May 17 2011 6:28pm

But Will Classic Tintin Fans Be Happy?: The Adventures of Tintin Trailer

Steven Spielberg. Peter Jackson. Steven Moffat. Edgar Wright. The Avatar FX people. Beloved classic The Adventures of Tintin. What could possibly go wrong?

Since my familiarity with Tintin and Hergé isn’t what it could be, I asked a friend of mine for a fan impression, and he was unthrilled: “It looks NOTHING like the original....Tintin is beautifully two-dimensional—it’s renowned for its crisp, clean drawing style and storytelling....gonna be a lot of pissed off Tintin fans when it’s released, I can tell you now.”

The trailer gives the impression of massive resources and a great leap forward for computer animation, with the brief glance of a human face calling to mind the just-released video game L.A. Noire. But are we looking for the same thing in a movie as we are in a video game? And what does massively expensive 3D animation have to do with The Adventures of Tintin? One hopes the complete movie answers that question satisfactorily, because it’s better to have good movies than bad movies. And, for their sake, I hope this doesn’t upset Tintin fans too much.

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Michelle Mulford
1. DervishJ
I think knowing beforehand that this was going to be 3D animation helped me be excited rather than disappointed. I don't necessarily like 'pop-out' effects, so I'm not wild about that aspect, but I think the characters actually look a lot like they did in the comics.

The Secret of the Unicorn/Red Rackham's Treasure was my favorite in the series, so I'm really delighted by the story as well. I hope other fans will give the movie a chance, especially once they release a full-length trailer.
2. ruthling
Holy uncanny valley Batman!

I'm still excited though!
3. CandiLain
Speaking as a Classic Tintin fan, I was thrilled when I saw the trailer this morning. I think expecting the same 2-D imagery as we experienced in the Tintin comic books is like asking to see other previously released Superhero movies in Disney-esq animation on the big screen. I've been waiting for the past 15+ years for Herge's stories to get a more public audience and I think this will be a wonderful demonstration.. so pardon me if I gush just a little. ^_^
I couldn't be more excited about the actors they pulled in for voices: Daniel Craig, Simon Peg, Nick Frost, Cary Elwes, Andy Serkis.... come on, what is not to love there?! I think my only hesitation about this movie is that they're trying to throw "The Shooting Star" in the blender with "The Crab with the Golden Claws" and "Red Rackham's Treasure"... it's going to be an interesting melange for sure, but I'm sure that Spielburg and Jackson will do this story justice as only they can.
BTW, for the Tintin fans, go read IMDB's trivia about this movie: good stuff.
December can't come fast enough!!
4. w_t_kelly
I'm a big Tintin fan, have been since I was a little guy. I'll have to say, when I first heard about this, I was less than thrilled. I don't think it'll be that successful, especially with the U.S. fanbase, since Europeans are more familiar with the exploits of the Young Reporter and his Dog.
But seeing this trailer made me realize that Spielberg actually seems to be doing a pretty good job bringing those distinctive characteristics and personality traits of the original characters to life, something that seemed to be difficult in previous live-action film adaptations of Tintin. My only fear is that the 3D and special effects aspects of this film will detract from the great character potential that Hergé has supplied us in his books. If that occurs, then the result will certainly be a 2-dimensional, boring flop.

Sean Arthur
5. wsean
Classic Tintin fan here--definitely happy. :)

It's far more important that they hew to the spirit of the comic than the look. And I absolutely trust Spielberg, Moffat and Jackson to nail that.
6. Smaug's Li'l Brother Puff
I hope the script rocks, because the visuals look -- well, let's just say I thought for a second someone misspelled "Zemeckis" in the director/producer credits. Like ruthling@2 suggested, filmed on location in the Uncanny Valley. Bleh.
Brent Longstaff
7. Brentus
I'm a classic Tintin fan, but I'm more excited that Steven Moffat is writing for it than anything else.

As for the new look, I like it. I've seen the Tintin cartoons on DVD and this is way more cinematic.
Marcus W
8. toryx
I know I've read Tintin before but honestly, I remember next to nothing about it.

I'll agree with @ 6 because when I first saw the trailer I thought I must have missed Zemeckis somewhere in the credits too.
9. HelenS
That music -- surely I've heard it before? like about two million times?
10. Leah Hansen
Classic Tintin fan here as well, also very excited for the movie! I did have some misgivings when I heard about it at first, but now I'm really looking forward to see it.

And holy cow you guys, seeing that blue sweater and trench coat alive and moving around makes me unbelievably excited. Oddly enough, I think that's what gave me the biggest thrill out of the whole trailer.

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