Jun 27 2011 2:45pm

First Trailer for Pixar’s Brave

While the buy-out by Disney ensured that Pixar would have to make the common slew of sequels expected of all major Hollywood production companies, breathe a sigh of relief. Their latest venture, Brave, has a trailer. It features their first female protagonist, and it already looks glorious.

John R. Ellis
1. John R. Ellis
"It features their first female protagonist"

*cough cough * The Incredibles *cough cough*

Sorry, had something stuck in my throat.

Do Helen Parr and daughter Violet not count as female protagonists because they shared equal screen time with the boys in the family?
John R. Ellis
2. Niki S
All you have to do is look at the cover of The Incredibles to see who gets treated as protagonist #1.

I can't WAIT for Brave, though. It looks so gorgeous.
John R. Ellis
3. Dr. Jim
Disney's answer to Neytiri, I'd say.
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
@1 John,
I love The Incredibles and the Helen and Violet are great chaarctres...but the focal point of the movie is Mr. Incredible regaining his sense of self-worth in middle age and learning to see his family as part of an exciting team rather than part of suburban drolldrums. A great ensamble cast but it's his story more than anyone elses.
John R. Ellis
5. John R. Ellis
So when this post says "protagonist", what is actually meant is "lead character"?

So if a character is not a lead character, then they don't count as an actual protagonist? That doesn't sound right.
John R. Ellis
6. John R. Ellis
Never mind. Apparently I had the definition of "protagonist" confused. My mistake. *grin*
John R. Ellis
7. wingracer
Protagonist and lead character are often used synonymously even though they aren't quite the same. For instance, while a story may have one lead character, it can have several protagonists and lead characters can sometimes be antagonists.

To be more precise, this is the first Pixar movie with a female lead. Think of it in Oscar nomination terms. If the actresses from The Incredibles had been nominated, it would have been for best supporting actress. This one (Brave) would be the first to be eligible for Best Actress.
John R. Ellis
8. wingracer
Although, if you include the Disney/Pixar dubs of Miyazaki films, that's a whole bunch of female leads.

Nausica and Spirited Away FTW!
Irene Gallo
11. Irene
John -- I am guilty of using protagonist and lead
synonymously. Apologies for that.
More to the point: COOL GIRL WITH BOW-AND-ARROW IN CELTIC SETTING!!!!!! Yayyy. *Muppet arms*
Emmet O'Brien
12. EmmetAOBrien
This one hits my "whether it's OK for contemporary USAns to appropriate the hell out of someone else's culture does not depend solely on whether people from that culture would be read as white in the contemporary US" button rather hard, so that would be a no.
John R. Ellis
13. Bluejay
Emmet @12: The USA is a nation of immigrants, and "contemporary USAns" have roots in many cultures, including the one that seems to be depicted in this film.

In any case, "cultures" are not pure, monolithic, unchanging things; the boundaries between cultures have always been porous. We borrow stories, music, fashion, traditions, and ideas from each other all the time. Imagination scorns boundaries, and if we weren't allowed to imagine ourselves into the lives and cultures of others, what a poorer world this would be.

Does telling stories about cultures other than "your own" run the risk of being simplistic or racist? Yes, of course. But it's also an opportunity to create stories rich with empathy, understanding, insight, and compassion.

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