Jun 27 2011 7:03pm

Kirk Arm-Wrestling Kirk. Shatner’s The Captains Documentary Coming Soon

William Shatner arm wrestling Chris Pine

Though he didn’t appear in the 2009 Star Trek reboot and isn’t likely to appear in its sequel, William Shatner has still managed to be heavily involved in Trek in the past few years. His most recent project is a documentary called The Captains in which Shatner interviews all five actors who have played a Star Trek captain in the various incarnations of Star Trek, and the results look interesting.

The film is set to debut on July 22nd at San Diego Comic Con this year and will feature a panel discussion with Shatner and Avery Brooks following the screening. It will also be simultaneously released with online movie service EPIX on the same day. To us, it seems like this project depicts Shatner tackling his own ego, while simultaneously legitmizing the entire canon of Trek. (Even Enterprise!) Though it seems unlikely, we’re really hoping there is one scene in which all the captains go out for pizza or play poker together.

We’re pretty excited for The Captains. What do you hope gets featured?

[News via Trek Movie, photo via Epix HD twitpic]

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby used to have a favorite Captain, but after seeing this trailer, isn’t so sure.

Matt Simmons
1. Matt Simmons
Shatner's ego could take him 2 out of 3 rounds. The only round Shatner would win against his ego would be because he built a cannon out of bamboo and made gun powder from scratch.
Bryan McMillan
2. bmcmolo
@Matt - lol! I've quoted you to everyone I've sent this article to.

Can't wait!
Matt Simmons
3. Davie Jones
Its great to see shatner involved with trek again. He was more then captain he was a super hero !

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