Jun 14 2011 11:45am

Announcing Potterpalooza on Tor.com!

Potterpalooza on Tor.com

Harry Potter has been part and parcel of SFF and YA literature for the past fourteen years, and with the the release of the final Harry Potter film this summer, it feels as if an era is coming to a close.

With that in mind, Tor.com is taking the opportunity to have one last big bash about Harry Potter! Starting today and stretching through to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 we’ll be posting appreciations and considerations of the books and films, along with special essays on certain aspects of this epic series, fun stuff (Did someone say “wizard battles”? Oh we did? Good.), and more!

New appreciations will appear every Tuesday and Thursday, with an extra article or two scattered throughout each week. We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass (or in some cases wagging a finger) to J.K. Rowling and the world of Harry Potter!

You can see all of the appreciations, essays, and more collected on the Potterpalooza index. Kick it all off now with Mari Ness’s love letter to the very first volume.

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2. JennyBakes
I think you should post about Harry Potter party food. Here is a post I did two years ago for a movie launch - cauldron cupcakes and treacle tart (Harry's favorite).

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