Jun 6 2011 12:30pm

Announcing the Tor Store on iBooks

Tor Books is proud to announce the Tor Store on iBooks! Readers can now browse Tor Books by category, new releases, and the starts of series on iTunes, as well as on iPad or iPhone devices. Selections have been curated by the Tor Books editorial staff and will be updated monthly.

Tor Books on iBooks

Declan Ryan
1. decco999
Could I enquire if the store is available to all countries?
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
It is only available in the US at this time.
3. ClintACK
Will Tor's iBooks be redownloadable (like Kindle books), or download-once like iTunes music? (According to Apple some books will be redownloadable and others will not.)

The redownloadability is a huge selling point for Kindle for me -- even though I almost exclusively read my Kindle books on the iPad app... (I'm not even sure where my Kindle is, though I'll be looking for it soon --- can't read an iPad at the beach.)
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
In today’s exciting news from Apple: iBooks is now part of iTunes. And with iCloud in place, you can download purchased books (and etc.) onto all of your devices. They’ve also made it possible to view your purchasing history to update your various devices.
5. Ghenjei
This is great. Thank you. One of my biggest worries this year re: the otherwise-excellent work done by Tor was its sometimes reluctant approach to ebooks. This is a huge step forward!
sean odell
6. dirgework
Excited when I saw this ...
then I opened it up in iTunes Canada:
and there is the beautiful Tor page, with no books!

Are the publishing rights here in the north really that complicated that you couldn't sort it out pre-launch?

Normally I rant to my friends about TOR's impeccable marketing skills ...
this week I am one unimpressed Canuck.

Might have saved some face by mentioning in the article that the store was US only.
Brent Longstaff
7. Brentus
I love this new storefront; it looks like a great place to browse. However, be warned that any books you buy from iBooks won't work with a Kindle or Nook. On the other hand, if you buy your books from the Kindle or Nook stores, they will work on your Apple devices. I recommend buying from one of those instead of iBooks, since they work on every device iBooks supports and also on other platforms, including specialized e-readers (with e-ink screens). Would you really want to read something like the Wheel of Time off a computer screen like the iPad has? That's cool for some people, but be really sure you are one of them before investing in a bookstore that will commit you to not using a specialized e-reader.
8. TomT
Oh you evil people. :) I like buying books for my iPad and you are just making it easier.
James Goetsch
9. Jedikalos
Makes no sense to buy here since it says books can't be read on either a kindle or a nook. Since all my book purchases are on one or the other, it is useless to me, alas.
13. Dr Dodo
Will the books be using equlivant pricing (if a book is sold in the US for $2.00 it will be the equilivant of the US price in other coutries) or will it be the normal of Australia paying twice to three times the US price?
14. Browncoat
Would love to read some Tor books but I have an Android device. Do you have plans to release books in more portable formats?
Brent Longstaff
15. Brentus
@12 and @14: There are many ways to read Tor books on your Android. You pick a store (Google, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.) and download that store's app on your Android device. Tor's ebooks have been out for ages in those stores. I recommend B&N or Amazon's stores since those companies make real e-readers (the Nook and Kindle, respectively). You can read theie ebooks on your Android and also on any e-reader you get from that company later on.

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