Jun 29 2011 11:42am

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Trailer Blows Up

The trailer for the new Mission Impossible film is here with the usual clusters of explosions. But this time it Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in joined by new faces behind and in front of the camera. Simon Pegg is now part of the Impossible Mission Force, while the film itself is being directed by Brad Bird of The Incredibles. J.J. Abrams is still producing and it looks like Cruise himself is getting story credit. We think it looks like this one might be a more team-oriented movie, more in the spirit of the original show. But what do you think? Trailer below:

Tina Pierce
1. scissorrunner
I know where I'll be in December
William Hassinger
2. iObject
This could be awesome or awful and not in he fun-awful way, but in the trainwreck way. I'm hoping for awesome, for a change of pace.

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