we thought it might be the time for those of you who are unfamiliar with the series to catch up! We are now giving away three sets of the Mistborn Trilogy: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages! So if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to read the books, or you just need a set to call your own, enter now!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 2:35 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) June 23, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET June 27, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

D. D. Syrdal
1. D. D. Syrdal
Confusion. Does leaving a comment constitute an entry? I don't see anything else to fill out, and no other links to follow.
D. D. Syrdal
2. dawn the glass beadmaker
Let's hope it does :)
Ben O'Connell
3. benjamin_oc
I've heard a lot about Sanderson, but never read a word. I'm interested ...
D. D. Syrdal
4. yocxl
Yeah, it's not exactly clear on HOW to enter...
D. D. Syrdal
5. John Bennett2
I hoep it works too
Adrian Abraham
7. Nazrax
I enjoyed Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight; I'd love to pick these up.
Teresa Williams
8. teresaw2007
Here's my comment! I would love to have this set! I had a copy of Mistborn, but I gave it to my mom who had wanted to read his books and I haven't had a chance to replace it yet (and I haven't gotten the other ones yet either, what with WoT and WoK) :)
D. D. Syrdal
9. Al Ged
Is this a joke. The instructions are insane.
D. D. Syrdal
10. Jake DeGroot
Gotta love the legalese.
D. D. Syrdal
11. Nik Zalesky
I'd like to read his work. I hear the magic system is very interesting. Tough to afford books in this economy.
D. D. Syrdal
12. Kirkus MacGowan
D. D. Syrdal
13. M lillie
I'd like to enter.
D. D. Syrdal
14. Queggy
The Mistborn Series is one of my favorites. Here's to hoping I get lucky!
Gary Schaper
15. Garyfury
Sanderson's work on the Wheel of Time has been solid, so these interest me.
Sean Jones
16. PersonOfTheDragons
I hope this counts as an entry, I'd love to have a copy of these books!
D. D. Syrdal
17. Mak
I'm in! Been wanting to read these for a long time now.
D. D. Syrdal
18. Teawench
I need more direction!
D. D. Syrdal
19. Megan Enders
Read Way of Kings I really want to read Mistborn!!!
D. D. Syrdal
20. Travis L. Bingaman
Cool! Count me in!
D. D. Syrdal
24. Chris S. Davis
I'm in too! Really need to read Mistborn.
D. D. Syrdal
25. Alden Ash
The only thing that would make this better would be to include an ARC of the fourth book.
D. D. Syrdal
26. Dr Tuka
Are they hardback or paperback? I would take either, but hardback would be even better!
Sarah Bylund
27. shrain78
ooooh! I would love to give my little brother the set. I know he'll love the series.
John Cater
28. katre
As my library can attest, I love these books. It'd be great to have my own copy!
D. D. Syrdal
30. Suzakk
Me me me! I wants them, my precious!
D. D. Syrdal
31. Simcha
I'd love to be entered
D. D. Syrdal
32. Kelly-Shawn
I guess I've been living under a rock or something because I missed this serried some how. Hope this is an entry.
D. D. Syrdal
33. Shedrick
Here's hoping a comment constitutes an entry...

I've seen Sanderson at panel discussions at various con's and enjoyed it immensely. Need to try out his stuff...
Mathieu Glachatn
34. syvwlch
I would gladly start the series, I've never read anything by this author, and have been wondering where to start!
D. D. Syrdal
35. AesSedai101
I'm interested :)
Roy McCarty
36. kloud213
I definatley need a new set, I have read these so many times they are falling apart.
Samuel Kuo
37. srkuo77
I would love to get this set! Thanks!
Andrew Lee
39. alee
Like everyone said, we're supposed to fill out a nonexistent entry form, so we're just leaving comments.
D. D. Syrdal
41. roymcm
I'd like to win this
Chris Miller
42. lecriveur
Searching for the "sign up form found on the Site."
Josh Smith
43. Master_Moridin
Love to get a set to give to one of my friends.
D. D. Syrdal
44. Carey Gibbons
Me! I want!
D. D. Syrdal
45. Doc Redbat
Hope this puts me in the running!
D. D. Syrdal
46. John True
Loved these books in audiobook form!
47. jcs97b
Sanderson is awesome, and these books are spectacular.
Dave Miller
48. Borogove
I have been waiting for an excuse to read the books!
Lisa Byers
49. lasantine
Well, I am going to join the crowd leaving comments in lieu of a non-existant (or at least unavailable) registration form. I love these books!
D. D. Syrdal
50. silver97rwa
Would love this set!
