Jun 10 2011 4:00pm

A Fire Upon the Deep Sweepstakes!

For those of you who are curious about Children of the Sky, or just waiting to reread a science fiction classic, we have 20 copies of A Fire Upon the Deep to hand over to you! That’s right, the Hugo Award-winning novel by Vernor Vinge could be yours if you comment on this post. You’ve got 20 chances, so enter now!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) June 10, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET June 14, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

2. rfoushee
Need more books.
4. Teawench
I got nuthin'
5. BrickBardo
Love this book (as well as Deepness) - sadly I don't have my copy anymore!
9. Stefan Jones
I have a copy, but if I win a second one I'll use it to turn someone onto cool SF.
10. rk1
The title alone has always made me want to read it!
11. rmrpbutt
would like to check this book out...
14. Nora-Adrienne Deret
I would love to be able to add this to my classic and vintage collection of sci-fi.
15. David L. Burkhead
I'm in!
dustin mcclelland
16. dustin3278
I would love to add this to my library - I have not read any Vinge
20. Alden Ash
Well, if no one else enters I've got one.
23. Annie Bellet
Me, please! :)
24. Howard Mosley-Chalk
Yes please, sweet masters.
25. Jconnon
I am interested.
26. dawn the glass beadmaker
would love it ;)
27. SFinSFEvents
One of my favourite Vinge books; equalled only by A Deepness in the Sky. I've loved his work ever since I read Marooned in Realtime, back when. No one does space opera better these days. If I win, my copy gets donated to Variety Children's Charity for the kids :)
28. peabody81
My copy is tattered, a new one would be great!
30. ChairmanLop
I've seen him at conventions but never read his work. I would love to read this.
31. Landfill Gil
Haven't met him but am interested in reading his work as well
35. Chindi
I have met him and I am ashamed that I don't have this book.
38. David, Chandler, AZ
I could use one of those, thanks. :)
Bruce Diamond
39. bdiamond
Have not read this book and would like to.
42. Pam B
Nifty!! Sounds good!
43. Gwendolynkay
oooh, I need more books!
Sean Vivier
44. SeanVivier
I am on a libertarian SF kick right now. This would be a nice addition.
45. Major Stubble
I, too, would be interested in receiving a copy.

Andrew Lee
46. alee
Please enter me for a copy. Thanks!
48. Brad Wheeler
Do. Seriously. Want.
49. Wintermute
I would love a copy.

