Jun 28 2011 6:00pm

Announcing Tor.com’s 3rd Birthday NYC Meet-up/Celebration!

By Chris Whetzel

Internet! It’s been too long.

We’re turning three this July and the Tor.com Summer Meet-up is on! This time we’ve got the whole upstairs section of Professor Thom’s all to ourselves. Come hang out with us and talk endlessly about science fiction, fantasy, art, and what we’re all thinking of A Dance With Dragons. (There will be couches and light for those who just can’t put it down, too.)

The meet-up is free and starts at 6 PM on Tuesday, July 12. Professor Thom’s is located at 219 2nd Avenue between East 13th and 14th Street. Come have a drink and hang out! (We’re hoping it’s going to be a little like this, or like this.) The Tor.com crew will all be on hand, so we hope to see all NYC readers, bloggers, and visitors there.

RSVP at our Facebook invite here! 

Kirk/Spock DJ illustration by Chris Whetzel

Stubby the Rocket is turning three. But in rocket years Stubby is like 3 million.

Stefan Raets
1. Stefan
This is one of the few times I regret not living in NYC anymore!
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
I heard Ryan Britt's going to be busting out his Michael Jackson moves.
Richard Fife
4. R.Fife
Oh, how I wish I didn't have to save all my monies for Dragon*Con. But, I will say, just don't let the party turn into this (semi NSFW, but still Youtube)
5. Jode
Someone should fly Steven Boyett in to DJ this, seriously. He's awesome. And how many SF writers are also well known DJs?
6. ssakamoto
Oh how I wish I could go!
7. Breda
Guys, this is also the date of Manhattanhenge! (As the source I read called it. As an archaeologist who actually knows what a henge IS, I can't help but wish that this meant all the buildings shifted into a massive circle.) I mean, it's over 2 hours after this starts, but still.
Irene Gallo
8. Irene
Dont get run over by cars trying to take a picture of Manhattanhenge in the middle of the street. Stay safe inside, with us! (Well, ok, I bet we all run outside for a quick sunset break and then run back in.)
Chin Bawambi
9. bawambi
It was wonderful meeting all y'all tonight especially Irene and Scott. The conversation at the back table re: Jordan/Martin was a lot of fun as was the tragicomedy on the smokers balcony...lurking from the start of tor.com and always rarely posting.

Bawambi of the please have more social events in the 5 boroughs Aiel...

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