Peter Czyzewski
51. sebastianelgar
I keep looking at these to buy, free would be better.
Warren Bennett
52. deejrandom
so...does leaving a comment work? I've read the first book and want the last two. I could give my copy of the first away to someone....
D. D. Syrdal
54. SarahSparrow
I hope commenting wil count as someone seems to have forgotten the entry form.

Thanks for the giveaway!
D. D. Syrdal
56. roostercycle
Hope this counts as an entry, been wanting to read these
D. D. Syrdal
58. pungentodor
I'm in!
D. D. Syrdal
59. TQ
Hook me up! Sanderson rocks!
D. D. Syrdal
61. Rowanmdm
For some weird reason my local library system doesn't have these books, so please, please can I have a set?
D. D. Syrdal
63. MKW
D. D. Syrdal
65. Vicky Burkholder
Would love to own this set!
D. D. Syrdal
67. potter
hope this counts as an entry since the entry form seems to have gone walkabout, these have been on my list to read for a while!
Rachael Abude
68. avehonduras
Please enter me!! I would love to have these!
D. D. Syrdal
69. coolare
i hope this counts as an entry, because i'd like to win these. my dense brother in law has a set and all my hints that i'd like to read them have gone right over his head!!
Sharat Buddhavarapu
70. Sharat Buddhavarapu
Would not mind a chance to read my first Brandon Sanderson novels for free. Found writing excuses while at college, trying to get summer reading done now :)
D. D. Syrdal
71. dwndrgn
Crossing fingers, toes and nose!
D. D. Syrdal
72. Thalia
the new, grimmer, epic fantasy.
D. D. Syrdal
74. CoryM
Would love these!
D. D. Syrdal
75. thebrandon1
I actually just finished Mistoborn this week and really liked it. Would love the rest....
Drew Urmey
76. urmey1
I'm going to go ahead and declare this box to be an official entry form; we'll see how that works out.
(Also, this is what "correctly filled out" looks like?)
D. D. Syrdal
77. Cathy Furniss
I hope leaving a comment is making an entry. I have read 2 of his books in the last year!!
Paul Weimer
78. PrinceJvstin
If its a comment to enter, here is my comment...
Rob Vitaro
79. rvitaro
More books to add to the list, don't mind if I do...
D. D. Syrdal
80. photon
I'd like a copy of my own
Luis Cerdas
82. luiscerdas
I guess this comment form is the form? if so, count me in! :)
D. D. Syrdal
84. Lauralumbaugh
I would love to have these! hope hope!!!
Tim Lewis
86. RaPToRFunK
Yes please! I have read the first book and would love the whole trilogy.
D. D. Syrdal
88. katiekat641
How do you enter?
D. D. Syrdal
89. The Survivor
Damn. I just the series last week. Midway through the 3rd now. I'd still like to win a set so I can give them as a gift.
D. D. Syrdal
90. OtterB
Count me in, please.
Dave Thompson
91. DKT
Hopefully, this enters me in...
D. D. Syrdal
92. lightkeeper
Sign me up!
D. D. Syrdal
94. perilsgate
I need to re-read these before buying the new one, winning them would certainly help.
Binyamin Weinreich
95. Imitorar
Never got it last time, but I'm interested in these books, and so I'll try again.
D. D. Syrdal
96. Jediman
Looks like an incredible series! Sign me up!
Nancy Tomasheski
97. nrbt
I'm sure someone somewhere is working on a clarification ... meanwhile, I'll comment that I'd love the chance to read this series!
D. D. Syrdal
99. BlacksmithButNotEmo
Way of Kings was excellent. Me, please!
D. D. Syrdal
100. INCyr
Oooh, I've been meaning to pick these up for a while now. This would be a great way to do so!
Alex Reid
103. microwavedboy
My library is hungry for Sanderson. Please feed it :)
D. D. Syrdal
104. Bluejay
I'd like to win, please.
D. D. Syrdal
105. Patricia Purdy
I, too, cannot seem to link up, so until it is resolved ... this is my entry.
Loved the series and am thrilled that there will be a continuence of this world.
D. D. Syrdal
I really want to read all 4 of these novels. Pick me please
D. D. Syrdal
107. mdunnbass
I would love to win a copy of the Mistborn books! Definitely need to read more Sanderson.
Matthew Smith
108. blocksmith
A great start to reading a great author. Thanks for the chance.
Alain Bouchard
109. AlainB
Heard a lot of good things and would love to read some Sanderson!
Kyle Szklenski
110. Kyle Szklenski
Odd. I'd posted that I would like to win this. His Stormlight Archive series has already topped A Song of Ice and Fire in my book.
