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Could Be J.K. Rowling Be Revealing a New Potter Book With “Pottermore”?

Pottermore... Harry Potter book 8?

Today J.K. Rowling revealed the cryptic website Pottermore, which will supposedly announce the launch of a new J.K. Rowling project on Thursday, June 23rd. Owls are gathering around a countdown clock on YouTube, teasing that a new announcement will occur soon.

According to Publisher’s Weekly and The, Rowling’s PR agency has denied this is an announcement about another Harry Potter novel. So just what is this?

If the announcement from Rowling is truly not to reveal another entry in the Potter series, what could this be? The existence of the owls and the name of the website being called “Pottermore” seem to contradict the notion this forthcoming reveal isn’t heavily Potter-related. So if it’s not a book, what could it be?

Below, we present a few theories:

1.) The Harry Potter books will finally be available in ebook format.

A hyped announcement, bearing a trademarked name, only to announce ebooks doesn’t seem like Rowling’s style, but it is interesting to note that according to The Bookseller Rowling’s PR spokesperson declined to comment when asked directly if “Pottermore” was connected to potential Potter ebooks. So maybe that’s all it is.

2.) Something to do with Lumos, Rowling’s charity

Another possibility is that Rowling is releasing some kind of Potter-related product to promote her charity Lumos. Perhaps she wants to use her influence to help promote the cause of disadvantaged children on an even more visible stage? As opposed to the ebooks theory, this seems far more Rowling’s style.

3.) An announcement of the release of the Harry Potter Encyclopedia or, the Encyclopedia Itself

Rowling has mentioned more than once a desire to release a comprehensive reference tome of the wizarding world of Hogwarts, compiling her exhaustive notes and backstory about the world of Harry Potter. Maybe this announcement is simply that; the Encyclopedia is on its way.

Or, “Pottermore” is going to be the encyclopedia itself, akin to a wiki-style information portal. This theory doesn’t strictly contradict the press statement that it’s not another Harry Potter book, and is certainly something worth making a big deal about.

4.) A flat out announcement of an eighth Harry Potter book. Or new series.

Despite word to the contrary, this could be an eighth Harry Potter book. Or, perhaps, a new series set in the same world. That wouldn’t technically be “another Harry Potter book.” But why call it “Pottermore”?


In any case, get your wands ready. We’ll know in six days! Chime in with your own theories below!

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1. Serp
A really popular theory I've come across is that it might be some kind of MMORPG. This would be really awesome, although I'm not sure if it will be because it might take more than just being about Harry Potter for it to be popular amongst fans.
2. Bleurgh
I think she's just gone too many years without being the center of worldwide attention and needs a little ego boost.
3. Susan Sipal
Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I favor the encyclopedia idea myself. I think it will be a virtual, interactive online encyclopedia that will give her fans MORE of all the Potter facts, references, and trivia that she could not work into the books.
4. Dairhenien
Cue the first volume of the Teddy Lupin series...
Paul Liadis
5. strugglingwriter
@Bleurgh - if that leads to a new book, it works for me.
Josh Storey
6. Soless
If it's not associated with Harry Potter and is a completely new franchise, why the copyright disclaimers about who owns "Harry Potter" at the bottom?

I'd throw in my chips with the charity guess, followed closely by the encyclopedia. Though, of course, what I really want is a new series set in the Potterverse. Focusing on different characters, of course.
7. Jag
It's possible for her to write a book in the Harry Potter universe without it literally being a Harry Potter book. "Pottermore" might be something created in honor of Harry (or something old renamed in honor of Harry...Gryffindor maybe?) That way she gets to write something with a whole new cast of characters while retaining the obvious drawing-card of the Potter world.
tatiana deCarillion
8. decarillion
I always felt there was room for her to do an 'academy' series--the lives of the older main characters, when they were young, up to, and maybe including, the fall of Tom Riddle. Maybe go back even further, and it could be a series from when Dumbledore was young...
9. Nightsky
I'm with Serp@1: a MMORPG. I can completely see how the idea to further monetize Harry Potter by turning it into a subscription-based service would have the rights holders simply salivating. Probably the "draw" will be exclusive Rowling-penned content.

I hope for the encyclopedia.
10. Ellynne
A Young Dumbledore series would leave me grinding my teeth as I banged my head against the wall waiting for him to figure out proper treatment of traumatized children (can we even BEGIN to list everything that was wrong with how his family dealt with his sister's post traumatic stress disorder?).

Right, sorry, ongoing gripe.

Theory: I WANT a new book, but Rowling said not. An ebook seems like it would be minor news. I don't know that an online encyclopedia would be big. The only thing I can think of is the long ago rumored rewrite of the books . . . .
11. Jobi-Wan
I am hoping that they will do more books in the Potter universe but not necessarily with Harry as the main character. As others have pointed out there are so many other timeframes and charactes she could do stories on. I also cant wait for the encyclopedia.
Addison Smith
12. addisoncs
I zoomed in on the youtube page too far and can see the flash element extending beyond the youtube video navigation thing. It is sloppy. There is a bird aimlessly flapping its wings in the upper right corner. Not important, but... driving me nuts...
Danny Kidd
13. just_jeepin
I'm also with Serp@1: on thinking it's a MMORPG.

Although, I'd love a series of books about James and Lilly Potter.
David Belliveau
14. avenmagi
Pottermore has to be a book as the website specifically states "Harry Potter and Pottermore Publishing Rights © J.K. Rowling ." If Pottermore wasn't a book, J.K. Rowling wouldn't need to have a copyright on publishing rights.
Chris Lough
15. TorChris
@14. Publishing rights in the fashion being used in the copyright notice can encompass any creative work, from books, to song, to MMORPGs.
Samuel Walker
16. lambada
I'm going with MMORPG.