And may I say, I do love how you guys just seem to hand out incredible reading material.
50. Mikael, the Iron Hand
Haha, I signed up for Children of the Sky without known it was a sequel xD... so I would appreciate this one if I got it.
51. Eddie Novak
Great book. VV
53. Carl V.
I was just talking with a friend the other day about how we both needed to read this novel. So please, count me in on the drawing. Thx!
54. aranapequena
I've read several times, but my copy is missing the last 20 pages now... a new one would be nice :)
Bradley Beek
56. beeker73
I guess you're not giving away to residents of Canada anymore?
Matthew Hunter
57. matthew1215
I need a copy that isn't falling apart...
58. Tice with a J
I fondly remember my first time reading "A Fire Upon the Deep". I have yet to encounter a book with a better prologue. Count me in.
59. cnote56
OH YEAH!!!!! Sign me UP!!!! I wants!!!! I wants!!!!
Laura Conrad
62. laymusic
Vernor Vinge sounds like somone I should read more of.
65. dr tuka
This is what the doctor orders!
66. Jo-lynn
I read alot of books of every kind. I have not read you yet, but I am interested in reading your books.
67. DRickard
I'll take a stab
68. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
69. desertpaladin
sounds awesome.
70. Vision
Awesome, bro's
71. Kevin Faulk
I really want to try Vinge.
72. David Morrese
You would find me most sincerely grateful for such a wonderful gift.
Russ Cross
76. AgedFanBoy
I'm always interested in the possibility of gettin' my hands on a free book.
Stephen Lyon
77. skaftafell
Sentient archive
Hidden motives dangerous
Masterful Vinge
Tim Clark
79. Gawken
Yay! I loved Rainbow's End, but that's all the Vinge I've read.
82. cjhuitt
I've been meaning to pick this up and read it sometime.
85. lightkeeper
Count me in
89. Urstoff
Go go gadget Vinge
90. Desmond
Count me in, please!
92. Rose Beetem
Vernor Vinge is going to be our GoH at MileHiCon in Denver this year, so I hope I win!
Philip Thomann
93. normalphil
I love this book. I had a paperback edition which regretably is no longer with us due to being kept in a winter coat's vest pocket for years as emergency reading material.
94. Prominent Nonentity
95. Laura D.
I'd like to be in on this.
97. ChakaTodd
Deeply fireup up about this contest. :P
Greg Lincoln
98. glshade
Lost my copy before I got a chance to read it.... Would love a copy....
99. KDP
Love this author's books.
100. dksg
I would be happy to have one!
101. SAJ
I don't need a copy, but Fire Upon the Deep is one of my favorite space opera's of all time. Cannot wait for the next one Vinge.
104. Laurraine
Vernor Vinge is a very good writer with intriguing ideas.
105. Kirkus MacGowan
Sweet, another good read.
108. Michael Habif
yes please
Cathy Mullican
109. nolly
Pretty sure I borrowed this one; would love to have a copy. (If I'm wrong, it will be donated to the local SF/F club's library or otherwise passed on to a good home.)
Robert Barrett
110. rwb
Add my name to the list, please. Looking forward to Children of the Sky!
Stephen W
112. Xelgaex
If I get a copy maybe I'll finally get around to reading it.
114. WarrenTF
I've come here from the high beyond for a chance to get a copy of my very own.
Lila Fontes
115. lila927
Pick me, please -- this book looks great!
Chris McKinnon
116. jack9023
Loved this book when I read it. I can't wait to read it again
117. Jediman
Looks like a good book for the summer!
Jacob Hasson
118. jhass777
I'd love to get a copy of this classic! Thanks for the opportunity.
119. D3range
I'd like to read this.
ed t
120. edt
ahh, the smell of a new book first thing in the morning...
thanks for the chance to win
Craig Piercy
122. cpiercy
Here's hoping my mail will bring,
one of the great books of Vernor Vinge.

thanks for the sweepstakes and the great site
125. Sohotra
I need a good summer reading, please let this be it for me.

Hope it's my lucky day.
126. chromiumman
would love this
David Spiller
127. scifidavid
This has been on my "must read that someday" list for years.
Tim May
130. ngogam
134. Nathan A.
awesome! been wanting to read this for a while!
135. superhombre
sounds good
139. Lauren Lang
I'd love to enter. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.
140. LGonzales
Love me some Vinge--would love to have a copy!
Kerry Kuhn
141. Kerry
Like I need more books. Oh, wait, doesn't everybody?
richard campleman
147. rclpb
I have never read this book either
149. Doc RedBat
Would love to give it a shot!
Peter Marcantonio
152. pmarcantonio
Would love to have a copy of this book, is it available as an ebook as well?
Samuel VanDyke
154. svandyke11
This would be great, I have wanted to read this for a long time!
157. Warduke72
Yes! woot!
158. RoarDAwg
I want! thanks.
Gene Ramirez
159. MrSkar
I'm in, the first copy of this I read was from the library. Owning it would be nice!
Todd Johansen
160. Gher06
I've been wanting to read this book.
162. sprintfish
I'd love a copy.
165. Phil Stracchino
It would get a very fine home....
Joshua Stevenson
166. itsgottabeodin
I've been wanting to read this one for a while now...
170. Duke Briscoe
Time to reread A Fire Upon The Deep. Very excited about Children of the Sky.
174. DDmeeks
Me Want badly!
176. Whatwords
I would love to read this.
177. WJW
Always ready for a good scifi novel.

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