D. D. Syrdal
111. ScottB
Me, me, me!
D. D. Syrdal
112. desertpaladin
sounds awesome. Sign me up
D. D. Syrdal
113. JHalcyon
I absolutely adore these books! A set of hardcovers would be amazing, but based on the approximate retail value listed in the rules they must be paperbacks. Still excellent books, no matter how they're packaged! Until the rules are clarified, I'm hoping this constitutes an entry.
114. TorSaric25
My friend just "borrowed" mistborn. It took 8 months to getthe last book back! (Good friend, but annoying reading habits.) I dont have a personal copy of the last two though. I want these!
D. D. Syrdal
115. Arn
Would love a set to gift to my brother. I know he would love the books, but there is no way he can afford them right now.
D. D. Syrdal
116. jim162065
comments :)
Rajesh Vaidya
117. Buddhacat
Does it matter what I write in this comment? Or is it that I post something?
D. D. Syrdal
118. rkrk
I'd love these! I've been on the waiting list at my library for The Final Empire for months...
D. D. Syrdal
119. Cralic
I have read most of what I could find of Sanderson and loved it. SEND ME THE BOOKS!
D. D. Syrdal
120. Benj
Consider me entered.
D. D. Syrdal
121. Karri
Entered (hopefully)
Megan Hungerford
122. marchingbando
Been wanting to read these, look interesting.
Randy Word
123. Rword
Big fan of Brandon's work on the Wheel of Time. Can't believe I don't own this series already..
D. D. Syrdal
124. Chris Arthur
I'd love to win these, I hope this is how to enter.
D. D. Syrdal
126. Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Like others, here's hoping that I'm entered...
D. D. Syrdal
128. Gwendolynkay
Me please, I can't wait for the next one.
D. D. Syrdal
129. Kate Looby
I also hope that a comment constitutes an entry, consider me entered!
D. D. Syrdal
132. DocHogan
Well, follow the link to "full details & rules," which has a link to fill out "this form," which link back here, so I'm hoping that a comment is all it takes. Would love hardcopies of the series! (I own every BS book digitally, and have most in hardcopy but NOT the Mistborn saga. Will be a great addition)
dustin mcclelland
133. dustin3278
I just had a friend say that I got him a good seriess to read he would try the fantasy genre. this would be a great way to break in a new fan
D. D. Syrdal
134. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Andrew Eoff
135. dkun
Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed the first one, would love to read the rest.
Tyler Bridwell
137. goodLose
Since "fully completing the sign-up form found on the Site" is not clearly defined I am going to assume it requires a joke. So I'll just quote the funniest source I know, thus completing my sign-up form.

The Texas Tax Code Rule 3.366 (a)(1): Definition
1. Internet--collectively the myriad of computer and telecommunications
facilities, including equipment and operating software, that comprise the
interconnected worldwide network of networks that employ the Transmission
Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, or any predecessor or successor protocols
to the protocol, to communicate information of all kinds by wire or radio.

Funny stuff.
Keisuke Osumi
138. dlynb
I hope I win.... (and I hope this counts as an entry)
D. D. Syrdal
139. Bethany H
PICK ME!!!!!!
Phoenix Falls
140. PhoenixFalls
Assuming this comment counts as an entry. . .
D. D. Syrdal
141. jeandiata
My friends have been raving about these books...and I've loved everything else that I've read by Brandon. So I think it's about time I get a set of these and read them as well.
D. D. Syrdal
143. elac
I'd love to be able to read these books. They just haven't been in the budget yet.
D. D. Syrdal
145. Chris Blanchard
Count me in!
D. D. Syrdal
146. chrispin
I have been waiting for an excuse to read the books
D. D. Syrdal
148. MattLarsen
I need to eventually win one of these, right?
D. D. Syrdal
149. Kevin Faulk
One of my favorites.
D. D. Syrdal
150. SsOs
I second pretty much what everyone else has said: count me in!
D. D. Syrdal
151. bbruening
Read these from the library would love copies of my own
Chris Battey
152. DarthParadox
Yes, please! My friend's copies just aren't doing the trick here.
William Fee
155. WTBFee
Haven't gotten around to this series yet. Looks great
D. D. Syrdal
156. Agninus
please enter me into your sweepstakes (snide toward the snide)
D. D. Syrdal
157. mndrew
Want! Win, have. Simple problem, simple solution.
D. D. Syrdal
158. Laurraine
This sounds like a great deal.