Related Note: I'm certain I've seen that font used on another game somewhere unrelated to Potter. Could someone enlighten me?
17. JCMP
I've said all along, firmly, that I was glad Rowling didn't plan to expand the HP universe after Book 7. That I didn't want satellite books that risked simply cashing in on the franchise. But oh, when the YouTube announcement came up and I saw the ticker all ringed with owls, my heart leapt straight up in my chest...
Michelle Morgan
18. goblinbox
My guess: "more books in the Potter universe but not necessarily with Harry as the main character." Maybe Potter's great-grandchildren.
Daniel Holm
19. dholm
It could easily be a new book-series in the universe -- as long as Harry isn't the main character, it isn't a Harry Potter-novel.

I believe it is the encyclopedia, though.
20. DarrenJL
Why the -more suffix, if it's an encyclopedia? MMORPG? The ostentatious signature suggests it's something Rowling wrote herself. Prequels featuring the other Potters seems more likely. We all know how that story ends, though.
21. Smaug's Li'l Brother Puff
It strikes me as very sad that someone as imaginative as her might be a one trick pony or, more likely, a hostage to her success. I'd read new Potter stuff, but I wish she'd go in an entirely different direction.
Darren James
23. b8amack
Different font than the Potter books.
24. Andrew Wheeler
It's clearly Harry Potter-related, given the copyright notices -- that's a given. (And unfortunate, since Rowling, as a creative artist, really should be moving on and creating something new right now.)

My assumption is that it will turn out to be another derivative work that won't be nearly as exciting as people are hoping: something like a stage musical, or an online community, or a line of breakfast cereals. Or maybe the theme-park business is expanding. I doubt it will even be Tales of Beedle the Bard-level exciting.
25. Annebeth
The fact that the form of this announcement is very social media/ multimedia heavy ( i.e. YouTube, site, Google Streetview) it seems to suggest something like an online community or game. But I hope so much that it will be the encyclopedia. Online would be cool but I would prefere an book, something tangible. I was expecting news about the encyclopedia right about now anyway. I mean, what better moment is there to publish it, with the Potterhype on it's peak?
26. raygungirl
Just a guess, but could it be a kind of prequel book? For instance, what if it was about Harry's ancestors? To me, "Pottermore" looks like it could be an early version of his surname, before it was shortened to Potter, ala Ellis Island reworkings of names. (They say those reworkings of names are largely a myth, but a lot of people did change their names after immigrating to America, to help with pronunciation, etc.)

Star Wars obviously has the prequels, but there's also the less famous Old Republic universe, which takes place thousands of years before the films but is definitely a similar universe. Could this be the Harry Potter version of that?
Ashley Fox
27. A Fox
A treasure hunt game apparently....
28. Samuel Baldwin
i think it will be a book about how it all began with voldemort,harrys parents and dumbledores army
29. kelly millar
i am a huge fan i know a perfect come back even tho i know it cant be published iv started me own book 8 called harry potter and the reserection stone WHAT DID HE DROP IN THE FOREST THAT CONTAINED VOLDERMORTS SOUL? dumbledor cut open and destroyed the ring but the stone that was inside it was never destroyed dumbledoe said himself that the dark lord concaeled part of his soul in it making it his presious horcrux i think this is j.k.rowlings only means of continuing the storys and i think now his children are at school after hearing the storys from his farther maybe went and found it? is it possible that one more tiny peace of voldermort lives on through the stone that brings back the dead? i think this is why harry dropped and left it in the forest i think j.k rowling left this one last loop hole open for herself incase she did want tyo continue. i hope she dose harry potter has baan a big part of my child and adult hood as i grew up same ages as the charactors and still read the books every night im begging her please if she reads this to make a new one its amazing and any auther even j.k herself will be hard pressed tp ever make a new story that would ever come close to beating the amazing books of harry potter which will live long on after us all i think she needs to carry on and quick before the true fans who have grown up with harry and lived through harry get to old. xxx
30. NoxFoxPatronus
Rowling should either a do a story on the the 4 original founders of hogwartz and how everything was back then...dropping hints of future heroes and who they're related too, OR she should write about how all of the adults acted as teenagers at hogwartz including harry's mother and aunt and family situation and...theres just so much she could do!
31. HouseElf
On JK Rowling's website she state the she is writing a new novel, but it will be different than the Harry Potter series. I think it maybe a brand new set of characters, at a new location, still focusing on the wizarding world, but not so much potter as before... Though I'd love to read about the four founders of Hogwarts, their story was only nibbled on in the series...
32. LoRd CoLbYmOrT
I hope its set in the same wizarding world but different main characters, but there was such a contreversial ending to the deathly hallows its like rowling just stepped on our 8th book idea.
33. asil79
I agree with noxfoxpatronus a book about the founders would be great as well as all of the secrets of Hogwarts. I also agree with kellymillar as far ad having a book that goes into the lives of the Potter's and Weasley's next generation of children at Hogwarts and maybe even dwell a bit into what careers the original characters went with. Since a prequel has already been released online I doubt that would be the big announcement. Whatever it is I'm hoping for more of Hogwarts and the next generation of the characters that we have spent the last ten years watching grow up and go thru all of the emotional trials and tribulations. Can't wait much longer for this announcement.

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