D. D. Syrdal
161. Prominent Nonentity
D. D. Syrdal
163. The Second Solipsist
Hm. Is this the entry form, then? Anyway, this is a truly wonderful series!
R. N. Dominick
164. rdominick
I'll throw my name in the ring -- really been wanting to read these books, and having copies of them would push them closer to the top of the pile.
D. D. Syrdal
166. PersiaRose
MEEEE I hear he's amazing I would like to read these muchly!
D. D. Syrdal
168. Jason K.
Sounds like a great series, thanks!
D. D. Syrdal
170. Hubert
Cool. I'd love a set to share.
D. D. Syrdal
171. John Seb.
hopefully this works
D. D. Syrdal
172. John Seb
this didn't work the fisrt time i tried hope this time it does and i have entered the contest
D. D. Syrdal
175. Kyriel
Awesome. I've been wanting to read these but haven't had the money to buy them. Library doesn't have all of them.
D. D. Syrdal
176. annerkey
Since there is no official form to fill out... Hope this counts as an entry!
D. D. Syrdal
177. Bman
I like Sanderson's work on The Wheel of Time, reading his own original works would be pretty great, too.
D. D. Syrdal
178. Adrian C
I hope this is the "official" entry form
Kim B
179. Amaranthine
Awesome! I really enjoy Sanderson's work.
D. D. Syrdal
180. journeythetiger
I'd be glad to own these... they're worth rereading.
D. D. Syrdal
181. Virin
Borrowed them from the library once upon a time. Really great series.
D. D. Syrdal
182. species A
Does this count?
D. D. Syrdal
183. alaskan
Sanderson is the fresh face I've been waiting for in epic fantasy!
Sherrye Nichols
184. san301
I would really like to read this series, but times are hard right now. Winning this would really brighten things up for me!
D. D. Syrdal
185. Melanie S.
Oooh, count me in! Been meaning to read these...
Philip Crowley
187. dragonbane79
I've been wanting to get into some non-WOT Sanderson stuff...
D. D. Syrdal
189. nick Heiderschein
I need this series.
D. D. Syrdal
190. digital busker
This is the winning comment.
dirk storage
Consider my form filled I guess. I would love to have copies of this series. I have a digital copy of the first book that first introduced me to
Wes Samson
193. poemanderror
These have been on my to-read list for quite some time.
D. D. Syrdal
194. Corvus
Fingers crossed!
D. D. Syrdal
196. westley02
I keep *almost* buying these
D. D. Syrdal
197. danrowe
Please, let me win!!!! for the love of all things holy!!!
D. D. Syrdal
199. sprintfish
I want to win!
D. D. Syrdal
200. Jackie Diprimo
Looks interesting!
Tom Smith
201. FermionAce
Been thinking about adding these to my reading list...
D. D. Syrdal
203. DRickard
Me me me please!
D. D. Syrdal
204. mwkp
since i see no form, like everyone else, i consider myself entered
D. D. Syrdal
205. jefe
Sign me up too!
jimmy huckaby
207. lazysk8r
If I look up into the sky, do you see what I see?
Tom Proven
208. MrProven3
Gimme gimme gimme. Mistborn after midnight.
D. D. Syrdal
209. pegathon
Entering the contest .... if I win, I can give back the set that I borrowed from my friend. :) I'm just beginning book two and I love this series.
D. D. Syrdal
210. Laura Wooton
I'd like to enter. I could always use more books.
Patrick McGee
211. AeroHudson
Sanderson rocks the house. I would love to get the trilogy.
D. D. Syrdal
212. Megiavelli
This is good timing, since I just read my last Jane Lindskold Firekeeper book and was looking for another series to start up.
Brian Kaul
213. bkaul
If posting constitutes an entry, I'm in.
D. D. Syrdal
214. brigade
Man I love this series I would like to enter as well.
215. laxinnot22
done a great job with wheel of time, would love to begin reading his other works
D. D. Syrdal
216. zigloth
Yes, it would be good.
D. D. Syrdal
217. chromiumman
would love this
D. D. Syrdal
219. Sue R
Count me in. Please and thank you.
Ray Pratt
220. raypratt
I've read "Elantris" and enjoyed it so count me in.
Jimmy Stamp
223. LifeWithoutBuildings
I was already planning on entering into the world of Mistborn after my current re-read of WoT and this would make things a lot easier!
D. D. Syrdal
225. Vespasiann
Love a free copy
D. D. Syrdal
226. Ricky Brown
It's good to sart at the begining!
Matt webster
227. Webster
need a set loaned my set out never came back
Clay McGrew
228. ctmcgrew
I used to be mistborn, then I took an arrow to the knee.

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